Hulk and Abomination Pictures

The good folks over at Superherohype have scored what appears to be our first look at Hulk and Abomination pictures. Well, at least what Hulk and Abomination will look like in the upcoming Incredible Hulk film. Seems the toys are already to be shipped and sold.

Ok, now for the Hulk, I think they nailed it. Very classic look of the character and I think that’s going to score well with a lot of the people who didn’t like the look of the Hulk in he last incarnation (the Ang Lee film that so many people, except me, hated).


But Abomination… who is the film is supposed to be even a little stronger than The Hulk… looks WICKED! I love it! I don’t want to get too hyped up, because it is just a toy, and I do want to see it on screen… but in principle the design of the character is fantastic. Nightmarish, yet tangible. Holding a giant pipe in his hand for good measure is top notch too!


I can’t wait for this movie. I think Hulk will end up being the surprise film of the summer.

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50 thoughts on “Hulk and Abomination Pictures

  1. @Jamie

    The abomination is better being brown as it can be more clearl;y defined in fight and such. It would be a an awful idea to make it green and you wouldnt be able to tell them apart in massive brawls. I mean comon how many people even know about this characters, I’m a major comic geek and ive never heard of him.

  2. lol were such geeks..superman returns…
    and i never liked superman anyways (or most DC heroes that werent named batman or nightwing) hes so cheap hes got no weakness other then humans and kryptonite-its not as suspensfull when a movie about him comes out- id rather watch or read about guys like moon knight, the punisher, batman, hawkeye, daredevil- the guys like green lantern and superman are just so cheap

  3. [email protected]
    forget about man!
    you liked the thing ,i didnt,if was a bar talk with some beers i would be trilled too keep this with you!
    like you say,thats its the fun about movies right!?
    thanks for your point of view.
    I be waiting for the next UNCUT AND CHEERS FOR THE NAGY TOO.

  4. Hey Takata,

    I think you’re REALLY stretching here. Abandon earth?!?! Abandon earth to what? He left to examine the potential that a part of his home world might still be alive. The earth wasn’t under siege by some alien race. What he did was PERFECTLY in tune with the spirit of the character.

    Sorry man, I think you’re grasping at straws here.

  5. [email protected]

    choose any,in any era on the comics or in the cartoons,superman would choose abandon earth to go in a self nescessary mission whitout before explain why his doing that for the leaders of the world first.abandon lois lane for that then, not even in a dream.
    he gonne in a self exilium one time because he thought he had killed zod in the comics ,but he explained himself for lois and for the world before doing that.
    superman was selfish,he showed again when he taked lois for that little airwalk doesnt caring for her feelings or for the feelings of the family she had.
    and this is just one exemple.

  6. Hey Takata,

    Man, I totally 100% disagree with you. Superman Returns NAILED the character of Superman. When you say it didn’t, which superman are you talking about? The one from the 50’s? The one from the 60’s? The cartoon? The original movie? The new cartoon? The new comics?

    Superman is the eternal boyscout, and Superman Returns nailed it completely. The SPIRIT of the character was done total justice in that movie.

  7. just to turn this in the discussion,
    if they do this kind of changes with superman,a ¨improved¨ abomination like that is easy shit.

  8. Jamie
    i didnt cared if dude personification of Revees was spot on or not.
    What i cared about was that their superman was doing things any other superman have ever did in any kind of midia.
    doenst matter if he was felling lonely or not or jealous or if they gived him some fake info about krypton s fate.
    superman doenst do shit like that!(abandon humanity,spy on a woman)its just not was superman do.

  9. well in SR they didnt phisically change him so thats not that baad
    but yes in the comic books he was definatedly different
    the thing is..SR is SUCH a different case for the lone reason thta when peopel watched it they dodnt say “aahh man lets see if this guy can do a good clark kent” they all sayd “well lets see if this shit can act half as good as christofer R.” which is unfair but- its what happened

  10. In SR they changed the persona of superman.
    from the old movies,or from the jlu cartoons or for the comics,he have a completely diferent kind of personality.
    just to make him a more human character or a more relatable character for the modern viewer.
    What you stated is that a main character of his own universe should have his principal trades protected right?
    on that kind of perpective doesnt matters what kind of change this could may be!

  11. Ok, I’m all for changing things up and what not, but what possible reason was there for them to turn Abomination brown? I mean, he underwent the whole gamma radiation exposure ordeal too, so wouldn’t he be green as well? Can someone give me a GOOD reason that would justify changing his color?

