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Nothing really special, but here ya go. AICN got their hands on new Batman and Joker images. Personally, I’m starting to dislike the new Batman look. The design of the suit is fine… but Bale IS SO MUCH SKINNIER in this one than he was in the last one. I figure he’s about 20-25 pounds lighter and I do NOT like the look. I don’t hate it or anything… it’s just that the more I see of the thinner Batman, the less I like it.




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48 thoughts on “New Batman and Joker Images

  1. can you tell me some of the phrases joker used in the (first) movie?  Did he have one that said “I feel magnanimous this morning” or something similar?  and didn’t he or one of the other movies interject a series of commercial like phrases in places where they made no sense-sort of psycho?  Like advertising statements….thanks.

  2. Yes I notices that myself, I went to watch the new Batman movie and he is little small muscles, I think he should have bigger muscles so the fights don’t look a little fake, I love this movie though is awsome is intense in some point!
    hopely the next Batman have bigger muscles :-)

  3. Batman’s suit looks like a urban assault battle uniform S.W.A.T. teams would use and I absolutely love it. It gives a believable feel to it all. There’s no question in my mind that Christian Bale is a great Batman. He may not have the screen presence Michael Keaton had but he makes up for it in the physical department. Also, he’s slimmer in this film so he has better mobility in his new suit. On the other hand the Joker looks as if he’s more deranged and weird than loopy and silly in this movie. That particular look also seems more believable to me. It’s absolutely twisted and it works for this kind of character. He’s not silly goofy this time around. Where Heath Ledger may not be as skilled as an actor as Jack Nicholson is, he certainly makes this part his own. Once the movie is released and everyone has seen it only then can we really say how either character is but I’m thrilled to see it either way.

  4. I’m not so sure about this Joker, I mean, it’s just looks too sloppy to me, like one of those bums I usually run into in the streets of San Jose, Costa Rica, I mean…to me the one and only Joker was in deed Jack Nicholson. But again, I’m not going to judge the book by the cover here, I’ll watch the movie and create a more solid concept on this Joker.

    Batman is looking thin in deed, but it’s ok, I like the suit anyways.

  5. bloody hell, whats everyone going on about how skinny batman is and how he doesnt suit the splash of grey. bothered. just watched the trailer the film looks brilliant and cant wait to see it. off to a fancy dress tommorrow night as the joker and if i look half as cool and scary as these pics and the trailer be well chuffed. joker rules

  6. (continued) as for the people saying the joker needs to be scarier look at the way the picture was taken. A white background with lighting right in the face. When that exact Joker is in the shadows and has the Dark splashed through his Smiling wrinkled face he will look much scarier HAVE FAITH PEOPLE trust that no matter who plays the joker it will always be a great character

    Peace out,
    The Joker of Smoke

  7. I think that the bat suit needs to be all black like in the first movie. The whole point of the suit is to be the dark knight, when you add all the gray and patterns on it it stands out to much. I like the pure black better with the bat symbol just engraved like the first movie and bale definitely needs to be bigger to be a true batman if you ever see the comics batman is a buff ass dude hes huge bale is gonna ruin it for me if hes a skinny little bastard if his last movie role was a problem than he shuldnt be batman. I like the way they did the joker though ive been a huge fan of the joker ever since i was little reading the comics. I hate it when hes always looking so clean cut and smooth, the jokers supposed to be crazy and messy and a bloody clowny mess with a demonic look plastered on his face. I was dissapointed with the scarecrow in the first movie so hopefully this movie will have a better villain role and i think Heathe Ledger pulled it off god rest his soul

  8. Yes he looks skinny, and no batman should not be skinny! Look at the Comics. Also he is far from the Dark Knight of the comics unfortunately, but hey people now days like anything, everyone likes wimpy feminized guys now, heck nobody now thinks you need muscles to fight bad guys, just depend on the equipment, lucky its the movies. And as for the Joker, nobody fits the bill as Jack Nicholson did, his movements, attitude and sheer craziness made him perfect!

  9. Bale IS skinnier tho. There is no question about that. The first movie they mocked him and called him “fat man” cuz he gained too much muscle/weight because he had to pack it on after losing so much for the Machinist. So who knows, it was probably intention that he kept skinnier this time around. After all, who is in more control over their body than Bale….never seen anyone that can lose weight one movie and then be ripped the next and then lose weight again and then be packed with muscles.

  10. John campea just doesn’t get it. These shots are studio photos taken behind a white background. Within the context of the film the bat-suit looks wicked. The new bat suit has 15-20% of the extra rubber removed, giving it a more streamlined look; therefore everyone is thinking Bale is skinnier. Have you seen the official movie still of Bale in the suit that came out ages ago. Now that was Batman!

  11. what did the Jack Joker look like to you then? This Joker looks so much better than a slightly overweight guy in bright purple suits. He looks unclean and creepy. Can’t wait to see him in action. Hope they do go all out and have him killing people left and right…tho I assume its PG-13 so probably not :/

  12. I doubt very much that you’ll see Batman in anything like this light in the film, so the suit won’t look as “busy”

  13. I know that Nolan told Bale to “gain as much weight as you can” after he finished the Machinist prior to filming Batman Begins and that when Bale showed up he was much bigger than they expected him to be able to get.

    What Bale looks like in TDK is more like what they probably wanted him to look like for Begins.

    I would still like him to be a bit thicker, but Ill let it pass untill I see him in action.

  14. Henry From Dallas, I hope you realize Bale did The Machinist right before Batman Begins, where he was so skinny I could snap his arm with 2 fingers. He was actually painful to watch in that role.

    still bulked up for Begins. too much, he was too big for the suit when they started shooting.

    He’s a Ninja anyway. you see any giant ninjas? They’re all slender.

