Spiderman 2.1 will be released April 17

spiderman.jpgThe new Spiderman 2 DVD will be released on April 17th and has all of the sort of extras that make a Spiderman fan go nuts. The people at moviesonline.ca explains:

Spider-Man 2.1: Extended Cut, introducing eight minutes of never-before-seen footage. An absolute must for all collectors, the release comes loaded with all-new bonus materials, including an introduction by producers Grant Curtis and Avi Arad; commentary by producer Laura Ziskin and by two-time Oscar® winning screenwriter Alvin Sargent (Julia, 1978; Ordinary People, 1981); the featurette Inside 2.1, highlighting new visual effects, editing and sound design; and a sneak peek of Spider-Man 3 (in theaters May 4

The special feathures will include an Introduction by Grant Curtis and Avi Arad, Featurette: Inside 2.1, Commentary by Laura Ziskin and Alvin Sargent, Sneak Peak at Spider-Man 3, Digitally Remastered Audio and Video, Audio: English, Subtitles: English and Bonus Previews. The run time should be around 136 minutes and is unrated.

Is anyone not pleased with the DVD? It pretty much sums up all that I wanted in a special edition.

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16 thoughts on “Spiderman 2.1 will be released April 17

  1. What about Superbit? I purchased Spiderman 2 on Superbit WOW the picture was incredible compared to the standard dvd edition, has anyone asked if the new 2.1 will also be superbit if not, I will be very happy with my current superbit edition :-))

  2. If Sony was upfront about this from day 1, like New Line was with LOTR, then there would be no problem. This is a blatant money grab predicated on the Spidey3 release. Smart business, sure. Good public relations, no.

  3. i don’t mind when they make it clear that there is going to be another version later on…with lotr they made no secret that there was going to be an extended edition down the line..they even previwed it on the theatrical editions..so you can’t complain about that but I have bought multiple versions of evil dead, halloween and the original chainsaw massacre and that pisses me off.

    this spiderman 2 is annoying too..I bought the so called special collectors edition when it first came out and now they spring this….its a bit weak…..but this isn’t a film i feel the need to know more about…this is purely a device in which to have somethiung fresh in stores fro spidey 3..marketing ply pure and simple…

  4. I don’t double-dip on certain movies, but I do make exceptions like Night of the Living Dead (original, recut, color, remake), King Kong, and Lord of the Rings. But I’ll buy this over the fact that it is an extended edition that doesn’t have the same features from the original release (sucks AVP and the original Star Wars fell into that part).

    I’m surprised over some negative talk, but I’m sure a lot of people were already satisfied over the original version. There are two things that I’m interested in: the sneak peak (I’ll take any sneak peak for Part 3) and the possibility of it being unrated. It may not be screaming “HORROR/VIOLENCE” like Raimi’s Evil Dead, but I’d like to know what didn’t make the final cut. Besides, I’m already pushing to buy the Evil Dead Trilogy, cause it really sucks knowing that I’m missing some good shit!

    The main thing that I’m loking forward to in this year’s “blockbuster wars” (I like using that word; I never saw a lot of good movies coming out in summer) is if Spider-Man 3 can beat Pirates 3 in my birth-month, May. Nothing against Spider-Man, but Dead Man’s Chest was an F’N monster, beating Superman AND the World Cup!

  5. I’m not pleased with any form of double-dipping. I don’t double-dip. I only have one copy of the LOTR flicks, one copy of king kong, and one copy of each spiderman flicks. Guess what? It’s gonna stay that way.

  6. I have seen the cover artwork for this (2.1) when I swung by the site DVDactive. At first glance, it looks great. [I’m surprised it wasn’t put up here; I expect it might be soon anyways] But then I noticed an error in the design, or what appears to be one. If it wasn’t for the MB template, I’d link to it. You can go to the site “DVD active” to look at it.

