The Movie Blog: Uncut Podcast For March 3rd 2009

Hey there folks. I’m back for another installment of The Movie Blog podcast. Whheeeeee.

I’m flying solo today, and I decided to use the time to discuss:

1) The Christian Bale post from the other day

2) Chronicles of Narnia 3 Gets A Release Date

3) My fears about the Watchmen movie


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34 thoughts on “The Movie Blog: Uncut Podcast For March 3rd 2009

  1. miss those podcasts guys, you guys shootin the shit over the news was the best part of this site, I miss dougs anger and your insights and bruxy i júst miss bruxy. “john the baptist shower curtains”

  2. Hey John, I agree with Oliver. We miss your podcasts; if i’m not mistaken, it’s been well over a month since your last one. What’s going on with the longest (and best) movie related podcasts out there?

  3. Yeah the VERY end of the remake of War of The Worlds, well, sucked so much ,so rushed and horrible, the rest was great

  4. i agree w/ jeremy on the whole bale issue, i was one of those who attacked bale b/c of what he did, but the guy has openely apologized and as for the remake of WAR OF THE WORLDS, i fucking loved that film the only part that sucked was the fact that at the end that his son was still alive

    1. Hey Jeremy,

      Yeah I saw push about a month or so ago. I actually didn’t think it was as bad as I thought it was going to be. Not great… but it was ok for what it was.

    2. I can understand your feelings. Personally I really enjoyed it, despite a few flaws. I thought they did a really good job with the music and shots, gave it a nice artsy/indie feel that you would not normally expect to find in a movie about “superheroes”. Went into the show not knowing what to expect, came out feeling of money well spent. Now I watch Heroes and feel like the series could be so much more, so I guess it kinda ruined me on that aspect.

  5. Hey John,

    What do you think of the Street Fighter movie and the fact that it tanked pretty hard?

    I’m not surprised it tanked, but I am surprised that there seems to be almost no publicity about it’s failure.

  6. I can not listen to the podcast, as I am at work, but from the comments I am getting the impression that it had some negativity towards Bale. Really people? You seriously think that an audio clip of him freaking out is enough to crucify a person on? His actions in no way could have hurt somebody, as opposed to say a drunk driver, and Bale is getting hung out to dry on a simple tantrum. I have no idea what happened pre or post tantrum. I do not have any idea what was going on in his life at the time leading up to the breakdown. Does anybody know the full circumstances to this audio clip explosion? All I know is we got an audio clip that may or may not be taken completely out of context. Do we or will we ever know the whole story? Probably not, all we will no are rumors and that audio clip. All hearsay of a person who knows a person that knows a person who knew what really went down. Seriously do not get how people so quickly jump on a bandwagon of hate when the entire story is unknown.

    Rip Torn
    Sam Shepard
    Shia LaBeouf
    Heather Locklear
    Lindsay Lohan
    Paris Hilton
    Mischa Barton
    Thomas Jane
    Mickey Rourke
    Robert Downey Jr.

    What do all these famous people have in common? They have all been busted for DUIs. And this is only a small percentage of famous people that have, so are you all black listing them and avoiding anything they participate in? They put people’s lives at risk going out on the road under the influence, while Bale is getting crucified for yelling at somebody. Kinda funny how we as people judge other peoples actions, huh?

    Anyway, this is just my own opinion and all, see fit to judge it as you like, but I for one will not judge Bale’s future off of an incident.

    1. Hey Jeremy,

      Umm… i really appreciate your passion here, but I would HIGHLY recommend hearing or reading the thing you are commenting on before commenting on it. Just a thought.

    2. Not commenting about what you said in your podcast, which I have no listened to part of, but more on the fact that people continue to jump on this bandwagon of judging somebody for a single incident; which partly you discuss in your podcast. I think the Tom Cruise thing is based on more than that once incident of him jumping on a chair, though. I think it was an entire series of incidents that occurred before and after that.

      Also, I do not think the Bale thing was pushed under the rug. Yes, it is old news now, but it is continuously being brought up all over the place on a daily basis, maybe not in the news as it is no longer news worthy, but it is still being talked about.

      My comment, which is still fitting, is that we are taking a single incident in the life of Bale, not knowing the whole story, and judging his entire life for it and his future. As I have quote Play It to the Bone before, “You build a thousand bridges, your a bridge builder. Suck one dick and your a cock sucker for life.” Should Cruise of been judged for his outbursts, my opinion is no. Should Bale be judged for his outburst? Again, my opinion is no, especially since he gave a public apology. That apology may of been true or just a marketing thing, we will never know. The fact of it all is, we are quick to judge his career now for something as mundane as screaming at somebody, while other famous people are doing things far worse and we “push it under the rug”. How many actors out there that we look up to do you think have drug problems? Is that worse or better than screaming at a guy that we have no back story to? Or does that just not matter because it is not on the front page of TMZ?

      Was Bale’s incident pushed under the rug? I do not think so. It hit the headlines, he gave a public apology, noting else to dig up, so now it is old news. Plain and simple.

    3. Oh ya, and I saw War of the Worlds in the theater. It was pretty decent in my opinion, but it had nothing on the originals. I would not blame all the lack of success on it to Cruise, I think a lot of it had to do with the fact it was a remake. On top of that, most people that I know that went and saw it complained about other stuff in the movie, other stuff that was not Tom Cruise.

