Hilarious King Kong Outtakes

Recently, King Kong won the Empire Awards for Best Picture. In one of the best pre-recorded acceptance speeches off all time, Peter Jackson talked about some of the “problems” with the production of the film… and the fact that he’d rather have another Oscar. Seriously… it wasn’t disrespectful at all… it was just really funny.

Then, Jackson included a whole bunch of King Kong outtakes. MAN THERE IS A LOT of creative swearing in it! I almost spit up my water a couple of times I was laughing so damn hard. You really have to see this.

You can see the King Kong outtakes and Peter Jackson’s acceptance speech here. (via)

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9 thoughts on “Hilarious King Kong Outtakes

  1. The end of KING KONG was sad.The film was soo Breath Taking soo real and the Graphics of KING KONG was soo Fantastic. wish KING KONG didn’t die then their would be a KING KONG 2. but their will never be a KING KONG 2 soo boring

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That was funny! I really liked the beginning;

    Colin Hanks: I think I just nailed this fuckin’ picture, MOVIE OVER!

    Jack Black: Now wait a minute…

    I was surprised of how much film they still had for Kong with all the outtakes on Jack Black. This should be a good example of how Jackson made him from “funny actor” to “good casting choice”.

    Also, was that last clip of Kong going to NYC really necessary?

    BTW, Jackson made a BURN to Brokeback Mountain! They deserved that with all their complaining.

    Hey, Jackson won Empire’s Best Film award! Congratulations to ya! I knew this film had something special going for it. Too bad I fell for his ‘April Fool’ joke about a sequel being made. BRING ON HALO!!!

    On a related note: TAKE THAT, NARNIA. Sorry. I’m thinking about buying that movie though.

  3. Was he serious about releasing an extended Kong later this year? How extended can a three hour monkey movie be? Oh well, I might as well not bitch because I know I’ll buy it just to hear his commentary. I love me some PJ, although since he lost the weight, he’s looking more Frodo, less Sam.

  4. That was great. I wonder if he’ll leave the swearing in the DVD outtakes? It always bugs me that, even on R-rated DVDs, they “beep” the swearing in the bloopers. Annoying. If anything, I’d rather they just cut the sound at that point. But that’s another topic.

    Is it just me or, since he lost weight, isn’t he starting to resemble Dominic Monaghan.

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