Zombie Stripper Trailer

Well yeeehaaaawww! It’s the Zombie Strippers! As some of you know, I had a chance to see Zombie Strippers last week and I can tell you that as dumb as it is, it does give you plenty of Zombies, plenty of Strippers stripping, and even a couple of decent laughs along the way. Would I call it a “good” movie? No. But the film is what it is. If nothing else, it is the greatest title in the history of cinema. For now, check out the Zombie Strippers trailer.

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7 thoughts on “Zombie Stripper Trailer

  1. let me repeat:
    what was Robert Englund thinking?, and jenna jameson, uf! she never think, just pants off, and bring the money, we know that, but… oh my… zombies & strippers, very bad combination

  2. I would’nt watch this movie if I was paid to watch it. Another B movie disaster. What was Robert Englund thinking? Has his career plummeted this low.

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