Ghostbusters 3: Hellbent

Looks like a Ghostbusters 3 may be in the cards after all. Talk of a Ghostbusters 3 movie have been floating around for years, but with BIll Murray coming out and announcing that he refuses to do another one, it seemed that we had seen the last of the Ghostbusters. Well… maybe not.

The good folks over at Filmforce are reporting that Harold Ramis just may be getting the gang back together again… but with Ben Stiller replacing Murray:

Ramis reportedly wants franchise vets Dan Aykroyd and Rick Moranis to reprise their respective roles in the sequel, which the report claims will be called Ghostbusters in Hell, but he has his eye on A-lister Ben Stiller to star as a new Ghostbuster.

The script, written by Aykroyd, is said to feature a hell that looks alot like New York City. The Ghostbusters are able to be transported into hell via a portal in a New York warehouse.

I’m torn on this one. One the one hand I’d LOVE to see the Ghostbusters back on the big screen. I really liked the first two and the nostalgia factor in seeing a Ghostbusters 3 would be amazing. HOWEVER…

On the other hand, when I think of a Ghostbusters 3, I also can’t get the image of Blues Brothers 2000 out of my head. A sad and pathetic attempt to utilize former glory for a quick cash in… that ultimately failed.

So what do you think? Ghostbusters 3: Good idea or bad idea? (Thanks to Pineapplehead for the heads up)

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44 thoughts on “Ghostbusters 3: Hellbent

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  2. Special effects have come a long long way since the groundbreaking special effects in GB1 & GB2. So it’s no surprise to me they are returning to the franchise all these years later. I just hope they have a good script. Several special effects movies from the 80’s have sequels in production now. Indiana Jones is coming up, So is Superman in 2009, Lucas finally wrapped up his Star Wars adventure 28 years after it began. Now Ghostbusters…What’s next?

  3. the idea sounds good but they should really make a movie based on the cartoon. a new generation of ghostbusters sounds cool and a hot blackhaired charactor as a ghostbuster sounds really cool
    if bill does not want to do it his loss but he should reconsider
    its not about him its about entertainment

  4. The same cast from GB1 and GB2 will be in GB3 Harold,Rick,Ernie,Dan and new GB Ben so 2008 will be a huge year for Ghostbusters 3: GB in Hell!

    I hope Sigourney and Annie will be in the third Film too!

  5. Ghostbusters 3 won’t suck it will be an awsome movie to see. GB3 will be here in 2 years in 2008 so the countdown is on! See what Pheobe Venkman had to say because GB3 is on the news and Ben Stiller will be replacing Bill Murray and the same cast from GB1and GB2 will me in the third film! In 2008 GB3 will be cool to see because I’m going to the theaters and see it!

  6. hey everybody this is dave a true ghostbusters fan. i really hope that they make this movie. i have been waiting very impatiently for it. but i will wait as long as it takes for them to make it a good movie. i have seen alot of remake movies that didnt make it.

  7. Yes yes yess yesss!! I think Ghostbusters 3 is a pretty cool idea. Everybody loved the 1st & 2nd GB. Now adding Ben Stiller to the mix would be awesome! I would love to see Rob Schneider there too even if he’s just an extra. Yeah, bring back Rick Moranis as well! A scary & funny movie is always a nice family entertainment. Seeing Bill Murray or Dan will add an old school spice to the movie even if they’re not the main characters anymore so I hope they’d still be there. Imagine now with today’s technology, CGI’s & advance special effects wouldn’t it be a great movie? I LOVE Ghostbusters please make the movie! But the story better be great & a whole lot scarier than some 2006 scary movies we have right now. The only problem is.. why is the making of GB3 taking so long?!? Are they gonna really make a 3rd sequel or what? If they are, I promise to wait as long as they make it a really kick-ass one. Ghostbusters rule!!

  8. I wanna see GB3 & yes Ben Stiller would be a perfect addition to the sequel!! Imagine how funny it would be will Stiller & Moranis there & the new movie technology hollywood has now so pleeeeaassssse bring Ghostbusters back on the big screen!! I miss that movie a lot!

