Revenge of the Sith review by Richard

Rich-DarthTater.jpg“Twenty eight years, I worked it out” said the guy next to me as we sat and waiting for the movie to start. For those of us who saw, and loved, the original Star Wars trilogy this has been a long wait, and the journey over the past few years an extremely disappointing one. So when the music began and those famous words appeared, my excitement and expectations could not have been any higher.

Firstly, let me pitch where my review is coming from. I did love the original Star Wars, and I thought that Episode I was awful, it should have been just twenty minutes of a real movie, and the excellent baddie of Darth Maul should have been made much more of. Episode II, for me, didn’t fair much better, and if you asked me now what I liked, I find it hard to remember much other than the closing scene.

So I think I approach this from a slightly different angle than John, and also I’m Scottish and seeing it much later! I’ve avoided the reviews, even John’s and the Audio Blog, and really tried to see it for what it is. Before I delve in, let me just shout out a big thanks to Craig at the Vue Cinema for inviting me to the press screening. What I’ll do is try to write as generally as I can about it and then enter a spoiler thick zone, so for now, here goes with the safe to read.

The words appeared and the scrolling tomes with the music booming and the camera panned down through the stars…

The first twenty to thirty minutes had me really worried. I thought that this was going to turn out to be another Clones, with huge battles and every droid or non-human creature that was encountered spoke with a stupid childlike voice. Excuse me for one moment, if I’m going to build an army of robots, or even just a few to maintain a space ship I’m going to make absolutely sure that they have decent voices that wouldn’t cause my troops to shoot them in the face after days of space travel. Anyway, my worries grew, and my expectations fell through to the floor.

That soon changed though. The movie picks up pace, brings together the crucial parts of the story that let you see exactly where it’s going and set various events in motion to produce some stunningly satisfying moments. All except for one that is, one crucial pay off moment is done so badly and looks so wrong it ruined it for me. There are some exceptionally cheesy moments too, and these tend to be at the points where various strands of the story are brought together and a revelation or pay off moment is about to come.

However, for the most part the movie builds the darkness in Anakin slowly, and you are shown the gradual change of him moving from the light to the dark side. You can actually see how hard some of the decisions are that he faces in order to walk his path, and there are decisions, not just one moment of a choice. What you also see is that his decisions are not clear cut, they are hard and tortorous, it pains him to travel to the dark path. You also see just how brutal and evil the dark side is, but also that even the Sith believe, in their own ways, that what they are doing is for the good of the Galaxy. You actually have some understandings of their motives and the light and dark are not the polar opposites you may have once thought.

The acting range is huge here. Both the Emporer and Anakin are played superbly by Ian McDiarmid and Hayden Christensen, despite the odd cheesy piece of dialogue, whereas Ewan McGregor does feel like he tries too hard to be Alec Guinness and seems stifled and restrained in his more human moments. For me the two baddies are by far the best acted, along with that of Yoda. Despite being funny in his previous fight scene of Episode II, in this movie he really is the flag carrier for the Jedi and his scenes are huge stealers. This time you believe he’s the strongest Jedi.

I can’t go without talking of the battle scenes. They are amazing, the effects and the CGI work is truly stunning, and Lucas and his team have really excelled here. The huge swooping scenes, scale of battles and ships, camera movement through the CGI, etc. it’s a wonderful sight to behold, and this time it doesn’t overtake the story. Even the Jedi fighting scenes are a huge improvement, there are more, they seem slicker and involve the use of more powers. The fight scenes with General Grevious are superb, only bettered by the final battles of the Jedi masters.

Okay so what did I think of the movie? Well, after those twenty eight years it has a lot to live up to. It has to complete the circle and bring the audience who grew up with the originals right back to that point, it also had to cater for those new generations that Lucas had pulled in with his kiddies Episode I and teens Episode II. Most importantly though, he had to get the adults back. For me, he’s done it.

I’m surprised as I didn’t think that I would like it and John, being a bigger fan than I am, would have been hyped up to the ceiling and pumping a 9 or 10 out of 10 for it. It turns out I think I liked it more than he did! Yes, there are faults, and there are some key scenes that are destroyed but there are some amazingly strong ones.