  12. @takata
    raimi didnt do THAT bad of a job- spiderman3 wasnt that bad its just everyone thought it was going to be better (i thought they made venom kinda small) but it was a really good movie
    and i dont think they do it to show theur OWN vision cuz they kno thatll kill it and no one would watch it- but instead to (like john sayd) adjust it to the big screen, but sometimes they kinda try to do too much and destroy the character
    im sure that if AB was a more known character people would be all over this…i for one am used to seeing him green and it kinda gets to me seeign him like this

  13. [email protected]
    SPOT ON.i not very good writing in english so maybe you misunderstooded me,but i agreed with you.
    John like to state his point of view,but cant see the flaws on the same sometime.
    everione can accept changes on the source material.
    No spamdex and pointi mask ok!No lazarus pitch ok!Venon doenst like to use the mask and is as little as spidey ok!
    Optimus using a retractble mouth protection …ok?
    The changes are nescessary to adapt the new media or the new times.
    But in a lot of times you see they doing this whitout any real reason at all.
    Just to show their on artistic eye,or well i dont know why!
    Raimi showed that whats works fine should be keeped this way(unless with the things heliked about spiderman)and if it well maded could work just as good or better than anykind of change.
    So it was in games and cartoons and comics for decades and everibody liked the way it was,but hey lets change the character completely and do our vision of it!they gonna see it aniway!
    and we will!
    Its like the picles on the big mac you dont like it but its there right in the midle of the sandwich so lets eat it too.
    and Jamie,THE JLA mess…dont even start those!rsss!
    OWEN WILSON with the caps mask doing that little bic he always do…priceless mental image!

  14. wasnt daredevil supposed to be a red head!!?? agh!peter parker isnt blonde!
    im sorry guys i know I KNOW my point is prety insignificant not a big deal but it bothers ME

    (and i also get the “hulk and AB being green” deal- which i poinbted out earlier but it only worked in the comic book cuz he wasnt the only bad guy in the whole show)

  15. @joseph
    it was an exageration. everyone is used to spiderman and im used to seeing this guy green

    ok ill make a better example (I DONT HAVE TO! GUYS! CMON THEYRE MAKING ABOMINATION BROWN! HELLOOOO!) imagine if they make…war machine dark green- that wouldnt be theyr way of adapting the character to the big screen but instead their way of killing him
    theres bo difference from the example that i just made from what were talking about- were all used to a black and silver war machine and a green scaly AB

  16. Actually, I thought Ben Affleck was a great dardevil.

    And no, changing Abomination is NOT like changing spider-Man.

    Spider-Man is iconic and the main character of his universe. Abomination is a side character. One of several villains that quite frankly no one even knows about.

    So yes, changing Abomination from green to another color is the RIGHT decision. There is no reason why he should stay green, and with Hulk already being green, it makes sense to change him up.

    Just my two cents.

  17. like- if they wanted to change AB for the movie- ok go ahead and do youre thing but- dotn make him brown! its like adjusting spiderman to the movie and making him purple and yellow as well

  18. @ dude johncampea

    yes. i know that. youre right, but you probably agree with me that venom sucked and the JLA cast was horrible and that ben affiec is not daredevil and that they could have made some movies better (like ghost rider) im not saying that wolverine should wear the yellow tights- cuz thats just homo.
    im saying, dont try too hard and end up fucking it up (idk if it fits to the conversation but they also killed speed racer)
    i get youre point and i agree but i think they can make AB green without makign him ridiculous or childish

  19. Hey Jamie,

    You CAN’T make a movie excatly like the comic book or a cartoon, buecause it would be ridiculous and look stupid.

    I’ve said it 1000 times. Just because something works a certain way on a printed page, or in a cartoon, does NOT mean it will work on the big screen in live action. You have to adapt.

    Can you imagine how stupid Wolverine would have looked in the X-Men movie running around in tight yellow spandex? No one would have taken that movie seriously. It would have been just stupid. It works fine in a comic book…. but not in a live action movie.