    4. Hey Jeremy,

      If you’re commenting on the POST about Bale, then you should have put your comment there.

      The Bale stuff is also not based on ONE incident. He got so bad once HIS OWN MOTHER AND SISTER called the cops on him. How bad do you have to be to get your own mom to call the cops?

      And you may not blame Cruise for the lower than expected boxoffice results of War of the Worlds, but just about every Studio and industry person did, I think that was pretty clear.

      You said:

      “Yes, it is old news now, but it is continuously being brought up all over the place on a daily basis”

      Just because it’s being brought up doesn’t mean anything. It’s usually being brought up in a funny or joke manner. No one has held him accountable for his actions. He got off. He threatened physical violence on a co-worker and got off completely.

      Remember Mel Gibson?

      Look, I highly suggest you listen to the podcast before commenting anymore on this. Just a suggestion.

    5. Uhh, I said in my second post that I listened to part of the podcast. See what it is like when you don’t know the whole picture? What part did I listen to? The Bale part. Why am I commenting in the section, as opposed to the Bale section… because you talked about Bale in the podcast and other people started commenting on Bale as well? And yes, I did already know about the mother and sister incident, and again all we were given was a small portion of the actual story. How often to open a book to the middle of the book, read a paragraph, and then judge the entire rest of the unread book on that paragraph? Just as we do not know what lead up to his outburst on the set, we also do not know what lead up to the mother and sister filing charges that were later dropped. For all we know it could have been them that were in the total wrong, but the way media presented it all we could really see is “OMG, what did Bale do????” This is not just a Bale thing, as you mentioned in the podcast, it happens with other famous people as well. Got off completely? Public apology and shit load of negative publicity… what else do you want? String him up on a noose or run him out of Hollywood? Mel Gibson was worse and should not even be compared to what Bale did. Bale got pissed off and yelled at somebody saying some shit in the heat of the moment that he should not have. He was not throwing rocks at the guy or punching his lights out, it never got so far as being physical. Mel Gibson, on the other hand, gets all drunk, drives around, and when arrested slanders and entire race. Every second he was on the road he was physically threatening the people’s lives that were around him. Not even close to same categories, sorry to say. I still went and saw Apocalypto, which was a really good movie; though I could have done without the underwater pregnancy scene.

    6. Hey Jeremy,

      I never said I wanted Bale “hung from a noose” at all or anything even close to that. But yes, Bale’s actions should be held accountable in some way… and I’m sorry… but a few jokes on the internet and a Family Guy parody is nothing.

      And no, what Mel Gisbon did was NOT worse. He got drunk and said 1 line. One stupid line. He didn’t threaten anyone, he didn’t berate anyone. He made a total ass of himself and rightly was held accountable for it.

      As far as the Drunk driving thing goes, I’ve said on The Movie Blog hundreds of times that people caught driving drunk should go to jail. Period. First offense, JAIL. That includes Mel Gibson.

    7. It was more than just saying “one line”. He said that one line after getting drunk, driving around for a bit, then getting stopped by the cops. “He did not threaten anyone”? My understanding of a DUI is that your threatening everybody on the road. Sure its not screaming stuff, it is a bit more physical than that. And it is because he was driving under the influence and making that “one comment” that belittled an entire race that makes it worse than Bales throwing a tantrum at a single person. I do agree with you on throwing a DUI person in jail on a first offense, but I never questioned that.

      As far as stringing Bale up, I obviously did not mean that in a literal sense. That is figurative language. Stinging somebody up by a noose is in reference to the idea of making a public spectacle of him for his actions to show that what he did was wrong. What would you have him do as consequences for his actions?

      It is not just a few jokes on the Internet and Family Guy. That recording has been hear by probably millions now. Every time a person listens to that is point on the side of negative publicity. Shit, some fairly popular shows like TMZ and The Soup, have aired it. If all that negative publicity plus the public apology is not enough, what else should he have to do to make things right?

  7. You are so right about the Christian Bale thing John. Im not gonna pay to watch Terminator Salvation now, ill probarbly just download it.

  8. Glad to see the podcast back still miss Doug though :-( Hope he is doing well. John, I wanted to get your impressions on the upcoming movie “The Expendables” in a future podcast. I cannot wait for this movie and would love to here your yay or nay outlook for this film. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  9. I think Cruise was crucified not because of his couch jumping incident (although that was the beginning), but because he had that psychiatry conversation with Matt Lauer.

    One more thing, John, do you think that Prince Caspian would have made more money if it was released last Christmas rather than May?

  10. hey john,
    what’s your take on the new chris nolan movie coming out? there is a rumor that wb is allowing this movie to get made only if nolan then goes on and does a third batman. your thoughts…

  11. dont forget about the mighty mel in his drunkin slumber said a few nasty things on top of drinkin and driving, i dont know if it hurt his movie apocalypto which i thought was frackin awesome but i heard a few ppl say they werent going to see his film when it came out

  12. I totally agree John about bale, it has hurt my expectations as I recently found out too. I also think, it’ll hurt the box office. Yeah, Watchmen is like a political drama, good point John. Snyder is the perfect dude for directing. People going in who haven’t read..will be like “WTF?” The novel was just so awesome, I’m also afraid they stayed to close to the novel, I still think it’ll be a hit, I heard it’s selling John, I’ll see it on Friday at 3:30, it can’t come soon enough

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