Steve Zahn joins in some Sunshine Cleaning

steve.jpgSteven Zahn will be staring along side of Alan Arkin, Amy Adams and Emily Blunt in the new film Sunshine give us more on the story:

Steve Zahn has been cast opposite Amy Adams, Alan Arkin and Emily Blunt in Christine Jeffs’ dark comedy “Sunshine Cleaning.” Zahn (“Sahara”) plays Mac, a married police officer having an affair with Rose Lorkowski (Adams), the co-owner of a firm that cleans up messy crime scenes. Arkin and Blunt will play Rose’s relatives and partners in the family business.

A family that cleans up messy crime scenes? Sounds like just a normal Sunday afternoon with the folks to me. Actually I like this premise a lot, and Zahn has always held good appeal for me in any film he is in. He is always likeable and funny, and he has a long list of good supporting roles behind him now, this should be a fun, easy role for him.

With the cast getting more filled out Sunshine Cleaning is looking like it will do a good sweep of the box office when it hits theaters.

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2 thoughts on “Steve Zahn joins in some Sunshine Cleaning

  1. As a person who owns a cleaning business. I would love to see this movie. FYI….Cleaning business that do crime scene clean make bank. It takes a strong stomach and special cleaning solvents to get the blood and other matter out of walls and floors. I remember reading in the newspaper some years ago about a local company that makes close to a million a year just cleaning after a crime.
    I don’t have the stomach for it. And it never interest me to get in that end of the business. I will stick with live people and their dirty homes.
    Donna A.

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