    In any case, I won’t buy it. The changes/additions/extras are not that huge for the asking price. I also feel that the basic idea is a promotion of ‘Spider-Man 3’…stuff you’re most likely going to get next Thanksgiving/Christmas when Spidey 3 rolls out on DVD.

    The deleted and/or extended scenes should have been put on the first time around. I would not mind if there was ‘alternate takes’ or something like a feature that the SE “Die Hard” edition had and ‘play editor’. What fans should get is the deleted scenes from the first film, as they are slightly connected to the new film (another actor appears briefly as Eddie Brock) or the pre 9/11 WTC teaser.

    Or there should be something like ‘X-Men’, where some things on the fist DVD X-Men release did not carry over to X-Men 1.5….although I could only stand watching the premiere parties/galas only once.

    To me, it isn’t worth the price.

  7. Maybe that would be (or is it already) an idea for a company for movie fans. What if there was a company that exclusively sold boxes for boxsets and bonus discs for movies? They would need to get approval from the rights owners, but would it work? I know that most companies wouldn’t outright approve of the bonus disc idea, because of the benefit they get from doubledipping, but maybe there is a pricepoint that would work for everyone. The moviebox idea sounds less threatening to the current methods. All they have to do is send some boxart designs. There could be different versions of the boxes depending on preference. Jedi or Empire themes Starwars boxes. Stiff paper, cardboard or aluminum? Does it come with new matching dvd cases to put the discs into? Could the bonus discs come in with the boxes? Other bonus included items, like a holographic thingamajig? Lots of possibilities.

  8. I have the same issue when they release a box set for a series I have been collecting. I wouldn’t mind having a box set of the Potter movies, or even a box set with books I read, but I don’t wanna wait for the last movie to get the box set. Often, the box set has all the movies in it already, so i have to unload the ones I already bought. And sometimes, they release a boxset of the currently existing titles, even if they know they are producing more, which now won’t fit in the box and will look out of place.

    My solution? Offer and individually sold box to put collected movies into. It doesn’t come with any movies in it, not even the last one. Just a box to put them into. Make it available for purchase online, sure. Maybe have some versions that do come with the last title, or another version that comes with all the titles. But let me buy the box individually, please.

    Relating this back to the topic, would you get a bonus disc for a small price if it was sold seperately from the movie it was for? If they offered the Spider-man bonus material on it’s own disc and package, would you get that and for how much? 1.99? 4.99? 9.99?

  9. “is anyone not pleased with the DVD? It pretty much sums up all that I wanted in a special edition.”

    As with the guy above sed, this should of been released with the original dvds sets

  10. i’m not really pleased. sure there’s a lot of extras, but why didn’t they put it out when the first dvd release came out… that’s right, greed. motherf**kers, i wouldn’t have thought twice about buying this version even if it was a little bit more. but i don’t find the need to go and get another version of a movie that i already have. i’ve gone down that road a few times, and it’s going down to a place calle brokeville. it’s not gonna happen again.

    and yes, i could probably wait for a special edition, but as a consumer how am i suppose to know when that is going to happen. like i said, they’re not going to get me to buy this.

  11. I’m tired of double dipping. At least with Lord of the Rings it was well worth it — the extended editions were like entirely different movies in some respects.

    I abosultely **love** the Spider-Man films, but not enough to fork over the dough for essentially the same flick with a meager 8 minutes of new (and most likely unnecessary) footage. This DVD exists solely to build hype for Spider-Man 3. Nothing more.

    It’s just X-Men 1.5 all over again.

    Pretty soon, jaded consumers will just hold off on a film’s initial DVD release and wait for the inevitable extended/special/more cowbell edition a year or so later.

  12. What are your thoughts on this, Sharon: If that footage was so great in the first place, why cut it out of the movie? It obviously wasn’t necessary to push the plot forward, nor did it have any guiding narrative.

    I mean, I too am happy with deleted footage on movies, but they sell it like it’s the holy grail of the film. Yet they cut it in the first place because some focus group probably hated it.

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