The scene where Anakin looks out across the city to Padme’s palace, and she looks back towards the Jedi temple, is surprisingly strong, and perfectly positioned. The decisions and actions have led to this point and now Anakin faces his toughest choice, and the movie reflects this. It’s perfectly timed, it carries the weight of the movie and the tipping point is reached, the decision made. You can feel the tension and the heartache in those moments, and then C3PO walks in. At least he doesn’t say anything. It’s at moments like this you can see the brilliance in these movies and in Lucas, but now and again something brings it down, although thankfully this really does stop in the latter half of the movie and it just gets darker and darker, and bleaker and bleaker.

So before I go too spoiler thick, what do I think? I’d love to give it a 9 or 10 because of the entire journey and now knowing where we have come to, but I can’t. The poor moments and the hugely ruined scene just can’t let me. I’m going for an 8 out of 10.

Now, let me go spoiler thick and talk about some of these scenes. I know for a lot of you now this means you’ll be leaving, but please come back after you’ve seen the movie and read, then comment and put me right!

…Entering BIG Spoiler Section – Do not read if you haven’t seen the film…

Obviously the opening sequences of the movie annoyed me to the point of thinking this was another Episode II. Every robot and creature appeared with some silly voice and childish actions, hugely overdone. The creatures attaching themselves to Kenobi’s space ship, the droids talking to each other when they arrive on Grevious’ ship, they all add up at the start. It’s not so bad when there’s a small light moment, for instance later on in the movie, before Darth Vader appears to the Seperatists and destroy them, he is preceeded by a bunch of small droids, scattering out of his way, a brief respite from the darkened moments.

The build up to Anakins first decision towards the dark side is superb, you feel the tension and struggle he is having, and at every turn his decisions seem confused. Then when he makes the choice to cut off the arm of Windu and prevent him from killing Palpatine, you are torn and that is where the lines of good and bad are really blurred. That’s something that Lucas has managed to convey excellently. However, just after Windu is killed and the Emporer talks of his plans, Anakin just meekly kneels and accepts everything far too easily. I really felt that for all the confusion and torture he’d been going through that was a huge moment for him, he kills a Jedi and looks to the Emporer, but he’s not fully decided, and he just kneels and accepts. That was just a bit too easy.

Also his speech to Padme when she confronts him with Kenobi seems overrated and suddenly wildly over the top. Perhaps it is what he’s feeling and he’s clutching at straws to keep her and give her what she wants by using his new found powers, but it seems too much again. However, it does lead up perfectly to the fight that follows.

The fight between Kenobi and Anakin is a huge payoff. It’s fantastic, epic, wild and filled with emotion. I could sense myself getting tense as I watched them battling, wondering how they were going to come to the conclusion that I knew had to be round the corner. Then it comes, and that’s another huge payoff for all the fans, nevermind the older fans making the connections. This Jedi battle is closely cut with that of Yoda and the Emporer, which is where Yoda really makes his presence felt. Gone is the giggling at yoda leaping about, and the power he commands is really felt in these scenes, he really does prove to be a Jedi Master. You can almost taste the disappointment and failure that Yoda feels as he says “I’ve failed”.

Then the biggest payoff of all comes, and the lead in is done wonderfully as well. I think this might become a true moment of cinema lore. While Anakin truly becomes Vader and the machines rebuild him and attach his plastic suit, Padme struggles and simply gives up on life as she gives birth to the twins of Leia and Luke. The connection between them in this scene, and of the one I mentioned earlier in the review, are incredibly strong and hugely fulfilling. These were the strongest scenes of the movie.

The weakest, and the most disappointing for me, is the scene when Vader is in full suit and raises towards the camera, the cinema is silent and the tension is huge. The platform is raised, the camera comes back, and Vader looks like way too skinny and small in his plastic suit, there really is something wrong with the way he looks in that scene, and the staggered walk, overacted scream, it’s just far too cheesy and weak. The Emporer has a wonderful moment there though when he completes the transformation of Anakin to the Vader we all know and love with the line that Anakin himself has killed Padme. Superb.

You know, to step back for a moment, one other scene that does well to hit you emotionally is the slaughter of the Jedi. This was surprisingly strong, the shots of them leading the Stormtroopers to battle who suddenly revealed their hidden orders – how had we forgotten their true purpose – and their point blank betrayal of their Jedi leaders is really cold and hits you hard. The various shots of Jedi’s fighting in far off battles and being murdered in cold blood convey the sadness and helplessness of their destruction and pave the way for the feelings of despair that the dark side has won, even though you know ultimately they will lose! When Anakin walks into the last refuge of the Jedi temple to the innocent children who ask him what they should do, and his plain answer is the powering on of his lightsaber is surprisingly shocking for such a movie, and it’s scenes like these that show why it was rated strongly.

