Movie Blog Uncut – Feb 18th 2008

Hey there folks. It was quite a weekend around here. The Oscars are getting closer and closer as the top party weekend on the industry’s calendar falls upon us. Still, other things are going on in the world of movies and so we focus on that stuff today..

At any rate, take some time to download or stream this installment of Uncut as Doug and I discuss:

1) The Movie Blog podcasts the Oscars

2) Lindsay Lohan nude pics

3) Can a Smurf’s movie really work?

4) Lack of Step Up 2 Reviews

5) Love Guru Poster with no Jessica Alba to be seen

6) New Knight Rider TV Movie

7) First pics of the new Hulk

All this and a few things more.


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12 thoughts on “Movie Blog Uncut – Feb 18th 2008

  1. Wait …wait. John, you don’t like dancing and dance culture? Don’t front. We know you used to break back in the day. ;) But I’m sure that movie sucks. See ya Sunday. – Cheers

  2. I really want Doug to review Step Up 2 the Streets, it’s always entertaining to hear him review movies. When he’s angry it’s even more so. It’s not too late to review it.

  3. I think it was something of an irony following a discussion of ‘Step Up 2″ with a discussion of Jessica Alba. It reminded me of the one film of hers which I hated and wish would burn in the pits of hell, that being “Honey”. It was, in essence, an alright dance movie. It also was nothing more than string of sewn together music videos.

    I’ve tried to defend Alba in the past, but…as you know Gio, I have conceded. Either she is a horrible actress, or she takes parts which are badly written/directed roles to begin with, or both. As for her not being on Guru teaser poster? Eh, big whoop. But if Alba don’t look out, the only thing she’ll be doing is a direct to video sequel to Idle Hands, or be in a role like Never Been Kissed, where she is there…but she goes off camera as quick as she is on it.

    Look, I would like her to do better. I…still have hope…but I also have hope that the lottery numbers will match my ticket, and I win a million dollars…I have hope that the Detriot Tigers will be back in the World Series one day…

    I have seen the first Step Up, by the way. It’s cliche meter was full tilt, but I enjoyed most of it, and not just for the dancing. See, I’m a fan of this young lass Jenna Dewan…who’s good in dance drama films and great in horror films (especially Tamara) ..but I avoided seeing the sequel because it is a sequel in name only. It’s my understanding that Jenna’s doing better things…and he co-star Channing Tatum has also moved on.

    There was a plateful of films this past weekend and this coming weekend is not much different. I’m looking forward to seeing ‘Vantage Point’ myself.

  4. Excripts from Step Up 2: The Streets

    Nerdy White Kid: “Yeah we’re here crew, we’re getting ready to battle at the Streets”.

    Hostile Black Woman: “What street? Sesame Street!” (sarcasm)

    nuff said

  5. The Smurfs (and Snorks) are very popular on Cartoon Network Boomerang.

    My kids know the Smurfs, and they like the Smurfs. It is ages 6-9 that like the Smurfs.

    I am a couple of years older than John and Doug, and I have fond memories of the Smurfs. Other people my age that I know also do.

    I won’t take my kids to see EVERY movie just because it is 3-D animated. But if it is something I am familiar with (i.e. Smurfs), then of course.

  6. Hey Mozzerino

    The point of the Lohan discussion was the question if this is an indicator of where her career is, or is going… and how it lines up with where Doug has always predicted it would go.

  7. The question I have about this episode is:
    Why even discuss something like Lindsay Lohan doing a photo-shoot with her tits out?
    Is this in some way movie news? Did I miss something here?
    If she did nudity in a movie, fair enough, but this is in no way relevant.
    What’s next? The new Jessica Alba shooting for FHM?

  8. Sigh. Typical that Americans, or Canadians thinks that everything revolves around North America and if something isn’t known there then there is no reason to do a movie about it. First of all the Smurfs are HUGE!!!! in Europe, where they originated so the marked and the interest is there. Also the Smurfs are big in Asia and that’s a huge marked. Collectors and fans are abundant and most Europeans grew up with the cartoons, more so than the Transformers.

    Since the film will be geared towards the younger kids, safe and happy and it will do good business.

    I have no interest in seeing it though.

  9. I’m 14 and i watched the smurfs when i was smaller I don’t relley care though about a smurfs movie though. The new Knight rider movie sucked I couln’t even finish it.

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