Sharon reviews Death of a President

president.jpgDeath of a President is a fictional documentary about what would happen if George Bush was assassinated, this year. It has had a lot of controversy surrounding it’s release. The largest American theater chains will not show the movie and the White House stated that the movie “did not dignify a comment”. What has everyone so riled up is the use of real images and voices of Bush and Dick Cheney, quite a few images of many members of the White House, and of course the money shot of Bush actually being killed.

Director Gabriel Range had a few words of the controversy surrounding this movie.

“I have always known that I would be condemned for the very idea of this film, but I believe that sometimes it is not only acceptable for art to be outrageous – it is necessary”.

I tend to agree, and in North America where everyone is becoming afraid to speak their minds less we offend, or be pointed at as terrorist sympathizers this movie, or at least what it stands for is indeed very necessary.

What is entertaining about DOAP is that It’s almost like an episode of CSI, it shows what would be the protocol if this happened, and what mistakes the big guns might make in this situation. It shows the differing views of Bush, what people think is happening to America , and the upward turn in racism.

The story flashes in between interviews with Bush’s fictional staff, including his speach writer and head body guard and back into the events the day he is shot. It also shows interviews with people and their families who have been accused of murdering Bush. The interviews and the impact on the lives of the accused is the most political part of the movie The movie get this so right that I had goosebumps.

Bush is in this movie for about 15 minutes, tops. The actual Bush getting shot scene is so fast that you don’t get to see anything, I was a bit disappointed to be honest. But the riots and protests in the street coming up to his murder are great, the director really captures a rage that many people feel towards good old George W. One of the protest signs in particular made me laugh, there is a picture of Bush and it says “like a rock”…”Only dumber”.

Overall this movie is watchable. But it does drag a bit. It was also predictable at times and the way they digitally put Bush into scenes was often distracting visually, although sometimes it was perfect.

The directing and editing are the best part of this movie, it really does feel like a documentary and a pretty honest one plus there isn’t any over the top Bush bashing.

This is a movie with an agenda, but it’s not to inspire someone to shoot Bush, it seems to be about reminding us to an open mind on issues and a dialogue about things we believe in.

For a no go or routh I give this a go, but go rent it, not that there are many places to see it in theaters anyway but you will get more out of this movie if you get to form your own opinion, and aren’t distracted by the goof behind you yelling “kill him” in the theater. On a scale of one to ten I give it a seven.

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