Prince of Peace – God of War Now Available For Digital Download

Hey there Folks. As promised many months ago, we have now made my documentary, “Prince of Peace – God of War” available for purchase by digital download. The DVD is still available for ordering at $17 (we’ve sold just a little over 1000 copies since the end of of November), but you now have the option of downloading the digital file of the movie for just $4.99

For those of you who may be new around here, here’s a little synopsis at what the movie is about:


“Central to John Campea’s engaging documentary is the question of how it is that 87 percent of self-defined Christians are able to rally fists in support of war when one would assume that conflict is not what Jesus would do.”
The Orlando Weekly

“Loved It! An Extensive look at how Christians went from preaching about love and peace to fighting for war.”
Peter Sciretta – Slahfilm.Com

“I was gripped the entire run time”
Kurt Halfyard – Twitchfilm.Net

“People should definitely see this… they’re going to love it”
Andrew James – MoviePatron.Com

“I urge you to give it a look and in all honesty, if your Religious Philosophy professor puts Just War on the curriculum, you may want to suggest he add this film as an introduction.”
Marina Antunes – MadAboutMovies.Net

“the documenary does a great job at presenting the facts, with the leading experts on Theology and Christianity and making you stop and think long and hard on a tough topic. ”


“But I tell you who hear me: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. If someone strikes you on one cheek, turn to him the other also.”

~Jesus Christ
LUKE 6:27-29

No narrator. No rock themes video montages. Just an honest conversation about the issue. For the first three centuries that the church existed, those belonging to the faith of Christianity understood the words and example of Jesus to be a clear directive to never be involved with violence. To be a Christian was to be a Pacifist, and during those formative years the church endured several persecutions at the hands of the Roman Empire itself without ever considering taking up the sword against their aggressors.

How did this faith, known and identified for its non-violent beliefs, go on to conduct the crusades, the inquisitions, witch hunts, and today have 87% of white evangelical Christians support President George W. Bush’s decision to go to war with Iraq? How did this religion, founded by a Pacifist and known (even criticized) for non-violence, become a religion known for its aggression, war, political power and embracing of violence?

Prince of Peace – God of War is a non-sensationalized visual record of Director John Campea’s (a former evangelical Christian and minister) journey across North America, speaking with historians, professors and religious leaders about these issues. The basic question is a simple one: “Should Christians kill people?”


Dr. Tony Campolo
Best selling author, Former Spiritual Advisor to President Bill Clinton
Professor at Eastern University – St. Davids PA

Dr. Brian McLaren
Listed on TIME Magazine’s 25 Most Influential Evangelicals In America

Bruxy Cavey
Author of “The End Of Religion”
Minister of “The Meeting House” – Canada’s largest Church

You can check out the first 5 minutes of the movie (low-res) here
You can download a copy of the movie here.

Thank you again to everyone who pre-ordered and ordered copies of the DVD. Your support has been amazing and greatly appreciated!

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28 thoughts on “Prince of Peace – God of War Now Available For Digital Download

  1. I really enjoyed this film, Religion in the UK at the moment is kind of completely ignored, you only have to see the way Tony Blair waited until he had resigned from his post to declare that he was a devout catholic for fear of being thought of as a religious freak.
    But even though people in England are close lipped about religion (chistian religion that is), I still think people believe and would relate to this documentary and there views on the wars.

    Have you thought about trying to get this film some TV plays, it seems to be the type of documentary we over here would see on Channel 4, or its sister station More 4, I think it would slot in perfectly on one other these channels, its typical of the type of documentaries they show.

    Great job John



  2. I see we’re on different trains here. Discussion for commentary:

    1. How did you decide WHO TO INTERVIEW? Had you met these people before?

    2. What made you want to do a film on peace and Jesus?

    Stuff along those lines. Were there deleted scenes and stuff that you felt ultimately didn’t work within the film?

    That sort of stuff = Commentary Gold. I totally respect you John, but seriously, the statement that we “see all the story” can’t be true. It’s impossible. Even if the commentary WOULD last 5 minutes (which if I was conducting an interview/hosting on the commentary track would NOT be true) there is no reason not to do a “mini-commentary” like the South Park DVDs have.