There, those are the spoiler scenes I really wanted to talk about in the review! Okay, so now you’ve seen it, what do you think? What scenes stood out for you? Did you get the same feelings above? Good, bad, indifferent? Are you a new fan, an old fan? Get talking!

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23 thoughts on “Revenge of the Sith review by Richard

  1. Something that has just occured to me.

    What was Anakin thinking when he thought the Emp. would pass on his knowledge of eternal life to him? The cycle would just repeat itself, with Anakin killing his master, which he could have done if not losing large parts of his body, thereby reducing his mitachlorian count by quite a bit, I would say.

    Yet I digress. Anakin should have figured out that to protect his own life, the Emporer would NOT pass on his knowledge to him. The Palpatine was in fact LYING! Maybe Anakins mind was being clouded by Palpatine, so Anakin could only think what Palpatine WANTED him to think. That is the only rational explation that saves the whole plot there.

    And just finally, what about General Grievous?
    Matthew Stover’s book has him as a mighty warriour, someone to be feared, yet the movie has him as a gasping invalid that seems to be clinging to life, a thing to be pitied and, quite honestly, I just couldn’t take him seriously!
    The only light relief was when Grievous snatched the Jedi’s lightsabres from a droid! I thought it hilarious when the droids response was a sulky “your welcome”.


  2. I have read the book by Matthew Stover, and after watching the movie, I regretted wasting my money! The book is WAAAYYYY better than the movie! Matthew Stover ROCKS!!

  3. First of all, thanks for the enteraining read for the past 20 mins – like most of you I have waited a long time to see this and ended up seeing it three times (twice of my own accord and once due to uncle duties) as Vader puts it “the circle is now complete” although there were one or two bits that I too felt let the movie down but overall the film was good to watch

    My issues and observations to the film were

    We could have done without the obvious introduction of the droids to Captain Antillies.

    Surly there were more people than senator Organa, Senator Amidala and Chewwee who would have joined the rebellion or at least shown some disaproval to the new galactic empire (plus the hunting of the jedi) as it would have been nice to see them as the movie ends with no hope for the jedi but we start episode 4 with a whole load of rebels against the empire.

    Is there anyone whose read the books who could explain the situation with sifa dious (as he was the one who started the clones and no doubt embedded order 66 in them) seems like he was another Jedi who turned to the Sith way – unless the cloners lied or were tricked

    I believe that in order for Obi Wan to beat Anakin surely he must have used a bit of the dark side when fighting him as Luke did vs Vader, Windu vs Sidious and Obi Wan vs Maul(when Gi Gon Gin was chopped in Episode 1)before you say it I know he did express anger but that was at the end of the fight when he had already chopped Anakin and to be honest after seeing his pupil chop the younglings(the only really badly acted part) I was shocked he wasn’t levid

    How comes Windu wasn’t strong enough with the force to reappear after death like Yoda, Obi Wan, Gi Gon and Anakin

    I do think when Leia talked of her mother who dies when she was young she WAS refering to her foster mum (Organa) who up to that point she believed to be her real mother.

    I also feel tha the Vader bit at the end was cheesey with the princlple Seymour Skinner scream as the Vader we love no doubt would have suited grimacing and groaning before squeezing and chopping some worker droids

    And it would have been good to see Vader hunting down more Jedi and Sand people

    I didn’t understand Obi Wan’s amnesia regarding R2D2 in episode 4 as he obviously worked close with him in epidoses 1,2 and 3 and talking of R2 the down grading he recieves for episode 4 needs looking at not to mention his hacking abilities into every terminal point the only technology that doesn’t seem to change thru all 6 movies.

    It was good to see that Jarjar and 3P0 were kept quiet and out of the most the picture.

