What is your Pirate Nickname?

With Pirates of the Caribbean 2 fever sweeping around like the scurvy Arrrrrr… I found this little link (via) fun. You just enter your name and it gives you your Pirate Nickname.

My Pirate nickname is: Black Buckthorn
Doug’s: Keelhaul Nathaniel
Darren’s: 9 inch Mcgregor JUST KIDDING. It’s Evil Basingstoke

Let us know what your Pirate Nickname be. Arrrrr.

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60 thoughts on “What is your Pirate Nickname?

  1. Ok, using my real name and then the name I prefer to go by, I got these results. Though I’m female I did both genders cause it’s more fun that way.

    Real name: DeadEye John
    Prefered name: Gunwalls Bonney

    Real Name: Deadeye Charity
    Prefered name: Gunwalls Esmerelda

    Ok…I like the first male name over the second…and I don’t like either female names. Well..not the first parts really. I think I would actually prefer Deadeye Esmerelda but hey..

  2. hah!

    orlando bloom : voodoo truelove!


    william turner : black fowler

    ok that’s a damn sight better than truelove.

  3. ‘The Dread Pirate Wiggins’ if I type only my first & last name, but it’s ‘Swashy Solomon’ if I add my middle name into the mix. Swashy Solomon sounds like the future name of some celebrity kid.

  4. I love the one I got: The Dread Pirate William

    Arrrrr! I’m gonna slit yar throats and take your ship!! Arrr!!

    Apparently, I’m going to lead a rebellion and take over my ship and be known as The Dread Pirate William

  5. These name generators never fail to amuse me…

    Using my proper name: Iron Eliza
    Using my nickname: Sealegs Erin
    Using my internet nicknames…
    Meli: Bloody Constance
    M: Evil Ethel

    I could play for hours…. lol

  6. I put in random crap into it and this is what I got.

    Cockface= Iron William
    Cockshit= Evil Brilliant
    Mother fucking ass raper= Voodoo Rackham
    Johnny Depp= Deadeye Alderman

  7. Using my ‘proper’ name James, i get “Black Foote”. Not bad.

    Using ‘The Jim Walker’ i get “Jolly Hand”. Yikes!!! They know me too well! They must be thinking of my when i surf the net as an internet pirate. Jolly Hand? What could be worse? Wanky the dread Masturbator?

    “Here comes ‘Jolly Hand’… guard your manly parts, his hands are… um… jolly!

  8. This is the most random post, but one of the best posts you’ve put up hehehe :D

    Mine using my real name is:Deadeye Abednego.

    Sorry for double post I hit the post button by mistake my bad.

  9. This is the most random post, but one of the the posts you’ve put up hehehe :D

    Mine using my real name is:Deadeye Abednego.

  10. Buccaneer George? I’m from the south-west of England, I have some genuine pirate blood in my veins, I drink regularly in the pub where Robert Louis Stevenson used to hang out, and I get Buccaneer George? I sound the old guy with the gimp leg who’s always swabbing the deck! No wenches want to get with Buccaneer George! Oh, wait, that is appropriate…

  11. Using my real name, I get ‘Iron Mary’.
    Using Sabs Smith, I get ‘Cabinlass Erin’.


    Doug’s is ‘Keelhaul’? xD Fits, doesn’t it?

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