Three Stooges Movie To Be 3 Half Hour Episodes Put Together

The Three Stooges movie project has recently suffered a major set back with the departure of Sean Penn from the cast. The potential dream cast for the movie saw Sean Penn, Jim Carrey and Benicio del Toro. So much for that.

There is some speculation going on around the web today that Paul Giamatti may be replacing Penn, but that is totally false. Someone just suggested Giamatti for the role, but the Farelly have already confirmed that isn’t happening and that they’ve offered the role to someone else already, but aren’t mentioning who it is (I guess they haven’t accepted yet).

But what I found interesting is the FORMAT the Farelly brothers are going to use for the movie. We’ve known for a long time that this film isn’t going to be a biopic about the Stooges, but rather an actual modern telling of the Stooges (which I actually think is kinda cool now). And instead of doing just one long movie, they’re going to do 3 “episodes” put together. I LOVE that idea. The 3 episodes will be connected together in some way.

So who could you see replacing Penn?

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19 thoughts on “Three Stooges Movie To Be 3 Half Hour Episodes Put Together

  1. Judd Apatow has already effectively replaced them in the #1 spot for comedies. Doesn’t mean they still can’t make an occasional movie that’s BETTER than The Heartbreak Kid though.

    I still think they should replace Sean Penn with Michael Keaton, if he could do Beetle Juice, then he can do Larry.

  2. A behind the scenes look at their lives…great! A few episodes like the original show…what is the point?

    Flop city.

  3. i would love robin williams …he has a lot of energy…john c rielly is a great choice too imo
    Im personally glad penn isnt doing it.

    1. Robin Williams would be alright. I disagree with the Penn thing. I thought he was absolutely perfectly cast, and it sucks he will not be in this. Then again, it might work out for the better.

  4. it well be interesting hit or miss how this plays
    out but for me i’ll stick with originals
    yuk yuk yuk !!! hey moe!

  5. I still don’t like the idea of a stooges movie, but the 3 shorts rather than 1 long film is a great idea, so I’m now in a wait and see frame of mind.

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