Another Spawn Movie In Development

Spawn was one of the biggest comic phenomena outside of the major labels. There is something so raw about the story that struck a chord with a very large audience. With an audience and popularity like that, it was no surprise that a Spawn movie was made. Sadly is sucked harder than Jenna Jameson. But still, the character has so much appeal, you knew it would only be a matter of time before another shot was taken at it.

Spawn creator (and massive hockey fan) Todd McFarlane has been talking about another Spawn project for years… but now he says he has 5 offers on the table from various studios ranging from big special effects budgets to smaller gritty indie type budgets. He also mentioned he’s like to write and direct it himself… which is why I think he’s leaning towards the smaller budget offers because the larger ones probably wouldn’t let him do that part himself… but I’m speculating.

I think another crack at Spawn is a good idea even though I hated the first one. However, like George Lucas, I think Todd should let someone else direct. He should develop the story and then hand it off. Just my opinion.

McFarlane said something else quite interesting. He said his idea for the next Spawn movie wouldn’t be a “comic book” movie, but more a straight scary movie. Not exactly sure what he meant by that. I guarantee you the bigger studios that are interested in Spawn would want it to be a comic book movie. And honestly I think that would be better.

So what do you think? New Spawn a good idea or bad one? Should McFarlane direct or hand it off? (source: iesb)

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15 thoughts on “Another Spawn Movie In Development

  1. the first movie did suck especially after all the hype. it deserves another shot, but i think it will be a bad idea for mcfarland to direct it himself. if he had the time guillermo del toro would be perfect for this, but he’ll be tied up for a long time with the hobbit

  2. Watch how the HBO cartoon progresses. Once you get to the later episodes you’ll see what he means about not wanting spawn to be a comic book movie. the only reason Spawn ever started off as a comic book hero was to get people interested, once people were in, he was able to do what he really wanted with Spawn… which is why no one cares about him anymore. People love superheroes. Spawn is so 90s. Im still pumped tho!

    But yeah if you watch the special features interviews with Todd he goes into what he wants Spawn to really be and why he started out having him act as a comic book antihero type.

  3. Spawn is a film franchise (if you can call it that) that can greatly benefit from being rebooted.
    Special effects had not developed far enough in 1997 to make Spawn’s unique visuals a reality. Now with the advances in technology it could be done in a heartbeat.
    Having Todd McFarlane directing doesn’t guarantee any success but it would be perhaps better for the film if he did have some involvement.
    I’m a bit hesitant because Spawn is to a certain extent unfilmable but it CAN be achieved. His character and universe are also somewhat stuck in the 90’s and would need to be renewed fresh.
    Overall this is intersting and I hope it does come to life.

  4. I was not a huge fan of the first film. I felt it was uneven, and Mark Dippe (the director) had better films. That was Frankenfish. Yes. Frankenfish That film was better than Spawn. That’s not saying Frankenfish was a work of genius, although I wasn’t expecting China Chow’s head to explode in that DTV either.

    Back to Spawn.

    It seems the rights have gone back to McFarlane, and while there is still interest in the character, I think he has the right idea in asking for a modest film budget. If his goal is to write a script that focuses more on horror and suspense, I could see that working. We seem to have not liked Frank Miller behind Spirit. Does that mean McFarlane will also fail if he directs? I think it comes down to this:

    While Spirit was a piece of junk, did the “expectations” of Frank Miller directing hurt that film even more?
    I would say yes. But what was the budget of The Spirit?

    What was the budget of the first Spawn, how much did it make?

    Big studio= McFarlane won’t direct, but he might have a say in director and he could very well write the script or be a party to it. He would be involved more so than the previous picture.

    Smaller studio= He’ll direct his script, so long as it is in his ‘horror’ angle. Low to modest budget- but that smaller label will follow the example of what New World did with Clive Barker in 1987’s Hellraiser.

  5. The Spawn Cartoon was awesome.
    About two years ago, there was a huge storyline where End of Days came to earth and Spawn battled God and Satan for control of earth. It was a good storyline. Spawn 150-163 I think.
    Al Simmons, the original Spawn, is no longer the Hellspawn in the comics and now they have some white guy playing Spawn.

    1. Better yet, why aren’t some comic book artists and writers who have also written/produced for TV series and movies, even outside of comics, directing yet? Because they don’t want to?

      (yes, I’m referencing Gerry Conway!)

  6. I was a big fan of the comics and still have Spawn #1 collecting dust somewhere. I have to agree with McFarlane and say that the movie deserves a dark horror type movie feel. I mean the whole story revolves around his pact with the devil and if it doesn’t go dark it can go the route of Ghost Rider real quick. He may just want to direct it himself because of I’m sure he feels that only he can do it justice but if he can pen a great story/script and get someone with a good feel for that kind of storytelling to take over (Rob Zombie?) then I see this movie being the “Super Hero” movie for adults that isn’t full of cheese.

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