Trailer For Korean Monster Movie Chaw

Korea seems to have the market cornered on cool monster movies right now. A couple of years ago it was “The Host”, and now there’s a trailer for “Chaw”. A movie I’ve never heard of… and the trailer isn’t even in english… there’s no subtitles and I have no idea what on earth is going on with it. And yet… I can’t wait to see it. That’ll do pig… that’ll do.

(source: Bloody Disgusting)

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17 thoughts on “Trailer For Korean Monster Movie Chaw

  1. there is no need for an American remake as Chaw basically looks like a rip off of the far superior looking PIG HUNT that is playing around the country in festivals this year.

    I can’t wait to see Pig Hunt, this movie (Chaw) looks like more of the same B-movie cliches tied into the same boring story, I’m tired of it.

  2. really come on! a big pig? hunting people? I think you have to take a lot of drugs to write such a story…

    if you want to watch a really goooog ASIAN MOVIE then watch “IP Man” that one is sooo great just check out the trailer

    really this is like the BEST MARTIAL Arts movie since all the Bruce Lee movies

    what do you think John, hope it worked to embedd the video

    1. haah IP man is in another league…this movie is crap korean horror…asian horror is a joke period…i mean they like porn with underage girls and tentacles……IP man is one of the best stories out there….please watch it….fuck chaw!

    2. thank you for your support bigsampson :D John really should watch IP Man!!! its really great and WHOW the fighting scenes are awesome!

  3. The pronunciation of the title is more like “Chow” than Chaw. The seems to be a koreanization of the English “Chow” for dinner! – of course they are the monster’s dinner.

  4. remember that movie from the 80’s called (not sure) Razorback ….the giant pig in australia…well it reminds me of that…but to be honest this looks retarded for sure.

    1. that is the movie I was trying to think of. I got the same feeling, along with a subtle hint of brotherhood of the wolf, though not nearly as much as even 1/32 of Razorback.

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