    Finally has any one else heard about the star wars tv series? I personally feel this would destroy the movies although if made they could be very good

  4. I thought you were spot on with a few issues. Anakin√¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s struggle between the light and dark side, was indeed a struggle for him. I found that after Windu√¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s death, Anakin transformed into a mindless character, who completely lost all morals and principles that he stood by only minute√¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s before-hand. Indeed, thereafter, everything seems too easy–the killing of the young Jedis, the slaughter of the separatists, even his maniacal dialogue with Obi-won right before their fight commences. Furthermore, Anakin√¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s rationale behind transforming to the darkside was primarily based around the fact that he wanted to acquire the “special” powers to save Padme. Having said that, he alternatively ends up hurting padme and defects over to the darkside whilst completely losing sight of his original reason for doing so. This is where I think the plot loses some strength, at least in my opinion. Having said that, I also thought Darth Vader, as the table raised, looked very small, skinny, meek, etc… It just did not look right, as you pointed out.

  5. I think the other, and possibly easier explanation, is that she was referring to her adopted mother, because she didn’t know she was until it was revealed Luke and Leia were brother\sister?

    Still, I don’t think the gaps between this movie and A New Hope are considered plot holes, these are the ones running throughout the movie in itself, not throughout the Star Wars series.

  6. JL, the Force is strong with you mate! :-)

    There are a few question left unanswered, and that is why for years to come we will still be talking about these films.

    I wanted so much to find out who Sifo Dyas was, but this wasnt revealed either in this movie, but you can tell now who could it actually be.

  7. For Elena—
    Okay, this is long, so bear with me. You are correct that Leia should not remember Padme. Luke and Leia never learned about their parents until Luke first encountered Vader in Empire Strikes Back. However, Queen Organa and Senator Organa were Leia’s adopted parents. The Queen dies also, when Leia is “very young,” and only remembers, “images really, and that she was beautiful and very sad.” Perhaps because the Queen could never have children of her own, plus she could not tell Leia who she really was. A doubly sad burden to bear.

    Star Wars lore and trivia folks however, may point to the strength of the Force in Anakin and Padme that passed on to the children in the 9 months of pregnancy. That Leia would remember Padme’s sadness at losing Anakin and Luke would not is the hole in this theory. But feasible is the feelings and traits a mother passes to her children during pregnancy. Pediatricians and child psychologists among other medical professionals often point to a mother’s experiences and emotional and physical intake as having profound influence on her children before birth that manifests itself as the children grow older. Of course we tend to look strange at people who can remember any of their childhood before age 2 1/2…Try the first explanation, though. I am sure it is more plausible.

  8. About Padme’s death.(
    I saw “The Return of the Jedi” ages ago so I don’t know uif I’m right. I remember a scene, when Luke tells Leia that they are brother and sister. He asks her if she remembers her mother. She says she does, vaguely, that she was a very beautiful woman, always sad.
    If Padme dies in childbith, it is impossible that Leia remember her. How could George Lucas have overlooked such a detail?

  9. my first comment at the end of the film was
    ‘that was cool!’ i agree about ‘creation of vader’ scene: he doesn’t look right and the acting is ridiculous. i had been really disappointed with episodes one and two: juvenile, bad acting, convoluted plots. i found myself not caring about the characters, which is a sure sign of a bad film. episode 3 however, made me a fan again.
    and returned me to the cinema of so long ago,
    i think i was 6 or 7. star wars had been a formative cinema experience for me, and (like dance music and graphic design)the allusions to something i loved as kid really warm my heart. episode 3 was dramatic, interesting, and it looked great. i think the definitive star wars trilogy
    is episodes 3, 4 and 5. the ewoks were jumping the shark, and jar-jar was death itself. (fart jokes, my god.) i really like grievous’s droid body guards, design-wise. and greivous himself was pretty cool (though i wasn’t so impressed with his giant unicycle). it would’ve been much better if anakin had had real trouble with the massacre of the innocents, rather than simply seeming determined to do it. the moral dimension to this decision doesn’t really seem plausible. the emporer had only hinted that they might be able to overcome death. you’d want more of a guarantee before you rushed off killing children. at first palpatine had been promising power over death,
    and then he says maybe, and then he doesn’t pay off at all. darth should be way pissed with him.
    and what did the emporer mean ‘you killed her yourself’? the scene of of confrontation between anakin and padme seems implausible too. anakin really shouldn’t be seeming untroubled about killing children to save her, and shouldn’t be presenting it to her as a natural and easy choice. really his motivation for doing that is insufficiently strong and clear and it is the defining moral moment of the movie, the evil act that turns him from anakin to vader. if this had been better resolved and presented it would have made this a great film, rather than just way cool.

