The Macho Movie Review: Spartacus and the 10 Gladiators

WarriorsMy friend Wintle bought me a 50 pack of Sword And Sandal films before I left for Hollywood. He then bought a pack for himself, and we began discussion about going through the series together. Soon after we decided to share our journey with all of you; and thus the Macho Movie Review was born.

Over the next 50 weeks, every Week we plan to have a short podcast for you discussing the Sword and Sandal movie of the week. We will be going through the Warriors Movie Pack made available through Mill Creek Entertainment. You can find the set for about 20-30 USD. We encourage all interested to buy the pack, and/or download the films that are public domain. Many of these films are 40-50 years old and we find it a delight to mull over the Macho Movies of yesteryear, and would like nothing more than for you to join in on the discussion.

We are both fond of old warrior movies and are happy to be digging through the series for some glorious gems and wretched mistakes. Many of the films are Italian in origin and were made with shoestring budgets, often you will see rubber swords and the use of stock battle footage. None the less, a great story is a great story, and the Sword and Sandal film is always a celebration of the classic manly, macho hero.

The Rating System: To go with the theme we will be rating the films out of 9. The hydra has 9 heads, so we will be giving each film a rating out of that number – and will post a picture. For those of you that wish to skip the podcast and are not that keen on buying the set – keep an eye on the hydra. If you you see a film with 7-9 Hydra heads – you may want to track that particular film down.


Today Wintle and I discuss the second film in the series Spartacus and the Ten Gladiators (196).

The film is about a group of Gladiators that lose their livelihoods when they interfere in an arena battle that they deem unethical. The wander the land like vagabonds looking for work when a damsel in distress obtains their help to defeat a group of bandits. Her father seeks to reward them, but they insist on work. The politician has recently lost a number of slaves, Spartacus being one of them. He sends the Gladiators out as henchmen to return Spartacus to him. The 10 soon learn that they are working under a tyrant and their allegiances are swayed! We join them on the road and watch as they fight for freedom!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my great pleasure to present to you, The Macho Movie Review for Spartacus and the 10 Gladiators:

To Listen To The Podcast Click Here


Wintle and Nagy both deem this film to be worth 6 Hydra Heads out of 9.

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5 thoughts on “The Macho Movie Review: Spartacus and the 10 Gladiators

  1. I just watched this last night in my effort to catch up. I really liked this one. I got a kick out of the blacksmith as well. When he was taking out soldiers with that pitchfork, I laughed out loud. I did like the head gladiator the best as well as the older one and the retarded goofball one. I found this to be very entertaining. I agree that this deserved a 6 out of 9

  2. Okay…so as a little kid in the seventies I watched a lot of sword and sandal flicks, not to mention one of my favorite films of all time is Cleopatra with Elizabeth Taylor. And just a side note, she was the first person to get a million dollars for a movie and for that role.

    Now don’t get the wrong idea, I like them not because *some* of the men looked hot shirtless, *some* of them did and that was a bonus. (I’m sure even you Praetor Wintle, LOL) And it wasn’t because the costumes, painfully fake locales and woman were all ‘extravagantly beautiful’. The reason I loved them was because they were fantastical and swept me away to a time of heroes and mystical beasts when cow pastures and acres of fields were around me.

    Perhaps I should stick a few on my Netflix list or see if they have any on Watch Now. Oh great, I think I’m going to take off my shirt too.

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