Flight Of The Living Dead

A little while back Campea posted about a movie called Plane Dead it appears New Line has picked up the film and will release it as Flight Of The Living Dead. We get the news and the following excerpt from the glorious romantic webmaster at FILMJUNK:

I can recall hearing about the movie Plane Dead at some point last year, and of course, at the time everyone was jokingly referring to it as “Zombies on a Plane”. And understandably so. It looked like a low budget horror movie that would never have received any mainstream attention if not for the fact that it took place on a plane. Now it looks like New Line Entertainment thinks there may be a market for this little flick, as they have picked up the U.S. distribution rights and decided to release it under a new name: Flight of the Living Dead.

The webmaster goes on to say that it looks like this film will be a direct to DVD release. This is outlandish zombie celebration. You can never have too many zombie movies, the more the merrier. The more ridiculous the better as far as i am concerned. What I want to see if more zombie wildlife. I want zombie bears, beavers and moose. It will be a Canadian wildlife zombie spectacular.

We will have to wait and see how zombies hold up in a plane. I think a plane is a great place for a zombie assault. no where to run, the zombies eat the airplane food because it tastes like brains, the zombies try to break into the cockpit – horror assault in the skies! Here is the trailer:

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9 thoughts on “Flight Of The Living Dead

  1. I first saw this preview last night at my mom’s I thought that the name was kind of stupid and would make it like a cheap horror film but after seeing the preview a second time I think this one will be a hit especially being stuck on a plane with zombies with no where to run or go! Can’t wait to see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. NewLine Cinema is neat to pick it up; not so cool changing the title.

    What was wrong with “Plane Dead”? Nothing! Now, it will just be passed over because there are too many titles with ‘living dead’ in them. What seperates it from the rest now? Not one thing.

    It will be overlooked and undercooked.

  3. Bah, I’ve seen this already, was complete shite. I was worried it was going to have bad production values, but they were actually fine, it was just horrible acting. If you are like me you will turn the movie off when you notice the Tiger Woods passenger on the plane is carrying a golf club. In his seat. On the plane.

    The only positive thing to say is that it hovers around the “its so bad its good” zone.


  4. My ex is a zombie, flying with her was never pleasant. You can’t go anywhere without her biting people all the time. This movie should really bring it home to me. I’t will feel autobiographical I bet.

    (1st class is the only way airliners let you on with zombies. Coach and Business classes are a no-go.)

    I’m really looking forward to this film.

  5. I’m looking forward to 28 Weeks but there didnt look like there was that many ppl on the flight. Just lock yourself in the loo. lol

  6. Doug I am happy you are posting on The Movie Blog now, John seems sick of zombie movies. Most of his posts about the genre seem to think it’s dead. But I am with you, the more the merrier! This one seems like a lot of fun, I am looking forward to 28 weeks later as well.

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