  15. i am getting less and less interested in this film as more stuff comes out.

    i will go see it in theaters anyways though, because i am a sucker.

  16. My understanding with Bale’s physique in BB is that he went on a crash weight gain program after The Machinist and actually went too far with the weight gain. His physique this time is probably more in line with what Nolan wanted the first time.

    I like his look, it makes him seem more agile, nimble, ninja-like.

  17. i wouldnt be surprised if this bat suit alteration was done to improve the look on film. i dont think the armor will be as noticeable as much as the definition of shape.

    ledger looks insane but i was really hoping the scar grin would have been a little more grotesque/nightmarish.

    i still think they shouldnt have released any images of the joker at all.

  18. If you watch the extras in the Batman Begins Deluxe DVD, you get the skinny behind Bale’s weight.

    I guess Nolan told Bale months before shooting to “get big”. Bale took him literally and ate as much as he could. When Bale showed up all rotund for training, the trainers had to bust his ass into shape with only a few weeks before shooting.

    My guess is that he’ll look all cut like he did in Reign of Fire(which is how Nolan probably wanted him to look in the first place), which is a hell of lot more impressive than how he looked in Begins. Either way, it’ll be the shit…

  19. how about who gives a crap? the new batman flicks have totally redeemed the franchise and all you can talk about is how skinny he is? and not even a word about how awesome ledger looks as joker!

  20. i just don’t see how you can look at that picture and think he looks any smaller than he did in the first film??

    this batman at the beginning..he is still meant to be young..go and watch BB again…he is skinny as fuck in it.

    he looks about the same here….not to mention the fact the photo is hardly the best way to tell what he looks like.

  21. I heard this through some industry people, but Bale had made “The Machinist” and lost all that weight which totally screwed with his metabolism, so he had gained weight and then had trouble losing it when they started to shoot “Batman Begins.” They shot all the Batman scenes first that’s why he looks so much bigger and shot the Bruce Wayne scenes later so he looks leaner as Bruce.

    I personally like the leaner Batman.

  22. This suit makes the neck look weird buty I guess it’s probably neccessary. In Begins Bale didn’t do as much hand to hand combat as I felt they could have him do. But these tweaks to the suit seam to have ensured easier movements, which leads me to conclude Batman will most likely be doing more hand to hand combat in TDK.
    As for the Joker; these shots of him are looking better and better. The purple suit goes great with his mentality, and his makeup looks improved from some earlier shots.
    And just the look of Ledger, his weird poses just scream JOKER!

  23. ya he looks thiner but that is ok maby he got riped for the movie and now he is starting to look thiner i doon the bat sot looks good i think the changes to just to keep part 2 looking better and the joker looks prety avrige jsuti think he will a very good joker the way the joker sapsed to me sinser and crazzy. i am relly hoping to see a triler soon for this.

  24. I hope everyone realizes that Bale did “Rescue Dawn” before this movie. I’m not sure if everyone knows, but he played a PRISONER OF WAR IN VIETNAM! which means i’m pretty sure he had to lose weight. Are we seriously going to make Bale’s physique an issue? Christian Bale in his current physique could still beat the shit out of Keaton, Clooney and Kilmer AT THE SAME TIME! Trust me Int’l Friends, Bale’s acting talent will clearly OUTWEIGHT the number of pounds he lost.

    P.S. Joker will RULE.

  25. Maybe Batman gets seriously injured in the beginning of the film and is incapacitated for a while, therefore losing some weight. Any ways, Batman uses his brain rather than brawn.

    Heath as the Joker keeps looking better and better, and he looks like he is having way too much fun….guess he just found out what he gets in residuals.

  26. …joker looks cool…..but batman looks weird. But I wont judge…yet. But yea not really liking the suit design and his head looks big. Cant wait for the trailer tho.

  27. Well Batman does look thinner its true. Guess it was because he had two roles b4 TDK so he didnt have the time to bulk up. Im not dissappointed cause batman has many changes in the comics so some will like a lean batman and some will like a bulky batman. As far as the suit goes it looks busy like Shinobi said. Thats a turn off cause it reminds me of the Future Batman from the Batman Beyond animation. But the Joker looks so creepy. I would be afraid to meet this Joker in a Dark alley. Cant wait for the trailer. I just did a 10 things fans dont want to see on this list on Yahoo movies TDK message board. I was talking about the terrible looking Bat-Suits. But this one might have some reason because some pics have him in the old suit. This movie has some intresting concepts. Cant wait for the trailer.

  28. This suit SLIGHTLY reminds me of the George Clooney version.I dont like it as much as the Batman Begins suit but,hey,Im not gonna let that bother me.
    I think Bale lost all that wieght for his part in Rescue Dawn.But I really dont see how his being skinnier is a problem for Batman.The Bat dosnt rely on strength as much as he does his gadgets,wit,and natural ability to instill fear in his oponents.

  29. I’m not sure if I said this before in previous comments regarding Bale and the new Batsuit…but, if I have, please excuse this moment where I repeat myself.

    I don’t have the foggiest idea what Gio Campea is talking about Bale looking a bit leaner. In the pic above, he’s shot at what appears to be an angle, maybe not his best profile side…I just can’t tell* What I can tell is something which I did not notice previously: the shades of grey. That I’m not crazy about.

    I look at that last Joker pic…I was unaware Heath Ledger was fired and replacd with Johnny Depp…hahaha.

    * note: if Bale is in fact leaner, perhaps there is a story reason behind it?

  30. I’m with you John. When I saw the today show clip i noticed he was lighter. This also happend in the Spider-Man series. I think they just bulk up in the first film to help them sell the part and then come the sequels and training goes partially out the window. I don’t like the lighter look, but it won’t take away from the film.

    Batman’s new suit looks too busy… but then again i said that about the Transformers.

    Joker is pure win

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