  10. I found myself sitting through 2/3’s of the movie thinking, “I thought you were a Jedi!!!” I guess it had been several decades since a Jedi faced a Sith Lord. But still, just about everyone went out like a punk. Yoda and Ben are the only ones who put up a decent fight. Looks like the Force wasn’t with anyone else. Shucks, even Dooku exited stage left in a 1:12 fashion!
    Now for the real assault: 1) What’s with R2’s fancy tricks, seems like he got down-graded after episode III. I guess I’d misplace my oil slick, flamethrower, rocket boosters, and arms after 20 years of hiding too! 2) Lucas tries to hard to introduce characters that will appear later in the series, like “Captain Antilles”–who later becomes General Antilles and Wedge Antilles (Luke’s wingman in New Hope and later Rogue Squadron Leader)father. It’s like Lucas threw him in at the last second.He doesn’t even appear until the second scene from the end of the film. 3)What’s with making every ship look like something that appears in the last three films? All the one’s from the first three episodes like faster, more armed, and easier to
    operate than the crap the Imperials and Rebels use later. I guess that’s what happens when you make the last three BEFORE the first three. Probably easier to say the Death Star was busy in between episode three and four, and all the Emperor’s fancy clothes and good ships got vaporized. 4)General Grievious gets FOUR lightsabers and loses the first two in the first 14 seconds of the fight?! That’s wack; no wonder he ran from Ben!
    Overall, I’d give the film a 7 out of 10. That for explaining everything too much. George Lucas is such a great director and Star Wars is such a great saga that he should just make those last three stories he hid and finally answer all those questions his fans have. For those like me who want more from Lucas, play the video game. It’s rocks with a better explanation of how things came to be AND has alternate fight sequences for all the lead characters. Plus there’s a secret ending for those that can figure out (with patience, not cheat codes)how to defeat Ben Kenobi when he fights Anakin for the last time.

    p.s. For Francis-

    Lightsabers come in blue, green, purple (Sam Jackson’s character), yellow and orange for Jedi. Red is a Sith-only color. Additionally, Jedi can learn to master two sabers at once, or a double-blade saber as seen by Darth Maul.

  11. Actually, I found all you’ve mentioned as no problem at all, well, I am a huge SW geek, slice me up me now, there’ll probably be midichlorians coming out of me but I thought they were alright, not perfect, but it got the message across.

    My favorite scene will have to be this, just like Richard’s, “The scene where Anakin looks out across the city to Padme’s palace, and she looks back towards the Jedi temple, is surprisingly strong, and perfectly positioned”. The easy moments with Artoo in the beginning reminded me so much of why I loved these movies, and I was in rapture in the Grim Reaper scenes of Anakin, felt for Obi Wan when he found out it was his friend and apprentice responsible for the massacre of the Jedi. When I watch it again, I will prolly see a lot more great scenes but all in all, I dont recall having to cringe at anything in this one.

  12. I totally agree with you! I came out of the cinema this afternoon (Malaysia ’bout 12 hours earlier difference) outraged! Why outraged? Because the most important plot devices were so conveniently, or not at all, dealt with. I perceived the cutting of Windu’s hands as trying to stop him from killing Palpatine, he did insist on not killing him: saying not the Jedi way, should have fair trial, etc. I viewed his purpose going there was to help Windu not to stop him or take on Palpy’s offer despite the poignant looking at window scene preceeding it as you mentioned. I base this because despite his (perpetual) confusion and anxiousness he trully believed that Palpy was wrong and something must be done about him, insisting on his help, plus he held his lightsaber in his hand as he ran to the throneroom. I was so exited, I almost felt that he’d stop Palpy after Windu died. I just cannot accept that he just decides to give himself up to the dark side after all that he’s just seen and experienced! Bad, bad, so extremely disappointing! The other important part that was hideously uninspired was (agreeing with you again, Rich) masked Vader is finally revealed. Such an anticipated scene by all I’m sure (even by those who may have actually not fancied the eps 4,5n6, thought th’were hollow). He appears and I’m there sitting and thinking, “That’s all?” No goosebumps, no nothing! Then he finds out his Padme, his reason for all this (his own words) is dead, shouts a bit, breakes the furniture around him a bit, and that’s it? If I were in Ani’s shoes I’d turn and ask Sid,”Then what did I do all this for?” Soon after that he’s jolly well contented and joyfully helping out the Emporer for the next few decades like an eager schoolboy trying to please his teacher, Forgetting His Masterplan To Overthrow Sidious. Very WEAK! I see Star Wars as a story rather than view them as independant movies, this episode has the weakest plot than the previous 2.