    They needed to adapt Abomination to work on the big screen. Keep the spirit of the character, but adapt him where you must to make sure it works in the new medium

  20. @ takata and everybody

    producers dont want to make movies EXACTLY like the comic books or the show or cartoon guys!
    like i sayd in my last message- i stated lik a gazilion things that was different from the transformers movie from the cartoon- and theyre doing the same thing with The Hulk and unfortunatedly THERES NOTHING WE CAN DO ABOUT IT
    yes theire ruining the characters that we have been SO USED AND ACUSTUMED to watching and as someone sayd earlier “theyre raping my childhood”
    the thing when we watched these shows when we were little (I still do) we would remember these characters and now thta the movies come out- theyre so different
    and yeah man it sucks but oh pissed but- whatare we gonna do?
    look at what they did to Venom, and im afraid theyre going to fuck up justice league (IF IT EVER FUCKIGN COMES OUT!!!) and i have some confidence on the avengers but- you never know..they might cast owen wilson as captain america
    (did you see the people they were going to use in JLA?? worst cast ever! good thing they axed it)

  21. @takata

    no i would LOVE to see him green and thats exactly what i wanna see WHAT I SAYD was that the reason y they made him brown was because of what i sayd- i didnt state my OPINION i showed what i thought was the reason of him being brown. my opinion would be somewhat like yours…”WITH THE NORMAL PEOPLE DONT UNDERSTAND WHY BOVE ARE GREEN IS THEIR PROBLEM NOT MINE!!!” or soemthing like that…
    MY POINT IS i read the comic books and watched the cartoon cuz i dotn have much to do so thats y it concerns me but sadly- it wont bother most people watching it cuz they dont know anything about AB in the 1st place

    and i totally agree- bumblebee woulda looked better as a buggie

    BUT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

    why was the tank named devastator instead of brawl?? and wasnt barricade a tank?? and skorponok a decepticon that ACTUALLY transformed like all the others?? and jazz a porche?? and starscream an f-16?? so why dont we just drop the bumblebee thing b4 i read my whole “why transformers coulda been better” list??

  22. [email protected]
    You played the part right i will do the part of the irracional GEEK .
    i undestand your point of view man,and i know sometime after this in some audio edition J.CAMPEA will say something like ¨i dont care with they change the look of the characters.look what they made with transformers and that filme blow my mind and made a lot of money,so fuck the GEEKS and what they the film for the big mass ¨ but somehow when i see i character with so much changes like this or anyother (COF,COF,BUMBLEBEE,COF)i feel a little disapointed.
    and maybe its just me,but this version of the abomination doesnt even look cool!
    like some people pointed above looks like the mr hyde from L.X.G or the ogre from H.P or something you already saw before.they should at least made something diferent from the begining.
    well im a adult and i can take it aniway.

  23. ok guys
    MAYBE maybe i dont know but MAYBE they didnt make him green so that the people that arent totall geeks like us wont say “why are the good and bad guys green?i thought hulk was green? make the bad guy different”
    i mean it makes them somewhat different- people that arent nerds and have never seen this guy will say “ok bad guy brown hulk green!” idk how to explain it but its a thing that the UNGEEKS and “people that have lifes” get cuz they nevr read the comic books
    it sets them a ppart- or else they would both be green and- i would be fine with it cuz i read the comic books, but the 50 year old mother will think that the bad guy looks exactly like the hulk and that the producer was too lazy to think up of a original bad guy cuz she never picked up a comic book…
    (u guys know what im saying?)
    id love him to be green but- like you guys, i know what he really looks like…the people that dont know what he actually looks like- theyll like him brown

  24. takata after transformers and the GI Joe news my childhood has been raped into submission. poor thing is still in therapy.

    i liked the first hulk, it was a deep comic book movie and i thought the panels were cool. but more hulk action is appreciated and they have some good actors in this one so i cant wait.

  25. Sorry but the Abomination looks like the Evil Hyde from League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen! The lest they could do is stay close to the Comic Book but oh no they can never do that!

  26. nightmarish yet tangible??

    hhmm….i don’t know I was thinking more awful yet stupid…..i think that explains it better…..

    as for ang lees hulk well it is fucking hilarious…it’s a definite so bad its good film.

    everyone is so po faced and earnest about it..they speak in whispers and you woudl think they are in some seriosu oscar worthy drama its amazingly awful.

    everyone takes it all so so so seriously and then when he turns into a rubbery ridiculous looking hulk they are still taking it seriously…

    even nick nolte who comes along hamming up something atrocious can’t make anyone see the truth and they still take it seriously ..

    even .the hulk dogs are supposed to be taking seriously..I was laughin my head off from beginning to end…

    no one other than maybe josh lucas seems to be aware they are all starring in such a ridiculous piece of junk…..and ang lee obviously had zero control over nolte who had decided he was going to do whatever he wanted…and not many folks destroy a movie as fast as nolte when he puts his mind to it….him and pacino…when they want to ruin a film nothing stands in their hammy over acting ways…

    HULK is about as funny as bad film making gets….. hilarious.

    in all seriousness I do have a good feeling about this new one though…I just hope they learn from the last one and realise thst some comic book movies can handle a realistic serious approach…batman for instance..and even xmen……but when your hero is a giant green monster well you just shouldn’t treat it like you are making fucking schindlers list….

    and i saw ang lee interviewed at the time and he claimed that his hulk character was going to look much better gollum. that his hulk feels like a real character while gollum never felt real or worked well with the actor. .

    so on and off screen it was hilarious.

