Golden Globes Website Says Anne Hathaway is a Winner – Briefly

News hit the web this morning that Anne Hathaway was the winner for Best Actress in a Drama on the Golden Globes website. The only problem is, Golden Globes are not announcing their winners until the Golden Globes air on Sunday.

The slip-up was corrected, but not before a screen shot was harvested. So if Anne does win, I imagine there will be a lot of news about how the information was leaked, but I have to agree with /Film

Both the Oscars and the Golden Globes have extremely tight security, and I’m willing to bet that the person changing the results on the official website won’t find out the winners until the exact same moment we do. To believe that they were given the complete list of winners ahead of time to set up the page would be ridiculous. It would be a huge security risk, a risk they are no willing to take.

They hire enough security to deliver the results to these shows like they were carrying the Nuclear Codes. Why would they give a lowly code monkey the results?

The web guys can update this site with about 15 minutes total effort. It might even be in their job to update it as the show is airing giving real-time results. Its that easy for them. So why risk giving them the results this soon?

Looks like it was just a slip of a key, and Anne Hathaway (being alphabetically first on the list) got bumped up before we know if she even won.

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