Sam’s Theme in Transformers and The Touch Remix

One of the things I liked about the Transformers movie was the music. And I think it is wise to continue the trend with Transformers Revenge of the Fallen by keeping with the same themes. I found a deeper appreciation of Linkin Park through this experience.

However, people forget that forgotten Rocker Stan Bush had made a publicity push saying that he was working on music for the first film when it was in production in hopes that the fan devotion to Bush’s rock anthem from the animated feature film would gain him a place in the soundtrack of the live action feature. Apparently it didn’t work no matter how much we love the sweet cheesy The Touch that punctuated the epic battle that would cost Optimus Prime his life.

Well Stan is still at it, and has hopped on with Sam’s Theme from the first film and remixed his lyrics and screamy vocals of The Touch.

There is a fan appreciation of this that removes the rapping and overly happy guitar player. I am on the fence on this. It doesn’t quite work, but I give them an A for Effort.

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21 thoughts on “Sam’s Theme in Transformers and The Touch Remix

  1. wow, this actually is pretty awesome.
    the song itself (touch) sucks big time normally.. but this one’s pretty cool.

  2. The rock music in Transformers was fine, but if people only realized just how much of the score wasn’t original ugh.

    Seriously all it was ; was a giant tribute album to Hans Zimmer bascially.

  3. LOL, really? This crap is just too damn funny. Poor guy sucks so bad, no one wants him anymore. Then he goes and tries to get in again on a Transformers movie, but totally screws himself even more by making this crappy video. Nice man, way to go.

    I think the poor guy was just lucky as hell that in the 80’s, pretty much anything music wise was in, which is why his song, The Touch, was used at all in the animated TF movie. He should just retire and save himself further embarrassment.

  4. Holy Crap, this is EPIC! Greatness all around! It is so horrible that I predict that people will listen to is so much that they will end up liking it. Its sounds like a track off a christian rock album or something. THIS IS GREAT! I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING!

  5. Wow, totally lame. Everything about this song is bad. Nothing will beat the soundtrack to the original cartoon movie but let it go. This is a new Transformers (not as good).

  6. Wow, is this a joke? This guy needs to get back in his Delorean and go back to 1985. I mean, this is just bad and the video is so cheesy. I agree with darthmuppet…

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