Robin Williams As The Joker

The question of who will be the next Joker in the Batman franchise is buzzed about more than Bond. And here’s a new name to throw in there that I am personally 100% all for! Robin WIlliams as The Joker!!!

In a recent interview, Robin WIlliams said he would love to work with Chris Nolan (Batman Begins Director and he worked with Williams on Insomnia) again. He also directly said he would love to play the Joker. His exact words were “Oh God Yeah!”.

Now, before any of you jump down my throat, let me lay out my case as to why I think this would be a great fit, then judge me in the comments section:

1) Robins WIlliams is an Oscar winner and nominated 2 other times for his acting. The man is an amazing talent

2) The man could bring the insanity of the Joker to the screen like no one else could

3) Lest you think Williams would turn Batman into a stupid comedy, remember that he plays dark evil with the best of them (Insomnia, One Hour Photo)

4) As previously mentioned, he has already worked amazingly well with Director Chris Nolan before.

5) Lest you think he is too old, WIlliams is the same age Jack Nicholson was when he played Joker… and that turned out just fine.

So yes, my vote for the next Joker has just become Robin Williams. No one on the planet could bring out both sides of the Joker like this guy could (in my opinion).

Ok, time for your thoughts. Am I on to something? Am I close but not quite? Or am I totally out to lunch?

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50 thoughts on “Robin Williams As The Joker

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    Johnny Depp would be a whole lot better than Robin Williams cause Johnny is more serious yet wierd actor than he is.

  2. sorry i think robin williams in near future batman movie would simply be a huge waste of robin’s talent. Batman has gone from a fun classic adventure with a nice touch of humour and exagerated but lovable stuff to a dark , totally boring drama, whats more they had all the characters in place(batman,robin, batgirl) and all the momentum to make their best yet and instead fell into the now popular but leathally boring new trend of prequels, messed up the story again, changed the actors , again, and well, lost most of their true fans, new curious ones will be there probly for the second of the ‘dull’ batmans but it will die like the respect I used to have for it.

  3. Robin Williams is great, stuff like Insomnia, One Hour Photo and Death to Smoochy show his range, with all his over the top comedy mixed with the more menacing stuff we’ve seen lately, we’re in for a great Joker, very eclectic.

    He’d be mad looking with white green and red makeup on, but i can imagine a more modern look being adapted, probably blood red make up, very play white, make him more menacing.

    Williams FTW!!

  4. I think Adrien Brody is the man to paly The Joker…he has the right physique and facial structure for the Joker (especially the Arkham Asylum version). Another wildcard would be Nicholas Hope (Bad Boy Bubby) I reckon he could pull of the manic madness required and he had the right build. Robin Williams is to short and stocky for the role – as mentioned elsewhere, he’d be a good penguin.

