Golden Globes Boost Ticket Sales

Majority of people would say ‘The Academy Awards ceremony’ is the most prestigious and anticipated award show every year. However, is it still the most important? 

I have to admit, I have never taken ‘The Golden Globes’ awards seriously. (Any award ceremony which puts musicals and comedies together in the same category will always make me question their validity.)  I have always considered it to be a second-rate pre-show to the Oscars. (I know I’m not alone when I make that statement.) However, I’ve never really taken notice of how much the Golden Globes help actors and actresses get noticed for their performances and how they actually help increase the box office success of movies that win awards at the Golden Globes.

This year’s no frills press conference was responsible for a victorious box office increase for Golden Globe winners, ‘There Will Be Blood,’ ‘Atonement,’ and ‘Sweeney Todd.’

Variety gives us these details:

Focus Features distribution prexy Jack Foley said ticket sales for “Atonement” (best drama pic) jumped 18% on Monday, Jan. 14, and stayed up by 11%-12% for the rest of the week.
Paramount Vantage’s “There Will Be Blood,” featuring a Globe-winning perf by Daniel Day-Lewis, also saw nice gains.

Over the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend, the pic expanded from 129 to 389 locations and grossed an estimated $3.5 million over the four days for a cume of $8.9 million in the film’s fourth week.
“Sweeney Todd” (winner of best musical/comedy pic) had been holding at 1,249 theaters. On Friday, it expanded into 1,507 theaters, grossing $3.3 million for a cume of $48.7 million. Pic placed No. 13 for the frame.

The Golden Globes may not be the most anticipated show, but it is the show that creates the buzz, shines the spotlight, and increases the sales on films, filmmakers, and actors before the Academy awards even releases their nominations. (Which reminds me the nominations were released today)

The numbers from box office of the Golden Globe winners this year alone shows that ‘The Globes’ are not as “second-rate” as I once thought.(Also keep in mind, these numbers are because of the press conference. The numbers could have been a lot larger if there were actually a traditional ceremony.) In fact, one could say that ‘The Golden Globes’ may be the catalyst for the Academy Awards’ yearly success.

However, that’s just me.  What are your thoughts on this subject? Do you think the Golden Globes are as significant as the Academy Awards?

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7 thoughts on “Golden Globes Boost Ticket Sales

  1. I think that it is a good thing that the people responsible for getting awards get there recognition from the golden globes. Although that award show is not the most prestigious it does not make it irrelevant. Just because the award isn’t the best doesn’t mean it isn’t an award and the winners should be credited as so. Even if that credit is a boost in ticket sales.

  2. I think its indicative that the Golden Globes occur before the Oscars. Just think if the Oscars played before the Globes, would anyone even pay attention to it? Probably less than they already do. Its a time slot issue, not one of meaning or importance.

  3. The Globes are not as important as the Oscars. That’s simple. But they have real impact. The PR value is not only about a win, but also about seeing the stars in their glitz and bling and in the slightly drunken happy mood that always prevails at this event. That is very valuable to not only films in theaters but stuff on DVD and about to be released. I’ve always thought the rather off-hand way the Globes are dismissed on The Movie Blog missed this part of the story. Glad to see it acknowledged.

  4. The Golden Globes are what I like to call the fun awards. They are always enjoyable to watch as the attendants seem to take it with less formality than other awards. Christine Lahti’s bathroom break and subsequent Robin Williams performance, as well as Harrison Ford’s drunken presentation are classic Globes moments.

  5. You see, it’s not that I love you less, I just love you differently.

    That is my feeling of the two awards shows. While I wouldn’t say one is more significant than the other, I would say that each have their own importance, and to compare the two is unfair, even though they are both award shows.One is more brash while the other is more subdued.

  6. I’ll answer your question with one of my own: of all the trailers you’ve seen in your life, how many times have you seen the actor’s name on screen with the words “Golden Globe Nominee” attached?

    Never. Know why? Because no one gives two shits about the Globes. They pale in comparison to the big show. The Globes are a nice French kiss, while the Oscars are full-blown S&M sex with midgets thrown in for good measure.

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