Wachowski Brothers Developing Kung-Fu Flick With Collin Chou

Collin-ChouThe Wachowski brothers exploded onto the movie scene with The Matrix… but one can’t help but wonder if they were a 1 trick pony. Most people hated the last 2 Matrix movies (for the record, I really like the second Matrix movie… but thought the third one was a total crap fest), and now their first directoral outing since the Matrix films, Speed Racer, looks like a giant sack of shit in the making.

But I can’t help but be interested by this news. Our friends over at MTV are saying that the Wachowski brothers are looking at developing a movie with Collin Chou (He played Seraph in the last 2 Matrix flicks).

The high-kicking Chou will soon be seen opposite Jackie Chan and Jet Li, appearing as the villainous Jade War Lord in April 18’s damn fine kung fu flick “The Forbidden Kingdom.” Following that film’s release, Chou will continue talking with the Wachowskis as they develop their unnamed script with him in mind. The inclusion of Chou, a veteran of more than thirty martial arts films, would seem to indicate that the Wachowskis are hoping to get back to the stylized fighting and wire work that made “Matrix” a powerhouse sci-fi series.

Now this could be very interesting. I think most of us saw Chou as a potential leading guy, and the notion of the Wachowski brothers getting back to something martial arts related is intriguing. Sign me up if this actually happens!

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5 thoughts on “Wachowski Brothers Developing Kung-Fu Flick With Collin Chou

  1. i thought that they had directed V for Vendetta, but a quick peak at imdb proved me wrong… they only wrote it!

    sniff…sniff… i have been decieved!!!!

  2. even as an hardcore old school kung fu fan i have to admit i really enjoyed the matrix fight scenes….the style really drew me in and i like the way the didnt use that shaky cam bulshit. too much wire-fu can be boring but using the right amount can make a scene better,

    im excited about this

  3. If I had to guess at what film they might be making with him I’d take a stab in the dark and say Shaolin Cowboy. It’s one of 2 comics books that the brothers W release a new copy of what seems like every leap year. It’s supposed to be a pretty good read but I never picked it up.

  4. I like wire work to a degree. I enjoyed the Protector, well except for some of the special effects, like the elephant when he throws it. That was lame.

  5. I find wire work boring for the most part. I’m sure it takes a lot of skill and strength but I prefer the real thing.

    That’s part of why I liked Ong Bak and The Protector so much.

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