Will Smith To Direct Karate Kid Remake / Steven Chow In Talks

WsmithIt looks like Will Smith is going to be all over the remake of the Karate Kid. Today we learn that he will not only be producing, but also directing the project. We get the scoop from our friends at moviesonline:

Will Smith is in fact going to direct the upcoming Karate Kid movie according to production notes. His son Jaden Smith will also star. There has been a lot of past speculation on who would star, and who would direct but it would seem the speculation can now end. Overbook Entertainment have Will Smith listed as the director and Jaden Smith as its star.

Will Smith has had quite the journey. If you would have told me back in the day, that The Fresh Prince would be directing a remake of the Karate Kid in the future (as the Kung Fu Kid); I would have called you a liar and a prophet of questionable ability. But here we are, and it looks like Mr. Smith’s directorial debut on a feature film, will be alongside his son and Jackie Chan or Steven Chow.

Steven Chow has confirmed that he is in talks to play Mr. Miyagi and we get his words on the matter today via themoviehole:

Martial arts magnate Stephen Chow (“Kung Fu Hustle”) has confirmed online rumours that he’s in talks to play wise and wrinkly warrior Mr Myiagi in a ‘’Karate Kid’’ remake.

“I’m very fond of ‘The Karate Kid’ and would love to join in the remake project, no matter as a producer, director or actor”, says Chow. “But it depends on my schedule. As you know, next year I will work on two movies, ‘Dragon Ball’ and ‘Journey to the West.'”

So it is not yet confirmed that Chow will be Miyagi, but he is certainly still in the running. Chan is a high octane contender however and although both men are great choices, I think I would prefer the pastoral Chan for the role of Kung Fu Master. Lots of news out today regarding this project and we will have to hope that they walk with the wisdom of Macchio to create a film that pays tribute to the original.

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61 thoughts on “Will Smith To Direct Karate Kid Remake / Steven Chow In Talks

  1. I live in Beijing China in Shunyi..
    I go to an International school so at my school all the boys are auditioning.. I would kill to meet Will smith… but im a girl so its really hard to get a role cuz there is probably 100,000 girls who would wanna do this too and the main girl has already been chosen..

  2. Hey I’m sorry but Noriyuki (Pat) Morita is the ONLY Mr. Miyagi my friend. Steven Chow cant even speak Japanese I bet.

    I live in Japan now, and people always ask me “Hey what do Americans think of Japan?” and I show them Karate Kid II when they go to Okinawa

    I love it at the end when they take that kid’s taiko and everyone starts rubbing it like they are all cheering for him. Don’t be fooled like I was! Thats not Japan! haha

  3. please do not make this movie. Karate kid 4 was just awful and this one will be probably the worst movie ever! karate kid 1-3 were the only good ones(mainly 1 and 3 because of Cobra Kai). PLEASE DON’T MAKE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. people, people, people… please re-read the title “The Kung Fu Kid”. not Karate Kid. besides all of you watched ever Jaws movie or friday the 13th, even rocky ever made. sure these movies have the same actors but batman, superman nor any of the james bonds movies had the same people in them but you watched them . So i say shoot for the stars Will. Steven Chow, Jackie Chan or Sammo Hung, makes no difference you can’t lose w/ anyone of these guys all three are awsome. go “PRINCE”go.

  5. I generally find the notion of a remake amusing… not this time. I find it rediculous. A 9yo boy has no business being Danny LaRusso… and more Jaden doesn’t look a bit italian. Part of the whole flavor of it was a displaced Jersey youth of Italian hertiage. Just the same as Miyagi is an Okinawan. To replace this combonation with a very cute young African American, and Chinese pairing would be rediculous at best, and will throughly fail at honoring the original.

    Is the movie going to take place in Iowa? That’s the only situation I can imagine, in which an Hollywood kid might be able to pull off being convincingly displaced.

  6. i couldnt agree more that the original shouldnt be remade. its a classic and it should be left alone. just look how crappy “the next karate kid” with that chick was.if your a fan of the original you tube “sweep the leg” by no more kings. heres an idea make a new movie with the original cobra kai and macchio. it could be about their kids duking it out. like i said just an idea.

  7. Hopefully this never gets made. Just like he should have never been casted for the lead in the Wild Wild West remake, he should have nothing to do with a classic like this. Another opportunity to shove his family down our throats.

    I hope it tanks.

  8. (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so)

    MAK, JACKIE, totally agree, …. I’m a japanese girl, am telling you, you can’t replace Miyagi-san, he’s actually American-Japanese whatever, not matter…… and why do you really want/have to remake karate kid! Leave it alone, honestly, pls!!!

  9. You’ve got to be kidding me. There is no need to remake a movie like this, they got it right the first time. Will, go back to fighting robots and zombies.

  10. Well, why don’t they just turn Mr Miyagi into a kung-fu (that’s right, not karate) version of Michael Jackson and be done with destroying all my childhood memories? The only thing that’s left now is making a movie about evil smurfs that kill little children in their sleep.

