Audio Edition – October 30th 2006

Audio-Edition-Gang.jpgOn today’s round table Darren, Doug and I are joined by a special guest. Serena Whitney from the good ship JoBlo and Arrow in the Head. On todays show we discuss:

1) Superman Returning again

2) Why no one is seeing Marie Antoinette

3) Lords of the Rings importance to the fantasy genre

4) Jesus Camp

5) Ewan McGregor offered James Bond first

6) What is the appeal of films like Hostle and Saw

All this an a few things more.

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22 thoughts on “Audio Edition – October 30th 2006

  1. That was a kick butt entertaining podcast.

    Welcome Serena, hope to hear more from you in the future.

    I just wish I could’ve seen Serena’s face when Doug exploded on the show. That would’ve been priceless. :o)

    I’ll admit it, Doug is 50% reason why I listen to the podcasts. His delivery and on the spot comments are fantastic, awesome, mind-blowing. I’m sure his comedy shows are worth watching.

  2. Great podcast, guys. Serena was a great addition. Hope we’ll see (well, hear) her back sometime.

    Just wanted to give Darren some support on the Babylon 5 front. It really was quite a good show (especially for its time). I do think shows like Battlestar Galactica are indebted to B5, at least a little bit. Babylon 5 was the first successful sci-fi show that attempted to be a harder-edged, more realistic space opera than Star Trek (which was also a great show, but, let’s face it, also established some cliches for prime time sci-fi best left behind) and succeeded in becoming popular. B5 was a transporter, holodeck, and prime directive-free show where the Earth government could actually be fallible. (Yes, DS9 explored some of this territory too, which is why I consider it the best of the Treks.) Is B5 as good as BSG? Absolutely not, but it’s still great TV.

    I also feel kinda sorry for Walter Koenig. Chekov is, let’s face it, a pretty terrible, one-dimensional character. Seeing Koenig as Bester made me realize that not only could he actually act, he could act surprisingly well. That’s why B5 fans can only see Koenig as Bester. (For non-B5 fans, Bester was a telepath cop and skilled political manipulator and one of the most interesting characters in B5.)

    Anyway, now back to your regularly scheduled Audio Edition comments…

  3. djs – you never saw Sam Jackson in the SW prequels? That’s all I saw. Windu was a noncharacter.

    I’ll restate my post about fantasy movies. LOTR did not kill fantasy movies. Fantasy movies are usually on an epic scale that require a lot of money, time, and labour and may only provide meager returns. That is why not too many are being made. The investment upfront is tremendous and requires a commitment by the studios to a multi-part product. Risky even if you have well known properties like LOTR, Narnia, or Harry Potter.

    How many epic pictures get made on a regular basis period? Before LOTR there was what – Titanic? To a lessor degree – Gladiator.

  4. How many theaters are even screening Marie Antoinette? I WANT to see it, and my theaters aren’t playing it. I’ll have to drive out of town to see it.

    Note- according to Boxofficemojo, it’s only playing on 859 screens. No wonder no one’s seen it, they can’t fucking find it.

  5. Great show as always guys. And Serena was a nice touch. Count me as one of the people who would like to see her back sometime soon.

    The thing about Bond is that he’s more than an ass kicker. I see where John is coming from with wanting a tougher Bond, but to me the suave aspect of the character is what made him so different. I like the classy suave gentleman that you’d never expect could kill you in a heart beat.

  6. “Ohyeah”, why don’t you get your head out of your ass. The movie was called “Jesus Camp”. They were talking about a movie called “Jesus Camp”. Jesus Christ they only refered to it like a thousand times. Or are you one of those numb nuts that only wants them to talk about how pretty the pictures on screen are and not talk about the issues raised in a film that make the movie what it is? Try thinking about the meaning of a movie. Try that for a change.

    Ok, moving on fromt he guy above. I wonder if Jesus Camp shows us how they recruit kids to come to their camps, or how they get parents to send their kids there. I’m almost more interested in that then what they do there.

    Superman coming back? Whatever. I hated the movie myself. It was too talky for a Superman film. I hope they get it right this time. Best villain would be Doomsday for sure.

  7. Here’s a real tough challenge for you guys.

    Try an ALL-MOVIES broadcast on your MOVIE PODCAST.

    That’s right; no endless religious rants allowed.

    I know that’s near impossible, but it would be a test of wills for you.

    Let Bruxy put up his own podcast on religion and just talk movies.
    MOVIES. You know, films on screen. Try that for a change.

  8. Excellent show yet again guys.

    Good discussion on the whole Jesus Camp thing. It’s a tough one. I’d never let my kid go to one of those camps in a million years, but I guess parents have the right to send them. But at what point to we as society draw the line?

    Serena was a nice treat, you should have her back. Do you have a picture of her?

  9. WELCOME ABOARD SERENA! It’s so good to get a girl on the show! You fit in really well! Is John as cute in person? Is Doug as funny? Is Darren as married? LOL

    Great show guys. Miss Bruxy already, but you must get Serena back on soon!

  10. just wondering where is the mail bag audio edition from last week??

    It was going to be the very last mail bag ediion ever, so is not going to be one last mail bag edition now?

  11. Hey John

    Thanks for including a discussion of Jesus Camp on your blog. It was thoughtful and funny, which is always a good balance and one that you guys (& girl) do so well.

