Watchmen Drops To 68%

I’ve been looking forward to tonight for a long time. I’m off to finally see Watchmen! But even with all my anticipation, I’ve been a little nervous that the movie may try to stick TOO closely to the graphic novel (see my post from yesterday)

Well, despite starting off strong on Rottmatoes with a 90% after the first handful of reviews came in, it looks like Watchmen has dropped down to just a 68% as of this moment. Yikes! Ok, now I’m really nervous.

I’ll give my review later tonight.

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37 thoughts on “Watchmen Drops To 68%

  1. This is very simple. Go and judge the movie yourselves. I re-read the Watchmen frequently – it’s that good. But I do not think any movie will ever come close to the book, then again I never expect it to. No one should. All reviews should only be taken as someone’s opinion and nothing more. Go and see for yourself and have your own opinion

  2. I’m awaiting John’s review here, I have a feeling it’s a positive one, and guys, Roger Ebert gave Watchmen 4 stars, so that’s a relief since he’s different than other critics

  3. As a long time fan of the graphic novel, I LOVED IT. It was brilliant, despite missing some elements of the novel (otherwise it would go forever… like the directors cut, which I can’t wait for on DVD!) but the essence was there, and it just felt right.

    My only criticism would be that some of the dialogue felt forced. Or maybe my interpretation of that dialogue from having read it, skewed how I thought it should have sounded.

    It is a very complex, detailed story. And I know I was able to fill in a lot of knowledge myself from having read the book. I wonder if those who don’t know the book may find it too confusing.

    Regardless, all I know is that I love it. Bring on this 4 hour directors cut DVD!

  4. I’VE seen this film,just waiting to see what the movie bloger’s think?,(commenting from Down Under were the movie opened today march 5th).

  5. saw it last night in imax.
    i love australia’s timezone.

    movie is ridiculously dense, i really dont understand how people are meant to follow the film if they haven’t read the graphic novel.

    1. My brother followed it perfectly fine and he hasn’t read the comic, in fact he really liked the movie.

      I found it to be a fair adaptation, but missed the nuanaces you get in the comic, which is be expected. The book/comic is always better, but I really enjoyed Watchmen. I can’t wait to see it again later this weekend.

  6. 63% now, I’ll probably go in with low expectations, but it’ll be hard because i have waited SOOOO long for it! That way, I could be surprised

  7. I never expected it to drop below 70% which makes me a bit nervous as well.
    Most of the negative reviews have not been criticizing it because it’s not a standard superhero film. Most criticized it because they felt the narrative was weak. Some even said that it is TOO faithful to the graphic novel.
    This is ultimately going to be love it or hate it movie. I suspect that fans will love it but general audiences won’t really care.

  8. OVERRATED? WATCHMEN? No way! It’s a great novel that everyone should read, dark, bloody, violent, awesome. And for the record, I’m glad it’s R because you couldn’t make Watchmen PG-13 without totally messing up

  9. Am I one of the few comic book geeks that thinks Watchmen is overrated as a comic book? I mean, its good, but not as great as everyone says. I think this movie will be like if not loved by fanboys and the general public will be indifferent or bored with it. Theres lots of exposition and dialog for a “Comic book” movie and it runs over 2.5 hours long. I will see it, but will lower my expectations and hopefully be pleasantly surprised. I also think the marketing of the movie will trick people into thinking its a action comic book movie when its closer to V for Vendetta than it is TDK/Iron Man.

  10. I can understand where John is coming from in regard to being a bit nervous about this film only because I am reading the novel for the first time and I will be totally amazed if Zack Snyder and company can pull this off. Wow! What a novel.

    If anyone can do it though, Snyder is probably the best candidate for the job. The only reason I care about what others think about a film like this is because I WANT it to be successful so that more daring and unconventional Super Hero and Fantasy films will get made.

    1. Exactly. Just look at how much many of us loved “Serenity.” Yet, because it failed at the box office, we probably won’t get a sequel or another film like it for a very long time.

  11. OK, some people are over reacting too much. Like saying we need to get a life because we are worried about Watchmen??? Hello! We are movie fans-it’s what we do. We are worrying because we look forward to it so much.

  12. oh no!!!!

    i mean hell we all know only good films get the good reviews so this must mean the film is bad….

    in case you are wondering yes the above sentence is to be said dripping with sarcasm.

  13. I never expected Watchmen to have stellar reviews because it is not your typical superhero movie. Its at 70% right now and I think it’ll remain there or maybe go up a point or two.

    I’m also not concerned with the top critics on this movie I’d rather gage my expectations from a few trusted movie bloggers. Of course what really matters is how much I like it!

  14. nervous??? get a life. you have nothing invested in it, except time, bitch about it after you watch the movie and decide if it was good or bad. if you’re nervous about a movie, you need to find another outlet for your entertainment.

    1. Hey Total Jiu Jitsu,

      Funny… I thought this was THE MOVIE BLOG… you know… where we talk about movies.

      So yes, This is a movie I’ve been very much looking forward too… and I’m nervous that it won’t turn out well.

      Take a pill and get a life.

    2. @john and co. i apologize this was not an attack on anyone. i know not everyone thinks like me, i’ve learned in the past not to get to excited over movies (ex. sw prequels) because my expectations get so high and when the movie sucks it bums me out. although i love watching movies and i don’t go to the theaters that much i am planning on watching this movie in the next couple of weeks.

  15. after all the reviews were in look at the RT rating for 300 60% and that film did well enough to make watchmen happen ……so i suggest see the film and make your minds up

  16. I’m going to the opening as I try to go into all movies – with no expectations. Books are always better than movies because our own imaginations have no limitations.

    I’m just excited to see these incredible characters and stories on screen… period.

  17. When I check out RT for a movie I not only read the reviews. I’ll also click on each critic and see what they are voting good and what they are voting bad. I mean if all that a critic likes is independent artsy type of films their take on the Graphic novel Genre may be a little skewed. I’d rather know what the faithful Fans of the Graphic novel think, then contrast that with someone who hasn’t read the graphic novel but loves the comic book genre of movies….

  18. But for the record guys, every fan that I’ve seen online with the exception of one person has LOVED it, since we are not the critics, maybe that’s a relief to know that a lot of people who are not critics what have seen it have loved it

  19. I am looking forward to a more challenging, off beat superhero movie with its own ideas and lack of standard formula. I want to see this in IMAX.

  20. Last time I checked today it was at 70%
    I’m nervous and not so nervous, nervous because I’m a fan of the novel (you get the rest) and because, now, I know this is no TDK, but that was at 94%, this at 68%, but they are two very different things
    Anyway have a good time tonight John

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