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Castlevania Symphony Of NightThe plot synopsis has been released for the upcoming Castlevania movie. We get the skinny from moviesonline:

It is the year 1691…The land of Transylvania has been at peace for 100 years now, and the peasants and villagers have begun to purge their minds of the memories of the times when the lands were dominated by chaos and shadows, and when the undead walked the earth…However, there are those that remember that the evil Count Dracula returns every 100 years to plague the land, bringing with him the forces of Hell…Thus, one evening, the Prince of Darkness rises and returns to Castlevania, his ancestral home, calling forth his minions to purge the world of human flesh. The people cry out for a hero — someone to defend them from the evil desires of the count.

No Surprises here, pretty much stays true to the video game from what I remember. Simon Belmont, great-grandson of Christopher Belmont then goes to the castle and begins kicking vampire minion caboose until he reaches the big boss at the end of the game/move.

Having stages of villains works great in both video games and film. Bloodsport, Diggstown, Game of Death all build tension and weave a story as they climb a ladder with foes as rungs. If they are able to keep this tournament style of progression, I think the movie could come together nicely. I also look forward to seeing Belmont whip the hell out of people.

My buddy Bill pretty much loves Castlevania more than most folks love their kids. He is excited to see this movie and has been talking about it for some time now. I hope they do the series justice, otherwise I fear for the safety for all involved. Bill (AKA the Tub Lord) will throw 7-11 slurpees in their faces only to be followed up with the additional insult of a devastating flat-footed shin kick. When we review this movie, I will see if we can get Bill’s review for all of you. He is a Castlevania virtuoso and you all deserve his thoughts on the matter.

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6 thoughts on “Plot Synopsis For Castlevania

  1. i think that simon belmont will be a great character in the 2010 castlevania movie , but, i want some ore characters, like alkumajo dracula mathias cronqvist in the movie and with medusa, and with, mummy man, and with frankestien, and with my female fox friend tails miles prower, tailsko, that will be perfect,…

  2. Great another computer game movie. hmmm another streetfighter? or Tombraider? works better the other way film then game – scarface but not the godfather – hey how about a goodfellas game


    The plot for the Castlevania doesn’t seem to bad but I hope the movie better be good as the production starts kicking off next year.
    The Onimusha movie plot is not a good sign
    but it’s filled with spoilers and the whole plotline is all false and a hoax.
    So Christophe Gans and a crew of Japanese screenwriters are still working on the script as the movie storyline will follow to the first Onimusha game.
    Thank You.

  4. Well Im a big Castlevaina fan myself and Ive been keeping taps on this film for awhile. Orginally the evil and dreaded Paul WS Anderson was set to write and direct the film adaptation. However he dropped out (THANK GOD) to do a remake of Death Race 3000. Right now the film can go either way. Nothing been really released and hype is very minium. So Im fearful this would turn out to be a Bloodrayne, Mortal Kombat, or DOA kinda movie. How can I say that you ask? Well its because there still using Andersons orginal script…yuck. But there is always hope in the power of the director and producer. Dought it thou.

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