    Abuse has quite a broad definition, of which sexual or physical assault is only one part. It also means to use wrongly or improperly, or engage in improper practice. I don’t think the method of indoctrination used by these preachers would be acceptable in a public education system. Watching children shouting and crying and shaking is quite disturbing and upsetting to watch. Yet when they are in a place of worship and acting on behalf of God, these teaching methods are permitted as a not uncommon and legal activity. I feel they are abusing their position as teachers when they invoke such methods. Some may disagree, and that is fair enough, but this is what I mean by abuse. As I have said on Doug’s blog, if we value childhood, then I don’t believe young children should be told to accept such intolerant views on such complex isssues as abortion, even if there is no long term harm. If they were preaching to adults, I couldn’t care less. As adults we all have to make our own way in the world, and more importantly, adults can think these issues through and make their own informed decisions or opinions. But I draw the line with such impressionable children.

    I am not asking for these Camps to be shut down, I just wish they would curb some of their more fervid teaching methods.

  12. Okay. Have a seat and drink yer brewskie, away we go:

    1) Superman Returns Again: “DC villian”? Unless the Superman vs. Batman (ha ha) project just got dusted off, I’m putting down my pennies down on Bizarro. Yes, I do dig Darksied, but if you had that character, you’d take Supey off Earth. Oh, then there’s Jr., who may be a bit on rebelling on mom and dad/stepdad.

    2)See my comments on “Antoinette” below. But to recap and make a long story short, John, the reason I didn’t go is pretty much the same reason you didn’t. (among other things) And I like New Order, The Cure etc. I don’t buy the arguement that it failed because it was a period piece. After all, I went to see “The Prestige”…

    3) I have to finally speak up on this.

    Let’s have a look. Before the Lord Of The Rings films, name for me a fantasy movie that was a huge hit at the box office, say in the last twenty five years, excluding Conan The Barbarian. While some films, like Ridley Scott’s “Legend” and Ron Howard’s “Williow” have become well loved over time…the fantasy film has generally since the mid eighties, been box office poison.

    As far as Fantasy post Rings, ‘Narnia’ is said to be an exception, but then again, it is based on a pre-sold concept, and Disney had it in development about the same time as LOTR got started. Some folks forget that. But in any case, the only “fantasy” films that have been seen come from…miniseries/c grade films on the sci-fi channel. That’s it.

    I still hope one day somebody will come up and adapt Fred Sabrehagen, but…anyway…moving on…

    4) I have not seen the doc, not even by , ahem, “alternative” means. But I don’t see this as brainwashing. It’s not like those Nazi Girl Kids that show up on Inside Edition, y’know. In fact, isn’t “Jesus Camp” and those like it focusing on “Spiritual Warfare”, and things like that? While I am a Christian, [and detest the label ‘religious right’; there are some Christians who vote liberal] why would people consider this disturbing? It isn’t Jim Jones revisted, for gosh sakes, and the kiddies aren’t downing spiked Kool Aid.

    Now I have been on “retreats” and things of that nature, but those gatherings when I attended were of my own free will. I chose to go. I wanted to go. Nobody twisted my arm. I have never been to Promise Keepers. I won’t go burn in hell because I passed on PK or some other gathering of friends or brother and sisters in Christ.

    5) I strongly disagree about Brosnan being typecast after Bond. He tried for Bond before, but was passed over. Then he played a Russian assassin (Fourth Protocol) and had other roles, (Lawnmower Man, Mrs Doubtfire)…then got the Bond gig. But then he was in ‘Thomas Crown’…and yes, the wonderful “Matador’ was removed well away from Bond.

    I’m looking forward to Daniel Craig.

    I never bought the arguement of casting unknowns in roles. I’m just for casting the right actor. And remember: Ewan was Obi-Wan, but that never bothered me. I saw Sam Jackson as Mace Windu: I never said “that there’s Sam Jackson in a Star Wars movie”.

    6) I liked the first Saw- to a point. The non linear mystery and suspense of the film was impressive. I didn’t see that level in the second SAW- which also had this problem is suspension of disbelief, if not common sense. It is due to that sloppiness that I refuse to see Saw 3. As for Hostel, I thought the film was at its best in the third act: escape. a rescue attempt, and a bloody comeuppance. But all the JUNK I had to wade through before getting there. After watching it, I felt dirty. I had to shower. What gets me is that Horror fans will support the SAW and the Hostels, but when “Slither” comes out? NOBODY GOES.

    “Decsent?” THE BEST HORROR FILM THIS YEAR? Nobody goes! [did someone confuse it with that piece of shit The Cave?, I wonder..]

    Serena did a WONDERFUL job-! And she’s on point. Most horror franchises milk it until you can’t stand them anymore- even Chucky had to be re-invented. Jason went through (minor) changes. Halloween brung back Jamie Lee for awhile.

    The snuff-torture-shock stuff will wear off in time. As will horror film remakes, which for the most part, haven’t been that successful.

  13. 1. Superman Returns should quit while its behind. If a tv show is doing a better job with the character than a $200 million dollar movie, then go away, and fuck Singer for leaving X3 to a hack director!

    2. No one is seeing Marie Antoinette because no knows any of the history except for the cake thing, and all the trailer showed was Snagletooth in puffy dresses, so who the Hell is gonna pay money for that. The gimmick of modern music drove away any ‘history buffs’ and Dunst needs to get back in the wet t-shirt she wore in Spider-Man…nuff said.

    3. LOTR helped more than hindered future fantasy films, they won’t live up to it, but people will go.

    4. Jesus Camp was creepy, but America is a Christian country. As far as it being abuse, we tell kids that Santa Claus is real too, so in a few years they will rebel, do drugs, date some cute Wiccan, and the smart ones will snap the fuck out of it! Viva the New Atheism!

    5. Clive Owen was offered the James Bond role too, but didn’t want to get typecast, good on him! Ewan’s already did Star Wars, so he probably doesn’t want to get back into any franchise. Daniel Craig looks badass!

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