Steve Zahn And Jennifer Aniston In Management

Steve-Zahn-ManagementI like Steve Zahn. I think he’s a terrific talent who has a real chameleon sort of ability to him. He can blend and fit right into almost any environment a movie puts him in whether it’s something like “Out of Sigt” or “You got Mail” he can make himself work. The problem is that finding the right vehicle for him to try to LEAD in has been difficult. “Saving Silverman” had potential but didn’t ultimately click… and his other attempt at a legitimate lead was with Martin Lawrence in “National Security”… and that was a mess.

He fell back into doing supporting roles, and it looks like someone is finally giving him a shot at a male lead again in a project that sounds like it may just suit him perfectly as he signs up with Jennifer Aniston in the new comedy “Management”. The folks over at Moviehole give us this:

The film centers on Aniston’s character, a woman who sells cheap art to hotels across the country. At one of her stops, she ends up having a torrid affair with Zahn’s character. Intermittently smitten, Zahn pursues Aniston across the U.S., trying to bed her a second time.

Crap, if I had me a piece of Aniston I’d chase her across the country too. But I digress. You may be surprised to hear that Aniston is another performer I actually quite like. She hasn’t been in the best stuff (aside from Office Space) but I always end up enjoying her performances (She was great in Friends with Money). There is no film genre more formulaic than romantic comedies… but they can still be like vanilla ice cream sometimes…. you totally know what to expect… not a lot of surprises.. but can still be enjoyable.

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4 thoughts on “Steve Zahn And Jennifer Aniston In Management

  1. I always thought Aniston looks a bit like Celine Dion, even her voice sounds alike. But I do enjoy her.. sometimes.

  2. Shes cute, but too stuffy or restricted as an actress. She tends to play the same or similar roles – not all the time but enough to see a trend. She needs to play a major bad ass with a temper with some action…something. Just an oppion.

  3. I like Aniston too. She doesn’t get the attention, or the roles, she deserves. I will give her credit at attempting to do a variety of roles. The Break Up was a different character than Along Came Polly which were both different than Derailed and The Good Girl. And she’s a good actress that should get more credit.

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