Ellen Page and Cillian Murphy to Star in ‘Peacock’

Ellen Page is on fire! She recently just signed onto star in YET ANOTHER movie! The Oscar-nominated actress will star alongside ‘The Dark Knight’s Cillian Murphy in the upcoming thriller, ‘Peacock.’

Yahoo!News gives us this:

The independently financed film is set in the small town of Peacock, Neb., where a man with a split personality (Murphy) fools the town into believing that his two alter-egos are man and wife. Page will play a struggling young mother who sparks a battle between the personalities.

Hmm…this sounds like a mighty interesting concept for a film. (Kind of reminds me of ‘Glen and Glenda.’) However, I need to comment on the ever rising star power of Miss Ellen Page.  In the past month, I have written 3 articles about her being cast in three different movies. She will be in Drew Barrymore’s ‘Whip it,’ and Sam Raimi’s ‘Drag Me to Hell.’ Even though all three of these films are being produced by Mandate Pictures, no one can deny that the ‘Juno’ star is becoming one of the most sought out actresses in Hollywood.

If she takes home the Oscar next Sunday for best actress, you can pretty much guarantee you will see this actress FAR more than we’ve seen in the last year. (Move over, Sarah Polley!! :P)

Your thoughts?

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10 thoughts on “Ellen Page and Cillian Murphy to Star in ‘Peacock’

  1. I was in one of the towns that the movie Peacock was filmed in. I live in Greenfield, Iowa. I got to be in the jeep that Josh Lucas was in, and I got Susan Sarandon’s autograph. I met one of the guys that helped with the movie. I went fishing with him. His name is Lyvan Munlyn.

  2. well i didnt see juno but she was excellent in hard candy…..very creepy…..i dont know but juno doesnt appeal to me…..it seems like hipster junk….”no its morgan freeman” really? thats good?….

  3. I didn’t think much of Ellen Page in X-Men: The Last Stand, but granted, she didn’t have a lot to work with in terms of dialogue. After seeing her in Juno, I’m not a afraid of a little more Page exposure and maybe a few more snarky roles, as long as she doesn’t fall into the Eliza Dushku trap.

  4. Depending on how her characters are written in these coming flicks we could see an Ellen Page backlash.

    Over the next two years we’re going to see her in a good handful of movies and while I’m happy for her success I see the potential of everyone continuly comparing her acting to her performance in Juno. Hopefully the movies she’s signing on for will not be snarky personalities.

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