Orlando Bloom Is The Prince Of Persia

It’s being circulated that Orlando Bloom has landed the lead role for the upcoming Jerry Bruckheimer franchise “Prince of Persia“. The franchise will be based on the popular video game series of the same name and is scheduled to start production soon.

This casting makes sense for a couple of reasons:

1) Bruckheimer worked with Bloom with the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and so they’re already familiar with each other

2) Bloom seems to find a way to land parts in huge trilogies (Pirates, Lord of the Rings)

3) All video game movies suck… so since Orlando Bloom can’t act worth a lick, it makes perfect sense to put him as the lead in a doomed to suck (but will still make ungodly amounts of money) franchise like this one.

The deal is reportedly worth about $40 million for Bloom (I believe that’s the total for all three films, which is about $37 more than he’s worth). $40 MILLION of the budget is being tied up in one guy. A guy who can’t act and whose films apart from the trilogies have proved he’s NOT a box office draw. This is seriously making me scratch my head.

Although I’ve always said video game movies suck, I’ve also said that the law of averages dictates that EVENTUALLY one will come out that’s pretty solid. I thought Prince of Persia had the POTENTIAL to MAYBE be that film… but I’ve just lost a lot of hope for it. As always, we’ll have to wait and see it to be sure.

So what do you think of Orlando Bloom as the Prince?

**UPDATE** There are some conflicting reports going around now. My friend Neil over at FSR says Hollywood.Com is also reporting the story, but that he talked so someone over at Disney who claims this report is not true. However, a call I placed said the story was true. I don’t PERSONALLY know the person I talked to, so I’m not sure which to believe at this point. The story is also being reported by The Sun.

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17 thoughts on “Orlando Bloom Is The Prince Of Persia

  1. You are right John, $40 million is way too much for Bloom. But I think he is worth more than $3. Maybe like $15-20 would be right for him. I am not a fan of movies based on video games so I probably wont see it in theaters but might catch it on dvd. Instead of Bloom they should cast someone like Milo Ventimiglia. Hah!

  2. Hey Kristina,

    Alfie is either delusional or just trying to pick a fight with me… hence bringing up a totally unrelated topic to the conversation just for the intent to get a reaction out of me.

  3. well that was more directed at the movie blog then you…..

    if you have seen a picture of milo in a magazine then you have seen him act. thats about as animated and interesting as he gets.

  4. it cracks me up how harsh you are about blooms acting on this site yet milo “one expression for all occasions”ventigimilialialilia is praised.

    Bloom may not be the greatest thespian but he’s no worse than that fucker…..

  5. Yeah this has been disproven by FSR and slashfilm was talking about possibly Jake Gyllenhall or however you spell it. I like Jake and he might be able to make the movie descent… we shall see

  6. I’m not sure if paying him for all 3 movies at once is a good idea. How can they be so sure that the first one will be a hit big enough for 2 more sequels? If the first one flops, then they have to pay him 40 million regardless if the sequels get made.

  7. I really wanna see ‘Prince of Persia’. I don’t think it will be difficult to adapt the game into a movie. Get a guy who would be believable enough to pull off doing some somersaulting shit and trying to save a girl. I think you can do it. Now actor-wise, that’s another debate

  8. cant they find someone that remotely LOOKS like the dude??

    not even close…..

    and, i agree with most video game movies sucking because they dont usually have good stories that can be transfered into the big screen but i think that prince of persia can be a good movie with sequels even. i mean its got a good story as it is so making a movie wont be like…doom hitman or…..pacman

  9. If Orlando Bloom is in this movie… I will not watch it in theatres and will wait until it comes out on TV… yes, TV… not even worth a rental if this guy is in this movie. I will lose all interest I once had in seeing this story told on film.

  10. Regardless if this is true or not..I have a feeling that it might be a decent film..at least the first one if they so choose to make it a trilogy.

    I’m basing this on the fact that Bloom was in POTC and the first film was decent and the other two blew ass.


  11. Film school rejects have already found out that this is false news. These are the benefits of eastern standard time.

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