Goblet of Fire Special Edition DVD

HarryPotter-GOF-Poster.jpgSo we can instantly disregard the purchasing of the first released DVD, that will be the single disc boring edition, waiting for the now announced Special Edition is where it’s at.

The details are from Dark Horizons through Cinematical, and make it sound quite interesting. A two disc special with new footage, interviews with the three leads, trading cards, interactive shenannigans and six featurettes on the three Tri-Wizard tasks, the Yule Ball, Voldermort, etc, etc…Look, there’s loads, and in traditional HP:SE style, the menus and access will be really pretty cool and ensure you do a lot of exploring.

Other news is that all the HP:SE DVD’s to date are coming out in a special “we’ll take advantage half way through the series” boxset…I won’t fall for that one, but I might pick up this special edition to add to the…ermmm…girlfriends’ collection…not mine, oh no. Ahem.

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