  27. i think that good movies are usually the ones that have the trailers out lik 7 months before the movie “coming summer 2013” and the bad movies get the trailers a week b4 the movie comes out. NOT ALWAYS TRUE but- idk it gets more anticipation and i guess more viewers i guess EVEN if it is 4 months away- i mean ironman, TDK, and hellboy have all came out with trailers, batman already has 2. i know that john says its going to be the same shit for 4 months and hes right but- the more time its out there i gues the more people that see it
    i remember when the spiderman 3 trailer came out it was like 7 months b4 the actuall movie and it wasnt a great movie(it was an ok movie)but didnt it get 100000000000 viewers due to the anticipation??
    but hey- the hulk might be better then all those 3 films put together
    its the anticipation thats going to get people top see it and theres a lot of people who have no idea a hulk movie is coming in 4 months but already have plans to go see ironman or batman

  28. O well here i go again!!
    The abomination is suposed to green too!!
    But who cares?
    I will say it aniway…THEY RAPPING MY CHILDHOOD!!!
    About the trailer they will insert the trailer for this one in Ironman for sure.
    With a teaser coming a little earlier.

  29. As i said obviously marketing stratagies will differ between studios and movies alike, however i would have thought that we would have sen something from this movie by now. I’m not saying a full fledged 2-3 minute trailer but just a glimpse with a shadow or something.

    4 months isn’t that long a time away and all the big movies of the summer have already started their campaigns now. The already mentioned Iron Man, Dark Knight, Hellboy and even films like Hancock and what about Star Trek?

    Its not that I personally am not psyched to see this because from what I have seen all looks good… but i am simply saying that the general movie going audience is going to walk into a theatre a few weeks before release and see the first trailer and think that its a small sequel to the 2003 version (thats not a dig by the way as i didn’t think it was bad, but not everyone enjoyed it so much) when this movie is supposed to be bigger and better.

    But like i said its all reletive so maybe this in itself is part of the marketing plan… i mean hey they have people like us debating it don’t they.

  30. I still disagree. There is no need to release a trailer NOW. The film is still 4 months away. 4 Months.

    Traditionally, films usually start releasing trailers about 3 weeks to a month in advance of a film now. Just because Iron Man is doing it really early doesn’t mean other films have to.

    Again I restate… the movie is still 4 MONTHS away. I’d say they should look at releasing a trailer 8-9 weeks out.

  31. I also think that the studio should start the ad campaign for HULK pretty soon. It hasn’t been mentioned in any mainstream media at all and isn’t on people’s radar at all.

    They need to release a short teaser for it now.
    Don’t show much, just a little glimpse to get people aware of the project.

  32. Hey John,

    Ah i wasn’t aware that that the Iron Man promos were early and that has been whats throwing me as they are only due a month apart.

    Do you not think that 4 months is about right for a trailer or to at least have had a teaser of some kind (obviously marketing dstratagies differ) but i worry that this film is generally not going to have enough to attract attention.

    I was thinking that the trailers were going to rely primarily on FX shots which are post production and not ready maybe?

  33. I also liked the Ang Lee version (except the multi angle deal) but I am interested in seeing the new film as well. I personally do not mind the lack of pix and/or trailer at this point. I expect to see a boatload of stuff in the next two months. But even if I don’t…I know THIS:

    I don’t need a boatload of trailers and pix to know when the new Hulk opens anymore than any other of the int’l friends. . Doesn’t *that* blow your mind?

  34. Hey Tom,

    The movie is still over 4 months away. No need for a trailer yet. Give it another month or 2.

    Iron Man came out with a teaser really early… but the consequence of that has been months of basically just seeing the same thing over and over again.

  35. @Tom I’m wondering if they haven’t released the trailer yet because they want to include something about the cross-over between Hulk and Iron Man. Unlikely, but probable.

  36. No sign of a trailer yet for this and its due in June… these pics look like they have the design nailed but is the movie going to be ready?

  37. I totally didn’t know you liked the first Hulk, I liked it as well and often take some crap for liking it. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m also stoked about the new one. And those images look badass.

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