Side-By-Side Delgo To Avatar Screen Shots

Ok let me be perfectly clear here. I have no idea if Avatar is going to be good or bad. I suspect quite good because James Cameron is the fucking man (True Lies bitch… True Lies). That doesn’t change the fact that for all this “technology that will forever change the industry” talk, I thought the trailer (not the 15 minute preview, which I still haven’t seen) looked pretty damn ordinary and “blah”.

I have also never seen “Delgo”, the film a bunch of people seem to be making comparisons to. So I’m not going to say it looks anything like Delgo… because I simply don’t know. HOWEVER… I just found these side by side shots with Delgo and Avatar pretty damn funny. Brian pointed me to them over at LOOK AT THEM HERE.

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58 thoughts on “Side-By-Side Delgo To Avatar Screen Shots

  1. OK some still pictures look alike, but thats because floating earth pieces is common in fantasy check world of warcraft, flying birds as mount animals, big beast with big fangs wow pretty unique. the similarities between teh races may be explained because large thin beings are more elegant an d possible easy to work as animated characters big ayes we all know a little of anime don’t we. let see both stories then we can say something

  2. This is soooo off topic but I have a question that is driving me mad. There was a trailer going around a few years ago about some sort of mysterious chemical spill in LA and everyone was being asked to either leave or lock/barricade/seal themselves inside their houses. I think it might have had Adam Goldberg in it or some kind of lookalike. It looked awesome. Any ideas email me here or at [email protected].

  3. and it all looks like a rip-off of the pc game myst.
    i’m sure they’re completely opposite. it’s silly to make the comparison. it’s like saying land of the lost is a rip-off of jurassic park because both movies have humans and dinosaurs. the arguement is stupid.

  4. Just to let you guys know Avatar script was written in 1995 but Jame Cameron shoved it in a drawer. The script has been floating around on the internet for ages.

    Delgo started in 1999. This means the delgo guys probably saw this script and made a movie off it. If anything fox might sue those guys.

    Hopefully people forget this.

    1. “the script has been floating around on the internet for ages.”

      No, the script treatment WAS floating floating around. As a script collector of hard to get scripts, with all honestly I can tell you guys the Avatar script is not online.

  5. The preview looked interesting enough for me – enough to see it opening weekend. But it definitely didnt blow me away. The story seems too predictable within the online preview though.

  6. That’s pretty funny. When I watched the Avatar trailer and saw the floating city my first thought was Castle in the Sky not that the city looks similar but floating cities aren’t new.

    I think this hate for Avatar is the fault for a lot of fans for buying into the hype. The fact this movie is meant to be experienced in 3D limited my interest because if you can only truly experience the movie on a big screen in 3D then it’s limited after its theater run. I’m hoping the story is going to be strong, so it can be enjoyed when watching on DVD/Blu-ray in the comfort of your home.

  7. this is just a way for John to inforce his point ‘ that avater looks shit’ without actually saying it. He just wont let things go, just think about it, he did this for films like colverfield before the film even came out, then he was eating his words, but he won’t no longer come out and just rant cos he know people just dont react well to that, so now he is being more celver and subtle about his slagging off…how sad. Just wait for the film mate!!!

      1. ‘how does one say something without actually saying it?’ loll very easy to imply something without actually saying it, all it takes is intellect. Some people are just clever enough to interpret the correct meaning through applied knowledge and historically on this site this has been the case.

    1. Whoa, buddy, John’s not attacking Avatar. He suspects the movie will be good but wasn’t blown away by the trailer. And for a movie that’s supposed to be a giant leap in technology for the film industry, I agree: the trailer wasn’t anything extraordinary. Still, I’m excited for Cameron’s latest. As far as the side-by-side comparison, it is funny that both movies share similar scenes. His posting of the article isn’t a subtle way of suggesting that the CG of Avatar is comparable to Delgo. (i.e. shitty). I think you’re reading too much into the article.

  8. Why are those screens similar?

    The bottom, “Delgo,” uses the fog and lighting to remove any true detail. The quick glance that you get of it, makes you think it looks breathtaking and awe inspiring.

    That’s what the developers were shooting for.

