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As suggested in some comments, movies that John and I see together I want to try and offer my review even though his may follow. Despite popular Live UnCut rumours, John and I are not the same person and we may share different insights into a film. So tonight we ran off to the very frustratingly long wait in line to see the midnight showing of X-Men Origins: Wolverine.


Remember that guy who dominated the X-Men movies? Of course you do. Logan was always the most popular X-Man, so its no surprise that after three films with him front and center, that their first solo spinoff film would be all about Wolverine. I wouldn’t call this X-Men 4, because this has very few X-Men in it. The story picks up with Logan as an 8(ish) year old who sees his power manifest for the first time in a fit of rage, the rest fills in a lot of blanks that lead up to Wolverine’s first appearance in X-Men – most importantly his relationship with Victor Creed (Sabertooth) and the elite military squad that inevitably leads him to Weapon X.


Oh, so much of this was good. Despite liking how the X-Men film was littered with cameos of SO MANY mutants, there really wasn’t much of that here – and I didn’t mind. Normally I am all excited to see that glimpse of a character but the lack of it didn’t take away from the film. Cyclops’ early appearance in the film suits the plot, and ties into the story well without tripping over continuity. We are even introduced to other mutants who we do not see in future episodes (but may see in other Origins films).

The only continuity “error” is how we can expect to believe that the Sabertooth we saw in X-Men evolved from THIS guy. Creed was incredible and everything I wanted out of Sabertooth. However vital to the plot we see how Creed is giving in more and more to his animialistic side and we can speculate that in the span of time between this and the first X-Men film that the animal takes over completely and he becomes a lumbering grunting animal.

Logan was Logan. They nailed it again. The subtle sarcasm, the warmth and vulnerability struggling against his animal inside. Everything. Jackman captured everything that made Wolverine a great character in the comics.

And Gambit was SO well done. The effects of his card flipping was a bit over the top, but the “charging” was pretty damn cool and the action with him involved was awesome. I loved The Blob too. But of the supporting elite squad members I have to say my hands down favourite was Wade Wilson. Every word that comes out of Reynold’s mouth in this movie is gold, laced with more gold. He never fails. Never. The only thing sharper than his wit was his swords. Best action scene in the movie.

However, Deadpool was also my least favourite part. Which leads me to…


Deadpool was such a waste. What turns out to be the most entertaining part of the movie is just discarded so casually… I have no words.

The action at times was a little rapid fire cuts that it nearly felt like an epileptic shaky cam.

Suspension of disbelief reached a new high in areas. Logan’s memory loss is a staple of the franchise, so we were waiting to see how that came about. It was mentioned casually and you were thinking “there it is” and then it doesn’t happen… Then later in the movie it happens and it is so ridiculously laid out and shoved in your face that it hurt. Such a lame plot device that they had plenty of opportunity to implement and then ignored it in place of the worst possible way to introduce it.


X-Men Origins:Wolverine takes us back to the beginning of Wolverine’s story and delivers a mixed bag of great Wolverine storytelling with a side order of “Why did they do that”. I really enjoyed the film, but I can sympathize with people who want to hang it out to dry for some of its glaring weaknesses. Take out Deadpool2, Adamantium Bullets, and anything Stryker says, and I would have given the movie an 8. But there were some head shaking moments that just ruined the experience for me.

I didn’t dislike the movie by a long shot. They could have still stuck with the storyline they went with and tweaked it gently and the movie would have been mind-blowing great, but it was those moments that just kick you in the shins in the middle of a marathon of hope. Every step after that might be wonderful, but it still stings from what just happened!

What it did good it did so very good, but when it was bad, it was exceedingly bad. All in all, it barely tips me off the fence to say I liked it, but just.

Overall I give X-Men Origins: Wolverine a 5.5 out of 10

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