David Carradine Set To Make Cameo Appearance In Death Race 3000


It appears that the legendary David Carradine will make a nostalgic cameo in the upcoming Death Race film. We get word of this from Paul W.S. Anderson himself, thanks to an interview he had with our friends at MTV:

“I wanted to tip my hat to the original, but also wouldn’t want it to become a cheesy cameo-fest. There’s obviously been, ‘Oh, where’s the David Carradine cameo?’ It’s there, and I think it’s a nice thing for fans. In fact, I had a conversation with David about the movie this morning.”

I agree with Anderson that cameos can get pretty cheesy. I don’t care for them usually, but having David Carradine in the film is pretty much mandatory. The dude rocked ass in Kill Bill and I hope to see more of him in upcoming projects. It will also be kick ass to see him in this cult universe once again.

International friends – do you think having a Carradine appearance is wise, or would the film be better without a nod to the past?

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6 thoughts on “David Carradine Set To Make Cameo Appearance In Death Race 3000

  1. Hey Mangina,

    Why is it a “wasted” cameo if it’s a re-imagining? If anything it makes it even more relevant.

    And how on earth can you say:

    “Besides, the original was more compelling and entertaining”

    Have you seen the new movie to make such an assessment?

  2. Seeing as this is a “re-imagining,” a cameo would be wasted. Besides, the original was more compelling and entertaining; this new version looks like a mix of an extended car chase from Escape From New York and Con-Air.

    No thanks!

  3. Boycotting it!

    I expected a nwo conspiracy race ending in a failed assasination or not of the world leader. A death race accross America.

    Not a Running Man ripoff.

    Caradine must need the money.

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