  5. Well, I’ll tell you this. A lot of you guys don’t know shit about these actors. First off, some dude left a comment that Jack Nicholson was a good choice but an odd consideration for the Joker. Hahahahahahahahahaha, well my friend. You don’t know Jack Nicholson’s work too well. For a good half of his roles, he played a guy who lived on the edge with a huge grin, and there was something in his eyes that never let you completely trust him. Not to mention, a lot of his characters get violent at one point. He was THE shoe-in for the Joker at that time. Now, on to the new Joker. Robin Williams would be pretty good I think. I’m a huge Robin Williams fan, I think he is immensely talented. However, a small part of me says that Robin might not be able to pull the part off to a tee. My biggest problem. Stature. Now, Jack Nicholson has no stature on Robin Williams, but neither did Batman (played by Keaton). I think you’re gonna wanna taller individual to play the Joker. I think Robin Williams could play any of the Batman villains and turn in a fine performance, but I don’t think it would rewrite the role of the Joker the way that this last film rewrote Batman and stereotypical comic book movies. You think taller, you might start thinking about Jim Carrey. I think you could throw him in the same boat as Williams. (Understand of course, either one of them could suprise us with something brilliant at any time) He might give it the ol’ Jim touch, which might not work for the role. You definetely want someone with talent as well. Maybe someone known for going an even different route before or an actor who flies under the radar. If you were gonna go with an actor who is known for something a bit different but still has the same name, don’t ask me why…but the name Hugh Jackman comes to mind. Now, you say…HA, WOLVERINE??????? Well, he happens to be working with Bale and Nolan right now on The Prestige. But take a look at some pictures of him in a suit preferably, not in the Wolverine pics…and preferably where he is smiling. Okay, now throw some clown make up on him and a ruddy rouge suit. Now, he’s a big theatre guy. He just played that huge gay dude in The Boy from Oz on Broadway, you should see the pics from that. It will make you think differently about Wolvy’s career. The man, can obviously slide into roles like loose pants. Now, he’s only one thought I’ve had. Other considerations I’ve found interesting for the role have been Paul Bettany (although his Brittish might slip in too much), Adrien Brody (who has the height , and talent, but does he have Joker material), Tim Roth (I think a very good suggestion, a fantastick actor who has an instinct for vile roles) and Hugo Weaving (who is a wonderful character actor, but he’d definetely need to tweak his agent smith and V into something a little more vivid for Mr. J). It’s gonna be hard to beat Jack in this role. He kinda put cement into that role’s shoes. But I think if you play it right, like Nolan has with the writing and directing, you may be able to do it. I don’t know if Williams could do it “just right”, but maybe he could. Williams can definetely go dark, he can definetely joke around…but can he define it as something of its own and not of himself. He mentions in an interview with him that he sees the character being closely tied to the Batman comic “Arkham Asylum” and kinda poked fun at the way Spacey is playing (or was forced to play) Lex Luthor…which I think is the epitomy of the way you don’t wanna play it…to make it seem real atleast. AND HE”S A BRILLIANT ACTOR TOO. It’s all about pegging it, finding that actor who either wants to do something completely different and show us some crazy side to him, or someone unknown. Someone also mentioned Harley Quinn. I think it’d be nice to see one in the movie…a little sluttier version, maybe very young Harley Quinn latched on to Mr. J. The perfect Harley is easy, Rachel McAdams, she’s got the grin, the chops, and the body. A petite firecracker. Anywho, that’s my 4 million cents. Im out.

  6. Robin Willams I think would make a good joker , but as one person said what about Paul Bettany. Lets see how he pulls off the pshyco killer for the opeus dei in The Davinci Code. It looks like he is trying darker roles, like Firewall and the code if he pulls of the roll in the code I say let him have the joker.

  7. I still prefer Michael Keaton as The Joker. That would kick more ass than imaginable to see the best Batman ever play the arch nemesis of his most famous character. Williams would not be bad either, but please don’t include Katie Holmes as a “talented actor who happens to be a big name”. She was terrible in Batman Begins. She was completely miscast, and provided one of the scarcely few low points of the entire flick. She is only a “big name” because of all the nonsense surrounding her ridiculous relationsip with the even more ridiculous Tom Cruise. He’s the real “Joker”, maybe he should be cast?

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  10. Personally, I think the greatest rumor of the Joker has been Michael Keaton. I think he could seriously pull it off. Combine his performances of Beetlejuice and the constable in “Much Ado About Nothing” with the dark side he showed us in “Pacific Heights” and “Desperate Measures” and and we have the perfect Joker, without being too over the top.

    Plus, it would give a few of us something to geek out about. “Look, Batman is the Joker.”

  11. does anyone even consider the fact that joker is of tall stature and skinny? yes robin williams could play the part, if we are following the jack nicholson template, — but i would want a younger joker only if he is introduced to a younger batman, which he is… plus, to give it to robin williams, when clearly and you can see from the picture, he would make a pretty goddamn good penguin– short old stocky joker, is ok, but i really want the WB’s cartoon treatment of the joker–tall, menacing, and psychotic.

  12. well how about mark hamill who does an excellent job on the toons–he has the voice not sure about the mannerisms—rob schnieder? ok i could see it but all i would see is a manwhore…dandanbul

  13. John I couldn’t agree with you more on this one. The funny thing is that Williams was up for a role in a past Batman film. He was in serious consideration for the part of the Riddler, but as we all know Jim Carry got it in the end.

    I think Williams would do a great job. As much as I was on board for Paul B. to play the role, if Williams was the one to get it, I would not complain at all.

    The Joker doesn’t have to go fist to cuffs with the Dark Knight, he has almost always used his goons and gadgets to take him on. Joker is much more of a crazy master mind rather than a physical bad guy.

    Now another important question is, will they have Harley Quinn? And if so, who could play her?

