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  1. If a guy talking about sticking their hand in a womans private part and smelling it is funny, or someone not knowing that “porch money” is a derogatory term and now they are going to turn it around, and not make it derogatory…if anyone thinks its funny thats sad. I liked the first movie this movie sucked big time. I like Jay he is funny. Silent Bob is funny. Show me more of these characters.

  2. I liked this movie as well. Funny from start to finish. I had heard bad reviews of it before but didn’t buy into them. The movie was well written/acted/ and although some of the humor is raunchy it was not unexpected. The movie dragged?

  3. This movie drug! The trailer made it look to have tons of screwball comedy. It was so slow and so BORING, I walked out. Save your money and rent “Something about Mary” or something worth 9 bucks to see.

  4. Hey John,

    First time commenter here. I am a big Kevin Smith fan also and I loved Clerks II. One thing it lacked though was more of about the customers, a la the Milk Maids from Clerks II. I worked in restaurant quite a bit in my youth and was really looking forward to seeing some of his take on this.

    The other thing that I wanted to bring up to someone is quite disturbing to me. Kevin Smith’s wife Jennifer Schwalbach plays Emma in the movie and she is so hideously ugly in the movie that it bothers me. I certainly don’t want to rip on Kevin or his wife but someone needs to know that the makeup person for this movie or whoever needs to be fired. She honestly looks like one of the “White Chicks”. Please note that I recently saw Jennifer on the VH1 special for the movie and she is beautiful. Emma is not.

  5. Saw the flick..premiere night..hahahaha..fun, mindless humour…just good to laugh without complexities involved…now i have to go back and see the first!

  6. The thing about clerks 2, and its the reason why it didnt beat lady in the water, is that both m.night and kevin smith have fan followings as directors. However, smith’s following arent the kind of people that need to RUSH OUT and see a movie on its opening weekend. M.nights fans will. That being said, lady in the water is going to fall hard in the next week and in the end i bet clerks will make a lot more money than lady in the water

  7. Yeah this movie isn’t one to be seen with your mom lol. It is real funny and I wish it would sort of gone into more detail about starting their business because it would have gave them a bigger purpose and set a pretty intresting idea for another sequel I think.

    Jay and Silent Bob are great as ever in this movie =). That bit that Jay did from Silents of the Lambs had me laughing on the floor.

  8. thanks for the review,im enjoyig all the positive reviews C2 is getting. I rarely go to theatres to watch movies these days,but I may change my habits for this flick. Id like to see it with a packed house.

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