Canadian Actor Starts Online Campaign to play Thor

Seems a hopeful Canadian actor James Preston Rogers is hoping to generate enough online buzz to get the attention of Kenneth Branagh for the role of Thor.

National Post reports:

James Preston Rogers has worked as a bouncer, wrestler, actor, Canadian Tire employee, and soon, he hopes he can add god of thunder to his resume.

The six-foot-six blonde Brampton, Ont. native is vying with Hollywood stars to play the mythological Norse superhero in the 2011 Marvel Studios film Thor.

I have no idea if this guy can even act, but he does kinda resemble the part with his bulging biceps and long blond hair.

He has played a background part as Bjorn the Viking in Outlander starring James Caviezel and Ron Perlman. So although he has managed to secure some acting jobs he is still a relative unknown.

Could this guy be a diamond in the rough or just an over eager fanboy actor hoping for a shot at the bigs?

I am going to vote LOON! I can’t take this guy seriously.

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27 thoughts on “Canadian Actor Starts Online Campaign to play Thor

  1. Read my name and tell me someone perfect for the role hasn’t already been found. Skaarsgard FTW!

    That being said, this guy is still funny, and he’s got the Thor physique down 100%, IMO. I think he would absolutely shine in some sort of parody movie (something with actually intelligent writing, though, unlike “Superhero Movie”).

  2. I say give him an audition, see how he does. if he nails it give give him a chance. Thor should be much bigger than average. If it means getting him some more acting classes, do it. He has a whole year to prepare.

    Honestly, it’s people like him who want it badly who may, (and I mean MAY) just do the best job. He looks like he could do the heroics well enough, the more subtle stuff, I don’t know. But, in all actuality, Thor is not one for subtlety, just read the comic, he’s always posturing.

  3. He was REALLY good in Outlander, even though it was a small part. I’m not sure he can carry an entire movie on his own, but I’ll be willing to give him a shot.

  4. Why wasn’t this guy cast as Sabretooth in Wolverine? I like his sense of humor, he would have pulled off Homicidal Maniac very well, and oh yea…. he has the size and look to match.

    1. well he wasnt thor he was the mechanic…..adventures ion babysitting for the win IMO…but ofcourse vincent does not look like that anymore lol…though i fucking love law n order

  5. Part of me says Loon.
    The other part?

    Well, maybe “not” Thor, but one of the following:

    1) Beta Ray Bill. [small cameo role]

    2) Balder The Brave [small cameo role]

    3) Ulik

    4) The Destroyer

    5) Thunderstrike (???)


    6) Dude in bar/extra on street could be future Thunderstrike but won’t be yadda yadda yadda

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