Star Wars Holiday Special Online

I have spoken before about the horrifying experience that is the Star Wars Holiday Special.

This was aired ONCE in 1978 and Lucas has tried his hardest ever since to pretend it never happened. I would try to as well, but it just might not happen that way. Mostly because I keep showing it to people so they can hold Star Wars in a new light and stop whining about how bad the prequels were (they are not as good as the Original Trilogy, but I dont hate them) and once they are forced to sit through this gem, everything else just looks like a masterpiece.

I brought up this topic earlier this month in time for its 30th Anniversary Celebration which also marks the first time a Lucasfilm employee admitted it existed and kept his job.

However, while surfing around today I discovered that someone had the patience and endurance to upload the whole damned thing to google video, so for those of you who wanted to see it for what it is… I give you the Star Wars Holiday Special!

This copy even has the original commercials that aired with the show, so there is a little bit of nostalgia when ads for Alice, 60 Minutes, and All in the Family come on.

I have always contested that every true Star Wars fan should have to sit through this thing at least once. So this is my public service offering to you.

Merry Christmas and have a Happy Life Day!

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30 thoughts on “Star Wars Holiday Special Online

  1. Yo Rodney.

    I wrote a review for this years back. Scope the archives, it’s in there somewhere if you want to spare yourself the effort of talking about it anymore… I’ll see if I can find it…

  2. This is really nice, better than any prequel, you people don’t know how to appreciate the true beauty of cinema. They should’ve released this in the theaters along with the other films.

  3. Come on, you’re all lying if you say the Bea Arthur singing doesn’t rock the batter. That and Jefferson Starship, gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.

  4. “it’s better than all the prequels combined.”

    I normally am not one to insult other people, but you sir, arr a fucking idiot if you think the PT is worse then this.

    Then again, some people will use any ammo at all to bash the PT with.

  5. i remember falling asleep for most of this when i was a kid. but the cartoon and the part when han and chewie get home and defeat the empire i remember, even the ending with the procession for life day.

    it put me to sleep as easily as the procession in fantasia too. it’s like a defense mechanism i guess.

    anyway you slice it, the SWHS is right back to awesome it’s so bad. for that reason alone, it’s better than all the prequels combined.

    i especially like the tobor commercial. (if this is the same copy as mine).

  6. @beejag

    i was probably 8-9 years old when this came out, i vaguely remember watching it but i’m sure that i was just pleased seeing my SW heroes on tv and not having to drag my mom and dad to the theater. for me i took anything sci-fi, for example battlestar galactica and buck rogers, space 1999, i remember loving logan’s run even though that was a movie.

  7. Ahhh…this takes me back! Sure it ain’t that great, but you gotta understand in the 80’s STAR WARS was GOD!!! This was THE event when it hit the tube.

    Remember, those crappy stop-animation kid flicks are equally bad…but OH SO GOOD!

  8. “Unfortunately, NONE of this Holiday Special has any merit…”

    Really? The introduction of Boba Fett has no merit? Granted, what’s wrapped around it is utter crap, but it’s not like that animated section is the worst Star Wars feature ever produced.

  9. “Come on, lets see a little smile…”

    my god this was horrible, I can’t even begin to imagine what it must have been like being a kid around this time and being excited to see this… “film”

  10. I agree Slushie… hyperbole has reached an ineffective quality when everyone uses the worst possible comparisons to bash something they didn’t like as much as something else.

    I was wondering how long it was going to take for one of those bandwagonners to throw out a “this isnt as bad as Episode 1” line, and seconds later I had my answer.

    You don’t have to like the prequels, but that doesnt mean they were the worst thing ever. They work. Even if you dont like the movies, you have to admit that much. They have their flaws, but they still have their merit as well.

    Unfortunately, NONE of this Holiday Special has any merit… and for the record… its all considered to be Canon.

  11. Antonio, you have qualified yourself as one of the aforementioned whiners.

    Also, keep in mind this movie came out right after Star Wars IV A New Hope, so this has NO bearing on the prequel trilogies whatsoever.

    In fact, two of the much loved sequels happened within a decade of this being created. It wasn’t until 20 years later that the prequels were even considered.

    Then it just became popular to cuss at Star Wars like you never loved it at all. Damn that Lucas for making something without checking with you first.

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