  14. Robin Williams would play a good joker but I think The Joker needs to be younger.
    Crispin Glover is my first pick to play either the Riddler or the Joker.
    Christian Slater would also be a good choice given his often mentioned similarities with Jack Nicholson.Although that could bring a weird negative of being too similar.

  15. I agree with most of you. Penguin, not Joker.

    I like the idea of Sean Penn being the Joker. The Joker must be a bit more physical and I just don’t see it happen with Williams.

  16. Absolutely not.

    I respect you guys, I love this site, so I wont go totally nuts, but I saw this headline and thought you were joking. No way in hades.

  17. If this is the path they are taking for the sequel, then I’d rather see Andy Dick or Billy Bob Thornton as the Joker (with either Jessica Simpson, Julia Stiles or Reese Whitherspoon as Harley Quinn…and if Topher Grace can be a Spider-Man villain, then cast Ashton Kutcher as Harvey Dent).

  18. Tim Roth, Johnny Depp, or Christian Slater would all do better for the Joker.

    Remember this is in Jack Nicholson’s shadow. In comparison, Robin Williams couldn’t ever play the Joker. If he ever made a Batman villain, The Penguin would work way better for him.

  19. Robin Williams is a bit too obvious a choice for Joker. Like Robin Williams in his serious roles grab you because its not what you expect. And what made Jack Nicholsen interesting is that he really isn’t the guy you’d have on your top 20 “Joker” list.

    Personally, i prefer that the franchise stays young and nameless. Big names are a distraction and in superhero films they are completely unecessary.

  20. TM:

    Here’s the list of those actors known to have had thier hat in the ring, and/or lobbied/rumored by fans, in no order:

    Adrian Brody
    Johnny Depp
    Crispin Glover
    Paul Bettany
    Robin Williams (recent)
    Hugo Weaving
    Lachey Hume (the dark horse of the bunch)

    Now, Hume fits the ‘unknown’ bill, but in a odd way, so does Bettany, although most people have seen him as Chaucer in Knights Tale or the two films he was opposite Russell Crowe. Few have seen Firewall.

  21. Love the pic you chose: I used it as a base pic manip a few months ago over at Comics2Film- but my thought was that Williams would make a great PENGUIN. not Joker.

    In any case, you make good points for him being Joker (and they could apply to Pengy as well) but, that said, let me do this retort:

    1) There is no guarantee that the villian would be Joker. The card at the end of the film was meant only as a tip of the hat to the fanbase. Two-Face and Penguin are also canidates for the next Batman. Granted, Joker is the strongest of contenders. But no villians have been confirmed as of today.

    2) If the new series of films are to protray Batman rouges in a ‘realistic’ manner while remaining true to the comics as much as possible (as was the intent of ‘Begins’) then the new Joker cannot go too much over the top. Williams would, in my opinion, do this. Also, how big of a role would it be? The biggest criticism of Burton’s film was that the Joker took center stage over Batman. We knew a lot about the Joker (more than we should have) more than we did Bruce Wayne-Batman. Is that what Nolan would want?

    3) I think it would be best if the actor isn’t well known, or at best, goes uncredited like Gary Oldman did in Hannibal or take a psydonym like Al Pacino did in Dick Tracy. The Joker, I think, should have some sense of mystery to him. In any case, Hume aside, there are other actors out there who can do the job. Even Ben Stiller. (Note: “Who’s playing Joker?” could have the same results as “Who are the Spider-Man villians from last year)

    Under clown makeup age may not be an issue, but I think it is best if the actor is near the age of Christian Bale, or could pass for same. Could Williams do it? Couldn’t Denis Leary? Vince Vaughn?

    4) Being an Oscar nominee or winner does help, but so what? What Oscar nomination did Christian Bale get before Batman? Casting an Oscar Winner/nominee in part helps, but it is not a requirement.

    5) So Williams worked with Nolan. So what? Does that mean Carrie-Anne Moss will play Catwoman? Or does that give credibility to those silly internet rumors about Hugh Jackman and Harvey Dent (or Guy Pearce, for that matter)? No.

    6) Does Williams’ schedule need to have a clear window for the next Batman? Yes. Now, that said, he is bringing it up now, so it is possible he could fit it in. But if Williams isn’t availble by the time they are ready to roll…

    7) Yes, I do think you are out to lunch. But not entirely. There was once a time when Williams was considered for the Riddler before it went to Jim Carrey, I believe. I do know Williams made a great Popeye, though. In any case, instead of 100%, I’d give Williams 50/50.

