Viggo Mortsensen In The Hobbit?

Viggo-Aragorn-HobbitDepending on the day you ask me, I might tell you that as much as I love the Lord of the Rings books, I may actually love The Hobbit even more. The Hobbit is a very different novel than Rings with a much different feel to it. To me it’s just more magical… there’s more a sense of adventure and wonder to it than in Rings… and like many fans, I’ve been DYING to see a big screen version of it ever since watching how well the Rings trilogy turned out.

There is a chance… however slight… that we could see Viggo Mortsensen as Aragorn back in the boots with the sword for a big screen version of “The Hobbit”. That would be interesting. “But John…” you may understandably ask “…Aragorn isn’t in The Hobbit, so how could that be?” Ahhh… a good question that Mortsensen answers himself when talking to MTV about the possibilities:

“I’m curious about it,” he told MTV News about his potential involvement in a long rumored “Hobbit” flick. “LOTR’ borrowed from other sources. There was dialogue and set pieces that came from work outside of ‘Lord of the Rings,’ or took from the appendices. You never know.”

Now keep in mind that Aragorn has some elf in him (Aragorn was a descendant of Elros Tar-Minyatur, Lord Elrond Half-elven’s twin brother) and doesn’t age like normal men. He is old…and therefore biologically he COULD be in The Hobbit without any problems on that level.

Personally… I could go either way on this. The Hobbit story dose not NEED Aragorn in it at all. It’s terrific all on its own. On the other hand, adding him in there without disrupting the spirit and flow of the story wouldn’t be difficult to do at all. It would just be a matter of taking liberties with the details of the story while maintaining the structure of the story intact. Good idea? Bad idea? If I was forced to choose… I’d say “NO”. Leave Aragorn out of it… but I’m open to the idea and recognize the merits of it:

– Aragorn is a great character, so having him in there would be good

– It would create a more tangible continuity with Lord of the Rings fans who only saw the movies and didn’t read the books

– Having Viggo Mortsensen in your movie is never a bad idea

Like I said, if it was up to me, would NOT have Aragorn in The Hobbit… but I wouldn’t complain either if they did it. What do you think? Would you put Aragoron in The Hobbit movie?

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22 thoughts on “Viggo Mortsensen In The Hobbit?

  1. Well, Holm won’t be playing Bilbo, I think we can safely assume, and maybe McKellen won’t come back as Gandalf either, so by the time Bard appears (probably last third of the movie), people will be pretty prepared to accept cast changes.

    Actually, the only one I think we can safely assume will be coming back in the same role is Andy Serkis as Gollum.

  2. As much as I love Viggo and as much as I love the Aragorn character and the Lord of the Rings they need to stick to the book. I’m sure it’s entirely possible to add Aragorn to the Hobbit film but it would take a genius to do this and not allow it to disrupt the Hobbit story.

    It’s best if they just trust Tolkien.

  3. Why not a ‘Aragorn’ stand-alone movie? Is it TOO far-fetched an idea to have someone write a standalone movie for him? Leave the hobbit closer to the book, the way Tolken wrote it, and have someone write a separate movie for him.

    – Jeff

  4. Basing evidence on how the online community responds to incidents that sway from original texts and sources (2 examples – G.I Joe and the multinational merry men and Tom Bombadil from the LOTR) they tend to go ape crazy when things aren’t exactly how they should be. For this reason – include Aragorn and let the forum mayhem start!

  5. The only way I see this working is if they redid The Council Of Elrond scene a bit. Have The Hobbit start at that scene from FOTR. Have Ian Holm reprise as the Elder Bilbo giving his account of The Hobbit like he did in the book chapter Council Of Elrond. It would when he starts go into the first scene of Gandalf ariving at his door with a voice over monologue by Ian Holm. Younger Biblo = younger actor. You could then have the characters reprise their roles at the beginning of the movie and 1 or 2 during (Elrond/Gandalf). It would be an interesting way to really connect the two stories together. Of course not doing it this way would be fine as well. But they should at least keep the ages of characters and thus their appearances in movies the same as in the books.

    What do you think guys/John?

  6. We know that he spent a great deal of time in Rivendel. It wouldn’t bother me if he had a cameo there. Same with Legolas in the wood elf fortress. It would also be neat to see John Rhys-Davies play Gloin. I also wonder who will play Thorin? My choice would be Brendan Gleeson. Just some random thoughts of the kind that I think whilst driving down the road.

  7. The Aragorn we would be seeing would be the one ‘pre character arc’ that is to say a reclusive ranger who is not stepping up to his lineage. It wouldnt be the brave king character that people might want. I think it would also shrink the universe in the way Vader building Threepio did if you see what i mean. Always a tendency I see in prequels to link and relate the pasts of everybody but it always seems a bit contrived to me.

  8. I don’t think he should play a different character, unless he’s wearing HEAVY makeup to disguise him. People will recognize him and think that he’s Aragorn, and it will confuse them.

  9. Hell, let him kill Smaug! It would kick ass.

    See, the Movie Blog can be right on some things, but I’ll never get over my dissapointment of how eternally wrong you are on G.I. Joe.

  10. i like viggo, but having aragorn just isn’t necessary.

    the story will work just fine as is.

    i don’t really see this doing anything but piss off the die hards.

    now viggo in a cameo/small role as a different character? i am fine with that. stick a beard on him, or some goblin make up. that sounds like a better idea to me.

  11. So far it has all been said very well by everyone above.
    Unless he played Bard, there is no Aragon storyline, and he would be the wrong age/ not born yet. You would just see Viggo as Aragon not Bard even if cast as Bard. It would almost be heresy to alter the Hobbit so much just to cram 1 more character from LOTR in it.
    So I would lean towards no.
    But a tough call at that.

  12. If he’s not in the original story, then I’d rather him not be there. I LOVE Mortensen and Aragorn is my favorite LOTR character, but I don’t want them putting him in there for no good reason other than to sell more tickets.

  13. As much as I would love to see him portray Aragorn once again, I don’t think this would be a good idea. I understand that they must deviate from the original work now and then to make a cohesive movie outline, but that would be too much. If I remember correctly, Aragorn was not born yet or just a small child at the time of The Hobbit. He was around 75 – 85 years old at the time. And The Lord Of The Rings takes place 80 years after The Hobbit. I believe it would be wrong to have Aragorn in The Hobbit at all. Any of the Elves would work just fine for cameos because of their age.

  14. It seems silly to me, if you have Mortensen, to fit Aragorn into the story, rather than just have him play one of the characters from the book that would fit him so well. In particular I believe he would be perfect for Bard, who beeing the guy who slays the dragon in the action climax of the story probably would be quite a big part in a movie.

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