Maguire Gets 50 Million Fro Next Two Spiderman Films

TobyI was wondering how much money it was going to take to lock Maguire down for another 2 Spiderman films – apparently 50 MILLION was what made it happen. We get this glorious news from our friends at ropeofsilicon:

According to Times Online Tobey Maguire will receive approximately 5,000,000,000 pennies to reprise his role as Spider-Man/Peter Parker in Spider-Man 4 and 5, which the Times says will be shot “back-to-back over six months next year.” On top of the $50 million the site reports Maguire will also receive profit shares from the two films. The site compares it to what Keanu Reeves earned for filming Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions back-to-back, a shoot that Reeves said left him exhausted.

This is cerianly crazy. The franchise makes a ton of money, and Maguire certainly deserves his share, but 50 million dollars! That is an amount of money that I will never see playing Monopoly, never mind real life.

Congrats to Toby and his agent, I hope they celebrate every day until shooting starts. Spiderman 4 is currently slated for a 2011 release, we will be sure to keep you updated on the progress and will be watching to see what Toby does with his money.

International Friends – what would you do with 50 Millions?

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31 thoughts on “Maguire Gets 50 Million Fro Next Two Spiderman Films

  1. 50 million are you kidding me??? I mean I am a spidey fan, but is one person really worth that much. What are the other actors getting? I really hope he lives up to the spiderman name this time around. Keep kicking ass Tobey, I can’t do any better! I would pay off my bills with 50 million, buy a house etc etc etc…

  2. Good for Tobey, I guess…but everytime I see these numbers thrown around I can’t help but get a bad taste in my mouth and just want to stop watching movies, sports, TV, etc.

  3. 50 mil or 5 billion, doesn’t matter to me (well good for Tobey) but if the movie still sucks, somebody should sue somebody for killing Spidey on the big screen. I think its gonna suck cause with the amount of money they’re paying these actors to come back, they’ll need a higher profit margine and by that they’ll usually go the route againts what the fans need, and its always terrible. They won’t sit down and say “we have to think for the fans” nope they’ll say “how can we get richer?”. Heck 50 mil? thats like paying 50cent to Tobey.

  4. first i didnt like him as spiderman..then i realized it was the writers fault for not giving him any “spiderman-ish” sarcastic lines…so now im used to him and if they did take him out it would have fucked up the movies for me…now when people see HIM they usually dont see tobey..they see spiderman..too late to switch him now

    50 mil..good for him….

  5. Hopefully for 50 mil he can look energetic and excited this time around, instead of the mopey “fuck, I gotta do this again?” face he made throughout Spider-Man 3.

    And better still, I hope they manage to write some one-liners for his masked alter ego. There were a few in the first film (not enough), even less in the second and none in the third. Whatever happened to Spider-Man using humor to cover his fear?

    Maybe he needs some Amazing Friends to be his audience or else he’s off his game. heh.

  6. 50 Million?

    I would make a series of documentary films in which I give a homeless person 1 million dollars, and then follow him around in his new life.

    It will be called:

    “I Once Was Lost, But Now I’m Rich Beeotch!”

    Volumes 1-25

  7. “On top of the $50 million the site reports Maguire will also receive profit shares from the two films.”

    Can someone please explain how this makes any fucking sense? Is there a huge fan base out there ready to boycott the next Spidey films if Tobey isn’t in them? Is he really that important a component to the franchise that he can get such an insane deal that already guarentees a huge chunk of budget and profits is taken up by him?

    Look, good for Tobey for getting a killer deal. I’m just saying that, once again, mistakes have not been learned from and a Hollywood studio is ridiculously and needlessly over spending on a franchise that they cannot even guarentee will make a huge profit.

    People were so burned by Spidey 3 that they might not even turn up for the next one.

    And if I had 50 million, I would build a movie theatre at the crossroads between Canada, LA, & Liverpool and call it ‘Phil’s’. We wouldn’t need to show commercials or tolerate children.

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