    If you notice, Avatar has clear skies and full detail. Showing a major advance in a technological standpoint.

    Now, if we had a dollar for every movie, tv show, comic book, book and “what-have-you,” that had the concept of image of floating islands or cities, we would all be rich.

    Calm down fanboys, calm down.

  9. dumb comparison. Avatar will be a classic and all you internet dick-wads will try and keep up the premise of hating it when you actually secretly love the hell out of it. trust me

    1. Yes, that screen shot looks very much like Riverne from Final Fantasy XI in the Chains of Promathia expansion. Also, the Summoners in the game use AVATARS!

  10. Hey John!

    Long time fan, but FIRST time post!

    Well I just wanted to say that I caught the both the trailer and 15 minute showing of Avatar last night ( the trailer played before the showing) and I do agree that the trailer did look just “good,” but only after watching the 15 min preview in 3d!

    I’m telling you man it looked amazing in 3d! You know how UP in 3d was very subtle and how you could have watched it without 3d because it wasn’t that big of a deal? Well unfortunately Avatar needs seen in 3d. Because the way it was shot, it gave the 3dness a purpose. Scenes were more exciting and it just looked amazing! I don’t want to spoil anything with examples but I hope you some how watch the 15 mins at some point to see what I mean. I think Avatar will be everything it is hyped up to be, but only in 3d!

    Sorry for the long post! Next time i’ll keep short!

  11. I actually believe that Avatar will be a decent flick and it will probably look pretty amazing on the big screen, but right now after having watched the trailer a couple of times it looks f’ing retarded.

  12. i also think the premise is a little like Battle for Terra, with a little Pochantes thrown in.

    and the idea of technolgy versus wildrness.

    i dont think the movie will suck….it will just be Pochantus in space….

  13. Pretty funny shit. I’m pretty pumped for this movie, so it better damn well be better than Delgo.

    And yes, I saw the awesome 16min screener, and have done nothing buy hype the movie since… but damn is this amusing. I saw something similar to this the other day in comparing a new MMO coming out next month, Aion, and another MMO that is coming out soon that will be F2P. Aion is crazy hyped, while the other one is basically unknown, yet they both have some amazingly similar designs.

    Granted in both cases one looks much more polished and nice than the other.

  14. This is looking like a repeat of the infamous Mick Bay / District 9 post.

    Instead of inventing thin premises to hate thing sight unseen maybe next time the online fan community could try keeping an open and judging a trailer for what it is.

    1. I love how some people will switch gears and say things like “try keeping an open” when bad things are being said about something they like… especially when you know for a fact they’ve said stuff about movies before they’ve seen them too.

  15. I saw the 16 minute preview of Avatar and I have to say that it was pretty amazing. Yes, it the hype is grossly overrated, but it was still awesome. I was hesitant at first because the trailer was underwhelming, but my fears are alleviated now.

  16. Kohn, I gotta agree with you on the trailer. It was good CGI, but nothing groundbreaking, except maybe the sheer amount of it.

    Something always bugs me about CGI characters, they just stand out as not real to me. Especially when you compare the CG blue aliens to good makeup artistry like Zan on Farscape.

    Maybe it will be vastly different in full size 3D, but as it stands, I’m not impressed.

    1. I don’t think anyone’s trying to say they look the same, or that Avatar only looks as impressive as Delgo does.

      The similarities in aesthetics, and the positioning of the shots, however, is legitimately uncanny.

      1. avatar was james camerons first idea for a movie ever! way before titanic! he new that it would that back in those years he wouldnt get what he wanted if he made avatar back then so he put it in the back burner and went for titanic

    1. I don’t think there will be a lawsuit, but Delgo has been in (actual) production longer than Avatar:

      “Fathom Studios began development on Delgo in 1999; animation work began in 2001”

      Delgo was in production for a decade. The story was written in 1999. It took them so long to produce it that one of the main voice actors had been dead for 3 years before it was released.

      1. I guess I should of done a little research on Delgo. =\

        That movie sure didn’t seem to have much effort in it and I remembered hearing James Cameron mentioning Avatar not long after the Titanic Oscar win when asked what his future plans were.
        Can’t get everything right. =)

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