  9. listen im not bein funi but GB3 wud not b the same without bill murray in it he was the comedy part 2 the ghostbusters ye they all were funi in there own way but he was the joke out the lot he didnt reli no anythin and he was lazy but he always made u laff at his actions if there is a new 1 they must get him not ben stiller cos he jus wudnt b rite in bills place
    just think about it now ray, spengler, winston and stiller omg tha just aint rit i dnt no w he will b called in the fiml but he dnt blong with the ghostbusters there all gettin on a bit and then him lookin like he is rays son lol just makes me laff tha he cud b in it
    well if there is no murray dnt make it cos u will kill the first 2 by making sumthin tha will go dwn the drain

  10. Well here’s my thoughts on the Ghostbusters in hell idea.
    It really sounds like a bad idea. I love the first two films
    but I think if they make a Ghostbusters 3 they should bring in some new recruits. Let the original guys have some parts in the movie but
    not be the main guys. They really should make a 3rd film, but not Ghostbusters in hell it just sounds stupid

  11. well if thay bring back staypuft it will be good but what about there
    mixing old and new bring back prime evil the bad guy from there frist cartoon befor there was slimer and staypuft

    allso i meet a guy that runs a fansite and he’s just starting out he made a film called freddy vs ghostbusters and is makeing a new film called return of the ghostbusters and sorry to say this will be his last bg film but i might make one later down the road for more from me e-mail me at [email protected] to download my frinds go to and dont be shy to e-mail me and ask about my gb cartoon or film i dont know what im gonna do yet fanfilms are free and cost you nothing and are not for sale in any way

  12. I think they should have chris tucker stepping in for murray in the new ghostbusters movie. You need someone that can keep-up that funny sense of humor like bill did in the first two.

  13. It is Good Idea ,I hope that this it is a good movie work, because I wait lot TIME for that,really serious good to see the 4 old ghosbuster teaching new ghostbuster and that they really have a good adversary, that move has diversity, good script, good effect special,ghost and ambient of fear, and different places no only New York,, I recommend : ben stiller and owen Wilson exelent patner


  14. hell yeah i wish they would make the ghostbuster3 movie if you rember segorna had a kid i think they should yous that i would have the kid all grouw up let him take over the busness.

  15. i like the storline is sounds excitng but without bill murray it wont work, he was the star.They should get back the whole gang and introduce ben stiller as another goastbuster that would be cool.

  16. Yeah, Patrick!

    You ARE right! Even my country’s movie review program (it’s called “Reel Review” and it is always airing every Wednesday on 8TV channel. btw I’m from Malaysia, dunno if you guys heard of it though, lol) just stated that there WILL be a Ghostbusters 3 coming up in the making! So I’m finally glad that all this GB3 plans are not dead or not just “talk but no walk” project.

    I used to be a very HUGE fan of ghostbusters (now it decreased, but I DO still love ’em, no doubt!), and eventhough Bill Murray is my fave Dr. Peter Venkman and that he declares that he does not want to be involved in the new sequel, I don’t mind to catch the movie without him or not. At LEAST there will be the other three original ghostbusters. Plus I do like Ben Stiller, I think he will do fine, just that uhm, he does look a bit short or small. :P

    Wohoo! The wait for a new GB film will SOON be over! Can’t wait to parade for it and head to the cinemas ^_^


  17. Hey John,
    GB3 is coming. Theres a full article about GB3 coming back it was even on the news. Quit listening to the false rumors GB3 isn’t dead anymore. If you can read it says GB3: GB in Hell on Harolds, Dan Rick
    and Ben Stiller replacing Bill Murray it all says 2008 for GB3. Why would somebody make this up on the IMDB? You don’t want to belive and your ticking off the GB Fans! Quit saying I’m wrong because I’m not wrong your wrong! Somebody on Extra heard the samething GB In Hell 2008 so theres proof!

  18. My name is Patrick. Ghostbusters 3 is happening. GB3 isn’t dead anymore. Theres a full article about GB3 coming back and it is. The Dan Aykroyd video is false that was taped 7 months ago, I can’t believe that some people still think that GB3 isn’t happening when GB3 is happening. To let you know somebody was watching Extra and heard that GB3: GB in Hell will be released in 2008 and I saw the same info on many GB websites that GB3: GB in Hell will be released in 2008! Theres proof GB3 is back and it’s coming in 2008!! Check out the IMDB and on Harolds, Dan, Rick, and Ben Stiller will be replacing
    Bill Murray and it all says GB3: GB in Hell 2008! If you have any information please email me back.

  19. I’ve waited for a long time to see them make a sequel Ghostbusters since they made Ghostbusters 2 I loved the cartoon series the real and extreme Ghostbusters since I could see the movie’s in the theaters because they came out before I was born It would be cool to see it in the theaters now that I am older and able to see movies in the theaters to see Ghostbusters in the theaters now I know that Bill Murrary was a good actor in Ghostbusters 1 and 2 but if he doesn’t want to be in the movie they don’t have to have him in it they can still make it without him Ben Stiller will do great in this movie if they make it.

