15 thoughts on “John Reviews Inside Man

  1. Oh my golly. Good text, – but could you possibly watch less E! Less salespitch more personality please.

    Great work you do here anyway boss. Don’t get me all to wrong

  2. you’re not sexy to me, John. Have no fear.

    However, (lol) I really enjoyed this. This is the first video I’ve really been able to enjoy on this site. I think this could be the way to go with your vid clips. It loaded very quickly with next to no buffering time and the picture was clear as a bell.

    you have a good grasp on the broadcasting artform. your body language draws the viewer into the piece ( but you’re still not sexy to me ) and you had more than a few good points to say.

    I would like to see more of this type of review.

  3. Good review, John, but one thing – ditch the swivel chair! It seems innocuous when you’re filming the bit, but it’s a big TV no-no to be jiggling around like that. Otherwise, great stuff.

    Maybe you can get a leather wing chair like Alistair Cooke?

  4. What I really liked about this movie was that it was realistic. The guy didnt threaten to do something when people didnt comply and not follow through, he actually acted on his threats, making this movie more believable.

  5. Spike Lee is really underrated, I think too many people let his perceived political stance etc. over shadow the fact that he maybe the most talented filmmaker of his generation. I am really looking forward to seeing this, nice review.

  6. Lemme say… i love the “No, Go, & Routh” scale. A friend of mine was watching your review over my shoulder and was like “What the hell is ‘no, go or row'”! I laughed, then explained, and he thought i was simple. But, i still love the scale!

  7. I forgot how sexy Campea is :D :P

    I enjoyed the film as well, though I thought it was horribly slow in places and yes there was no need for Foster to be in it, it added nothing to the story.

    Keep up the good work

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