Semi Pro Red Band Trailer

Here is the Restricted Semi Pro Trailer amigos!

Not too much in here … but this film certainly seems to have turned up the crass volume on Ferrell; and I support this decision!

What do you guys think? I laughed at loud at the part with the referee and am pumped to see Tim Meadows!

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13 thoughts on “Semi Pro Red Band Trailer

  1. As a high school basketball coach, I may have to organize a team outing to see this, for the referee scene alone. “What! What I say?!?!”
    I’ll start making the permission slips now.

  2. The only movie I’ve ever liked with Ferrell (comedy) is Roxbury. This movie looks pretty funny actually, although that could have something to do with the fact I grew up playing basketball.

  3. How to make a #1 comedy:

    1. Hire Will Ferrell.
    2. Tell him to play the same character he always plays: overly cocky but stupid famous figure.
    3. Give him a funny haircut.
    4. Make sure he appears naked somewhere. Zoom in on butt crack.
    5. Add breasts, penises, and fart jokes until film achieves desired rating.
    6. Make a poster with a white background and thick red lettering (optional but highly advised)
    7. Profit!

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