  20. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like Ghostbusters: Hellbent will be made. It seems the concept was reinflated by [] a while ago and databases started adding it to their files in the last few days. However Aykroyd himself was asked about it a few days ago and unequivocally denied that a third film will be made. Check the IMDb board for the film for links to the interview, etc. Sorry to disappoint, I was very excited myself for a few days…but if Bill Murray wouldn’t have done it anyway, I’m glad they’re not going ahead with a sub-par sequel. Apparently the script is lurking on the net somewhere…but I don’t know where, or even if that’s true. Sorry again!

  21. My self and many friends want to see Ghostbusters3. Bring it back with more action and horror and there should not be a problem. What I am trying to say write the script.

  22. I have been waiting for a Ghostbusters 3 since the 2nd Ghostbusters in 1989. It has been a long time coming, but you have to do this right if your going to do it. Which means do what you have to do to get the old ghostbusters back together again. The concept of a third movie is not wrong by any means. Find a way to get Bill Murray in this movie, because if he is not in it, it is going to be a flop. I want to see Winston(ernie hudson) back too. We all know ray and egon are going to be in it, but you have to have the other guys too. If your going to make a third and most likely final Ghostbuster Movie then do us fans justice and send the ghostbusters out with a bang with the old gang. Even if the old ghostbusters were to train new ghostbusters it would make more sense then at least we get to see the four old guys back together again for one last fight. Honestly bringing back Rick Moranis and not bringing back Hudson or Murray lets get real. Rick’s character was a wuss and no one cares if he comes back or not. But the actual ghostbusters we do care about. If you guys take the time to get the right people signed on to this project it could be one of the biggest blockbusters we have seen in awhile. My personal opinon would be the original four ghostbusters Train four new ghostbusters. So the Original guys dont have to take too much time filming(plus it gives a better chance for the original guys to do it) and then have the Ending to the movie be the four New Ghostbusters fight along side the four Original Ghostbusters to save the world and all that good stuff.

  23. If they are going to get Ben Stiller as a Ghost Buster, then they might as well go whole hog and get Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson to play modern day Ghostbusters. That actually may be funny.


  25. Bill Muray is full of himself. He was pissed when he lost that award to Sean Penn and I hear he is a pain in the ass to work with. Get off your high horse Bill…What About Bob sucked!! If he doesn’t want to be involved with the new movie, than who cares. I don’t even think his old fat ass could fit in the costume anyway. I have been wanting a GB III for years now and I cant wait. Siller will be great. I would rather them bring back that ugly bitch from the Alien movies than Bill Muray.

  26. Can you say Caddyshack 2? Now imagine Ghostbusters 3! If your going to do it, then do it right! At least see if Chevy Chase wants in and let someone other than Dan Hemroid… I mean Aykroyd write the script.

  27. I hope they do make a ghostbusters 3 but i really think ben stiller might not be a good choice…if i had the choice i would choose either Vince Vaughn or Ryan Reynolds to replace Bill Murray..even though i would rather have Bill in the movie it just wouldn’t be the same without him, but i am a hardcore ghostbusters fan and i would still go see it with or without Murray in it

  28. All this stems from a single article last year, when Harold Ramis was promoting Ice Harvest – WENN, an entertainment news wire service took a handful of comments from an InFocus interview, changed the tenses from past to present, and handed it out to their subscribers, including Once bigger website like this posted the news, everyone took it at face value.

    Now, in a perverse internet version of the Telephone game, the items lives again, as IGN reports on the item from last Novemeber.

    There’s lots more info here;

    The long and the short of it is that GB3 has been at this stage for over half a decade, and every few years someone asks them about it, they politely reply, and suddenly everyone’s convinced that Harold Ramis is home sewing the new costumes RIGHT NOW!

    But he’s not.

  29. If Bill isn’t back, does that mean Signorney Weaver is also gone?
    Will Ramis himself suit up once more? Ernie Hudson? Ivan Reitman? The Slimer? Okay, the latter isn’t to hard…but still…
    *Who ya gonna call?!*

    (oh come on, you saw that question coming a mile away!)

    Ghostbusters 2 was considered to be disappointing in ’89. If it weren’t, we would have had the third film ages ago. Better to continue with whoever you need and pass the torch to the new recuits, if any. Better still not to make it at all.

  30. Ghostbusters without Bill Murray? That’s like…erm…(retarded metaphor alert)… a party without alcohol.

    He was the one who really made those movies what they were so I don’t think I’d be interested in seeing one done without him.

  31. Jarrod comin at ya-

    HELLLLLLL, YEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!!..I want to see this movie, i want to see the ghostbusters back on the screen. missing people or not. They need to make this movie. thx, oh and Gremlins 3 also.


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