  11. ARGH

    NOOOOOOOOO!!!! I am so dissapointed. They can NOT, i repeat NOT make this movie. I wasnt even born when karate kid came out but i am a devoted fan. Macchio is an amazing actor and not mention he was soooo hot. He was the perfect guy for the part and pat was the perfect mr.myagi. If will goes through with this he can kiss his career goodbye. I used to like him but now that i know this silly thought crossed his mind i will never listen to his music or watch a single movie with smith in it again.
    call me crazy but someone needs to knock some sense into this man.

    i am going to mourn now.

  12. Oh, bring it on!!
    Although, it’s not actually clear if this will be a direct rip of ‘The Karate Kid’ or a movie along the same lines.
    If it’s supposed to be based on the original, then Mr. Miyagi should definitely be played by a Japanese actor (Takeshi Kitano anyone?) and Jaden Smith would be a horrible choice for Daniel LaRusso, instantly ruining any credibility this premise may have had.

    I hope they don’t go the UFC route either.. this was already done with the recently released – ‘Never back down’

  13. (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so) THE KARATE KID”…remake? I” like, really , the story not repeat again please!!!….Ralph Macchio is back ,in the skin of the master .,And Jaden Smith is the new “san”, whit a new story,you know , the karate kid continued ….. bye,my name is Gaston ,I”m from Uruguay(south america).

  14. Jaden Smith is too young to play the rol of Ralph Macchio. He is a 9 years old boy. Karate Kid is all about teenagers and the 80’s.

    Besides none one can replace Pat Morita as Mr. Miyagi… not even Jackie Chan.

  15. You have got to be kidding me remaking probably the best movie from the 80s whats next Morgan Freeman in Easy Rider..some things should stand on their own…Will back away from the crack man

  16. Actually, the way I read it, it’s going to be the Kung Fu Kid. Using the name Mr. Miyagi might just be a place-holder name for the “teacher” of the movie. It would then make sense that they are looking at Chinese actors. OR, they’re just xenophobic boobs who just have no idea what they are talking about.

  17. I would just like to point out that Will Smith is a Scientologist. Calling a Scientologist “down-to-earth” is kind of like calling Tom Cruise tall. So, yeah. I’m not in the least surprised that Willy thinks this is a good idea.

  18. I will agree this movie shouldn’t be made, but certainly not because it’s ruining a classic… rather because it’s resurrecting a piece of excretus that should have been buried in a pit and forgotten.

    Unfortunately, I saw Karate Kid several times in the 80’s, so I can also point out that Mr. Miyagi was not Japanese or Chinese, but Okinawan – and calling an Okinawan “Japanese” is about as smart as calling a Scotsman “English”.

  19. Stephen Chow? Jackie Chan? Oh dear, as much as i have very high regards for those two thespitainers, it’s the ol’ geisha error once again. Mr miyagi = japanese. those two = chinese. That;s probably like saying Will Smith is the obvious choice for a remake of Gandhi.

  20. I just find it funny, looking at the comment dates, that the only comments where made on the day that the article was written, and the day Cracked.com wrote an article about it.

  21. i cant wait till these retards start remaking remakes that were already remade. this is the worst idea ever. sorry but no kid will be as perfect for the role of daniel larusso as macchio. more importantly karate kid is a time piece, back in the 80s everyone was karate/ninja crazy. these days its all about that ufc mixed martial arts shit.

    and let me guess, zach effron is playing jonathan lawrence.

    i would rather listen to a new will smith cd than watch him ruin this classic.

  22. In paragraph three, “I would of” should be “I would have.” Just because have and of are pronounced the same by people doesn’t make them interchangeable.

  23. Look, I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t read this beyond the first couple of paragraphs. It is “would HAVE,” not “would OF.” Man, some grammatical errors are easy to get through, but that one just grinds the entire article to a halt…

  24. I’m down with Will directing a movie. But, I don’t want him to do this one. Leave it alone. I understand that his relationship with his son is great and all. For me they hit it out of the park with Happyness as a team. Will, don’t do a remake. Do something original. Do something that a studio bought rights to, but is just sitting in a dark room ready to be unleashed to the public. Karate Kid was probably the “Rocky” of the 80’s for the both of us. Good Luck dude.

  25. After seeing Will Smith on ’60 Minutes’ (and countless other interviews lately), I would have to say that has got to be one of the most down to earth guys in Hollywood. Not only has he become a great actor over the years, he is very serious about his work. I just wished he was directing something original instead of a remake of ‘The Karate Kid’. I am looking forward to ‘I am Legend’ though even though it too is a remake.

      1. Lol @ that comment. You’re calling her a bigot, and using lesbo in a derogatory way at the same time? That was well thought-out… I don’t think her comment has anything to do with hating blacks. It’s more to do with the fact that a remake of Karate Kid is bound to be crap, let alone when you’ve got one guy (Will Smith in this case) calling all the shots.

    1. I speak japanese and I think that the producers should have done their cultural research better KARATE IS JAPANESE. KUNG FU IS chinese. i am sure that this movie will be great but why the heck are they mixing their cultures like that it makes no sense if its going to be called karate kid then do the movie in JAPAN.

      1. Maybe you should have done some research before issuing this rant.

        In the film, young Jaden moves to China and when he runs into a physical conflict with the school bullies, he uses his poorly developed Karate skills to defend himself earning him the nick name The Karate Kid.

        He is then adopted by Miagi who teaches him Kung Fu.

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