Grindhouse Uncut?!

If you were a fan of last year’s ‘Grindhouse,’ you were probably upset that they had split up both films, ‘Planet Terror’ and ‘Death Proof’ in two separate DVDS. Some of you who don’t live in North America didn’t even get to see both versions together with the wonderful fake trailers Eli Roth, Edgar Wright, and Rob Zombie prepared for the intermission. (At least the ‘Planet Terror’ DVD came with the awesome ‘Machete’ trailer.)

However, one of my good friends Jay had told me about an uncut version of ‘Grindhouse’ being played on The Movie Network in Canada.

Jay of The Horror Section gives us this news:

Later on, bunkered in against the snowstorm (the latest of many this winter for the Golden Horseshoe, please make it stop!) I figured, what the hell I’ll flip it on. Of course, because Planet Terror is so awesome, I end up watching the whole thing and damned if the Zombie, Wright and Roth faux trailers didn’t come on afterwards. I was absolutely flabbergasted. There are so many things that don’t compute here.

First, why, if there is no DVD of this version, is it popping up on TMN of all places? I mean, where would they have even acquired it?

I also checked to see if this news was indeed true and, alas it was. Jay raises a great question too. If there was an uncut version, why the f*ck wasn’t it released last year?  It makes me mad that fans had to buy separate versions and some hard core fans are ready to spend a bundle on the upcoming Japanese six disc version, when all we had to do was wait for it to come on TMN. (Not even Pay Per View got this version!)

So ‘Grindhouse’ fans, I tell you to save your money and get your DVRs ready! Tune into TMN(if you live in Canada or make some Canadian friends quick) and watch ‘Grindhouse’ in its full entirety. (It’s bound to be on TMN on Demand.)

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21 thoughts on “Grindhouse Uncut?!

  1. the uncut film just was on starz network twice last weekend here in the states so does this mean the dvd version is not far off?

  2. Whitechapel-

    Yeah, I knew it sounded like it. I just remember thinking it was strange that here was the uncut version on PPV, when the DVD at the time was censored. Oh well…

  3. Planet Terror gets better each time I watch it. Death Proof, not so much. Although I do really like a good majority of it.

    @ J Bryant

    That Kill Bill version you mentioned sounds like the Japanese cut.

  4. Even though I hated Death Proof with a passion I shelled out for the Japanese set, mostly because I love these Asian special edition and I liked Planet Terror. I’m sure these films will be released in their original form eventually in the west I’m pretty sure they won’t look so pretty as this box set.

  5. I saw grindhouse in the theater as well. Although I liked the movies (especially one particular scene in Death Proof), I think the best part of the whole experience was the trailers. I snuck in to see the trailers on two subsequent occasions with a friend because it was great just hearing people’s reactions to them. I really think the Weinsteins should consider releasing grindhouse uncut (with trailers, etc.), even though you can see most of the trailers on youtube anyway.

  6. well all I can say is I hope the weinsteins burn in hell, I saw this great double bill in the theater 3 times and was waiting patiently for the real version on dvd. Why don’t they get off thier fat corporate asses and give the fans what we want for once. Of course I could be asking too much everyone knows that hollywood is for money not art and sure as hell not the fans

  7. This was a great surprise to me. I was bored titless with “Death Proof” but had heard the car chase was amazing, but didn’t exactly make it there.

    Thankfully, I didn’t ahve to (directly) pay for it again and still got the car chase. Which didn’t make the movie better but Zoe Bell is a pretty spectacular stuntperson.

  8. I’ll say it again, that Death Proof was one of the best films of 2007. A film that gets even better with each subsequent viewing. Particularly, the DVD version with the lengthy transition scene in the gas-station parkinglot.

    The film is a brilliant piece of art/pop fusion.

    It’s a great ‘hang-out’ film too.

  9. Paid movie channels like HBO, Showtime, TMC, normally show the theatrical version to avoid any complaints. Pay-Per-View and DVD’s are different animals. Trabb is correct: On-Demand is the best route because they have multiple versions of films.

  10. The Weinsteins seem to always do weird stuff with their movies when they hit PAY-PER-VIEW. I still recall recording the uncut version of SCREAM off PPV back in the 90’s (a version that still has yet to be released on DVD). Same goes for the long version of CROW: CITY OF ANGELS and PULP FICTION with deleted scenes intergrated into the movie (neither of which is on DVD either). Even a couple of years back, the PPV version of KILL BILL had the House Of Blue Leaves scene in color rather than Black and White. So, this isn’t unheard of for the Weinsteins to have alternate cable versions of their movies. Too bad they usually never get around to releasing them on DVD.

  11. whats really funny is both these movies completly suck…all they reall did is show how they can mix old style with new technology…but all in all even when u ask most people on the street they say wtf is this garbage lol.

    ps patrick is wrong cause at this point in the game this movie has allready been ripped and released thru the web by torrents and IRC……dvr is not used in the bootleg world cause its too late at that point.

  12. Check out Stars and Encore On demand if you have comcast… they have three choices each film individually or the double bill in HD 5.1 uncut

  13. And now here’s where the studio starts to lose money, due to their decision, to release the movies separately, without trailers. People will, now, record them DVR style, pop them on the internet, and soon it’ll be around the world. If they could only see the many reasons why they’re losing money maybe they would change their practices.

  14. Yeah, the ones out on DVD right now are the uncut versions – they just have no trailers, and each movie is separate.

  15. I thought the versions released on DVD last year were the uncut versions? They’re “extended and unrated” at any rate. It’s definitely interesting that the faux trailers were included on TMN though, as these haven’t been released on DVD yet.

  16. It’s true alright. The full double bill premiered this past Friday I believe (including trailers) and I was kind of surprised to see it.

    It’s not on HD TMN yet as far as I can tell but it’s bound to play there as well in the future.

  17. Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle. This is interesting news. I’m probably one of those that’ll be importing the 6 disc set.

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