Meg-MovieOk, tell me how kick ass this picture is??? I almost couldn’t care what you told me the name of this movie was… I’d want to see it just based on that picture (I’m shallow). The movie is called Meg (short for Megaladon I think). Meg is a giant 80 ft. prehistoric shark that begins to terrorize the California Coast.

It’s based on the book Meg which actually had 2 follow up books. This picture is actual conceptual art from the film. Holy CRAP!!! I’d LOVE to see this in screen. Look at that sucker!!! Oh man, I’m so easily amused.

The film is being directed by Jan de Bont (Die Hard, Basic instinct, The Hunt For Red October) so its got some cred behind it already. If you want to see a larger version of this pic you can head over here.

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  2. Lets get this movie into theaters already!! We need to start putting the pressure on. Whats wrong with Hollyweird? Have they gotten so caught up in their strange little world that they forget what America Wants? We want adrenaline pumping, blood spurting old fashioned gore. Give us what we want, Give us Meg. As for Jaws it had its place but this is 2006 and technology can give us monster Jaws which is what we want.

  3. ummm, ok i really like twister and speed, i thought they were extremely entertaining with all the basic principles in them (protagonist, antagonist, character develepoement, comedic relief, good action sequences, beginning middle, end) and thats why they were enjoyable (movies made for all audiences) so i got nothin against the director and if he could make this movie into a hit as well, go for it. i think the shark looks freakin terrifying and i’d see it. have not had a good shark movie since…deep blue sea and that was a wicked movie. (poor samuel L)

  4. While Jaws is one of my favorite movies ever, just because it was well done doesn’t mean that huge sharks are forever off limits for future movies. Meg was a great book, and it could be a GREAT movie if handled properly. This actually mirrors the development of Jaws itself…..

  5. Directed by the guy who makes a bus jumps on the highway? Heck yeah! I’m in!! Snakes on a plane this summer and Meg maybe next year? Wow!

  6. Holy crap! Holy crap!! Holy crap!!!

    I’ve been waiting for this movie for years. When I first saw the trailer for that 1998 “Godzilla” mess, the scene where NOT-zilla is rushing toward the docks just under the water. First thing that popped in my head, Meg.

    I thank Playboy for introduce me to author Steve Alten, back in 1997 they gave a positive review. I bought the hardback (Meg) later that week. Most excellent.

  7. John, you said that you never implied that Jan De Bont directed those films, but it’s a case of your wording in the post hat gets people confused. Indeed, what harm would it have done if you just mentioned ‘Speed’ or ‘Twister’? Not everyone liked ‘Twister’- me included- but it was a hit, as was “The Haunting”.

    “Meg” has been in delevopment hell for several years; it’s great that the project is back on track. Yes, Jan DeBont has has missteps as a director; but so do many other directors. I loved “Deep Blue Sea” and “Cliffhanger”. Would I be concerned if Renny Harlin was behind the camera instead of DeBont? Not really. But Harlin has had his share of DOA’s. Furthermore, “Meg” DeBont is no way on the same level as that hack Andersen; he is layers above in quality.

    John has every right to be exited. My only concern is that if he leaves, a new director like say, Roland Emmerich, (hint, hint, put on your thinking cap Int’l friends) is brought on and the script is tossed in favor of a new one.

  8. Great. Just great. I -live- on the central California coast (San Luis Obispo) and goto the beach a lot! Just when I thought it was safe to go in the water…

  9. John, if Jan de Bont had directed ANY of the movies you listed as being in his credits I’d agree with you that the movie has some credibility.

    But all de Bont did was serve as a Cinematographer on those films.

    Instead, here’s what he’s actually directed… it’s not pretty:

    Meg (2007) (in production)
    Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (2003)
    The Haunting (1999)
    Speed 2: Cruise Control (1997)
    Twister (1996)
    Speed (1994)

    That’s right, Meg is directed by Jan de Bont, the man who brought you Tom Raider 2, Speed: Cruise Control and Twister.

    Sorry, the fact that he served as a Cinematographer on Basic Instinct doesn’t make me feel all warm and glowy about his credibility as a director. As a director, de Bont has zero credibility. He’s little better than Paul W.S. Anderson.

  10. Damn, the shark is the size of a small train. I guess they’ll have to pull out the “big guns” to hunt this one. Spears won’t do any good.

    I could probably wanna see it. Let see what happens…

  11. Indeed, de Bont didn’t direct those movies. He did direct Speed, which is one of the best action movies ever. He also did Speed 2: Cruise Control(!), but let’s ignore that.

  12. This film does look exciting. I loved Deep Blue Sea.

    On one nitpicking note, Jan De Bont didn’t direct any of the films mentioned in the post. However, he was the cinematographer. I assume he’s directing this? Just want to make sure Jan De bont isn’t getting credit for the classics mentioned above (outside of a cinematography point of view).

  13. If you think that looks cool, check out this test footage from Everything in it is CGI – the sharks, the helicopter, and the water.

    I’ve read the Meg books from the beginning and can’t wait for the movie. So many great scenes which should be in the movie: the shark jumping to attack a helicopter, getting the surfer through the waves, and even attacking fans in the water during a Giants game.

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