  22. Hey there Yodaf:

    You said:

    “A role like The Joker calls for a loud, boisterous presence, and I’m afraid he’d insert too much Robin Williams shtick into it.”

    Put your fears at ease… I don’t think you have anything to base that assumption on. He can do both extremes very well… at least better than any other actor I’ve heard mentioned. The total nut bar (Death To Smootchy) and the subdued dred evil (the other films already mentioned). he can also do the stoic intellectual (which at times the true Joker is) as he won his Oscar for in Good Will Hunting.



  23. John, you’re half right:

    Robin played dark and evil very well in Insomnia and One Hour Photo, but those were quiet and reserved characters. In fact, that’s when Williams is scariest, perhaps because it’s so uncharacteristic. A role like The Joker calls for a loud, boisterous presence, and I’m afraid he’d insert too much Robin Williams shtick into it.

  24. Hey Joel,

    I see where you’re coming from, but consider this:

    – Morgan Freeman
    – Michael Caine
    – Katie Holmes
    – Gary Oldman
    – Liam Neeson

    on and on. the big names didn’t take away from the movie because they were TALENTED people… not just big names like Arnold.

    Also, the reason I think Williams would be great for the role, is not because he’s a name… but because of his talent level and what I think he could bring to the role.

    Big names don’t need to be distracting… if they perform with skill and talent.

    Just my thoughts.


  25. RE: Robin Williams as the Joker – so obivious, so tired, so lame. He was in the running way back when for the Riddler in the Screwmucker B-man days. Give it a rest Robin, make a “Mork” movie with (fill in with latest ‘it’ girl) as Mindy and (fill in fading a-lister) as her father.

  26. Sean Penn has gone on record as saying he will not act in a Fantasy movie. I wouldn’t want him in the part anyway, I think he’s too much of a one note actor.

    Williams would be entertaining in the part but then aren’t we going back to the route of the actors playing the villian being the focus of the movie? That’s what ruined the first 4 Batman movies. They were somewhat enjoyable but Batman Begins was supposed to be the beginning of a series where the focus goes back on Batman the character and not the who’s who of Hollywood playing all of the villians.

  27. Considering the factg i think Nicolson was a bad Joker(i don’t care how many academy awards he has) i don’t thin Williams is right for the part

  28. I am a HUGE fan of Mr Williams, and YES, him as Joker would be fantastic! It just makes so much sense! Nolan is a smart fella and make the right choice (Mr Williams please!)…I thought of Jim Carrey as Joker once a long time ago…but oh well :P

  29. I would be alright with him being the Joker. I know he would be good in the role. It is according to how Nolan wants to go with the character. I think though, that if he goes darker, then he should go with Sean Penn. I mean, I could see Sean Penn’s face almost the entire film behind a large collar and large brimmed hat. So that all you can see is the smile. How sweet would that be. But if they are going to go with a little more campy version, then Williams will be great.

  30. Robin Williams is a good actor. I’m sure he’ll nail the Joker character down well. I can’t say if he’ll be the best as I don’t know the competition.

    Anyone know the other actors competing for the character?

  31. I would like to see Robin Williams play the Penguin to be honest. Even that picture you have up looks like he is the Penguin. I think Tim Roth would make a great Joker, but one actor I would love to play the Joker would be Adrien Brody. He would be perfect, his face just has the same shape as the Joker’s. Crispin Glover would be another name I have in mind.

  32. robin williams…I rather him on One Hour Photo and Insomnia the those craps like Patch Adams or Flubber…yeps, he could handle a Joker. lately, been thinkin’ bout what a friend told…rememberin’ Tina Turner as Aunty Entity (his part) at Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985)…crossin’ with Turner’s video “The Best” (my part), I think Tina Turner would do a great “Storm” for the X-Men…if she weren’t that old or unappealing to the masses nowadays, of course…. Halle Berry is just so “petit”, fragile and…cute…and Storm, to me is more like woman with sorta rustic features….I don’t know…seemed to me a beeter choice in an alternative world….

  33. the only thing i would say is i don’t really see him being very competent in action scenes…i know they can fake that, but it is so much nicer when the actor can actually fight.

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