  3. No NBAKid. There is no behind the scene story. I met them and immediately start the interview. You see all the story. There is nothing to comment on, because the whole movie is a commentary in and of itself. Anything else would be a 5 minute extra.

  4. That IS what a commentary is for! You yourself just said “behind the scenes events in relation to individual scenes”! You have individual scenes (interviews)! There were behind the scenes events that made you put certain things into the documentary, like deciding WHO to interview, budget constraints, etc. You must have some thoughts on the people you interviewed. Are you saying that NOTHING went on behind the scenes to make this movie what it was that is worth talking about? A fully independent film funded out of your own pocket over how many years?

  5. Hey NBA,

    That’s not what a commentary is for. I could tell you all those things in about 5 minutes.

    REAL commentaries are scene by scene descriptions of specific challenges or behind the scene events in relation to the individual scenes. There was nothing to tell on that level of a sit down interview format movie.

  6. The documentary is a commentary of the issue at hand, not a commentary on the making of a documentary. That’s like Spielberg saying “this film speaks for itself.” No. No. No. That film gives us NOTHING on the process of how that comment came to be. As you yourself have said, there is no reason for a filmmaker not to record a commentary, to give us a behind the scenes glimpse of what went on.

  7. John, are you telling us you couldn’t talk about how this idea came to fruition, how you chose the subjects, what DIDN’T make the cut into the movie, the reaction by fans/haters, the struggles you encountered making this thing, what you learned along the way as far as movie making went, what you learned about the issue at hand, HOW you went about making this thing, the camera involved, your thoughts and fears while making this film, etc.????????

  8. I saw the 5 minute clip and I have to say I was disappointed. It just serves as a reminder that just because you can critique films well doesn’t mean you can make films well. I was hoping to be compelled to buy the dvd, but I wasn’t.

  9. Hey Jayowen and NBAkid

    A commentary track would have been redundant on a documentary like this… since all the discussion is the commentary. I ultimately would have just ended up repeating what the guys on the screen were already saying. There was no value to be added by having a commentary, since a documentary is by nature a commentary in and of itself.


  10. And at 17 bucks for an hour film, I think it would’ve been a greater investment for our money. Why not get Bruxy on there and maybe Darren/Doug as well to input comments.

  11. I saw the documentary at the San Diego Film Fest and really enjoyed it. The film gives both sides of the issue equal time and isn’t heavy-handed about making its points. There was no “we’re right and you’re wrong…” I would say that it’s an exploration of two interpretations of the same core belief system.

    For me and the people I know, this film started several lengthy conversations, and I think that was the goal. Thanks again, John.

  12. John,
    Are you going to do an audio commentary that we can download for POP – GOW?

    I would be interested in hearing some of the behind the scenes stuff, like how long you were on the road, how hard/easy it was to interview some of the folks. The reactions of some of the folks interviewed after they saw it.

  13. Happy New Year John! 08 in La la land will be great for u i know it! I ordered the film and look forward to speaking to u about it soon. All the best.

    Chris in la la land.

  14. Hi John. I downloaded the movie this afternoon and just finished watching it. Amazing job! That was the most balanced documentary I’ve every seen while still having the guts to take a side. I can’t wait to see whatever project you do next! Thanks.

  15. I highly doubt pete saw the movie. We were there for the dvd release screening and the place packed out. Had to be 500 people there and everyone loved it. We had to stand in line for over 10 minutes just to buy a copy after the screening, then about 20 minutes more in another line to get John to sign it.

    Anyway, the real reason I was commenting was to ask if the downloadable file can be burned to a DVD?

  16. Film is subjective. And this documentary, “Prince of Peace God Of War” has to be the most boring documentary i have ever seen. Don’t mean to be harsh, but the documentary is absolutely, down right boring, and badly put together. I understand you want to make money off of this, John, but, come one! You have to admit that this is one big steaming pile of s@#*!

  17. Hey Simon,

    Yes, you download it right to your computer. It’s currently in WMV format, because it plays on just about every computer, the quality is quite high while keeping the file size to about 230 megs

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