    On the good side though, I was really satisfied with the fighting (aren’t we all). But didn’t like Yoda’s attempt at advertising Brylcream and Gen. Greivous was a waste of time. Loved the more emotional parts of the movie. I think only those parts carried the movie and makes it worth the while. Could have made it a little more poignant, I like getting teary-eyed in cinemas, did’nt happen this time.

    In the ending, I hailed the part when Padme’s body is being carried out and we see the pendant Ani made for her in her hand. It would have been a stronger device had that reference made earlier to it in the movie was not done. The audience would have to connect it to the first ep. Would have made a more emotional impact.

    Overall, fine movie, plotholes in the most important and anticipated parts of the STORY.

    p.s: Last movie they’re father-son, in 3 years they become brothers?
    Lightsaber colour dilemma never ending: Vader: blue?, Obi-Wan: still blue? I thought he’s in the council now. Windu: ep.2 red ep.3 blue.
    I thought it was settled apprentice: blue, master: green, evil guy: red.

    Some one please explain this knawing irritance of the year to me.

  13. Yeah, I’m off to that press conference as well – I somehow doubt that I’ll get to ask my devestatingly intelligent, perceptive and witty question (which I haven’t thought of yet)…

    Anybody got anything they’d really like to ask Georgey boy? Other than “what the hell’s happened to your neck?”, of course.

  14. Hey Simone – you have a choice of 4 newspapers – The Herald & Post (Luton)
    Times and Citizen (Bedford)
    Biggleswade Chronicle (um, Biggleswade)
    They all come out this week (19th) and will run the spoiler free version – but you need to be in one of those towns to get em…

    Next week my Baptist Times review (with extra spiritual content) will run on the 25th – but I haven’t written that one yet! You can buy this from any self respecting Christian bookshop or some of the larger newsagents…

    Will see if I can get that question in there – it’ll probably be a scrum so I might take my red lightsaber to get sufficient attention!!

  15. “The awesome scenes don’t just make up for the naff ones, they take SW fans to the point of nirvana and that – for me – is what I wanted Lucas to do!!”

    Stop it fanboy! LOL

    Aha, I almost forgot, you have the press screening with Lucas tomorrow. It’s kinda lame but please ask GL what is his favorite episode of the 6, and will there be life after Star Wars.

    Ey Matt which newspaper will carry your review, so I can buy it? Is it the same as your online review?

  16. Nice review Richard – I couldn’t hold back as much as you did and even in my spoiler free newspaper review which runs this week I’ve gushed my love for SITH… The awesome scenes don’t just make up for the naff ones, they take SW fans to the point of nirvana and that – for me – is what I wanted Lucas to do!!

    Speaking of Lucas – I’m meeting him tomorrow at a press conference… Damn, what to ask???

  17. Thanks for your review Richard!
    I skipped the spoilers like Simone (hi, girl!).

    I’m positively giddy about Thursday, it can’t get here soon enough. I may be skipping the midnight showing, so I can share the first viewing with my daughter, but at 9:30 am we’ll be reading the most famous cinematic words of my childhood “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…”

  18. More excited than ever! Past Thursday I came across a huge star wars release poster here in Barcelona streets. It was Obi Wan and Anakin duelling on an orange background. It was HUGE.

    I stared it for half a minute, people looking at me LOL. Amazing poster!!!!

  19. “Okay so what did I think of the movie? Well, after those twenty eight years it has a lot to live up to. Most importantly though, he had to get the adults back. For me, he’s done it”.

    Oh Richard!!! I could actually give you a big hug and kiss you right now! LOL This part of your review was the most important to me, especially coming from someone who is not a huge Star Wars fan. I dared not read your spoilers but I shall come back to it after my midnight screening and then give my own review. 8 out of 10 is generous enough, and now that you liked it, my anticipation has been upped a notch!

    Hi ya Peter, excited now too are ya? :-)


  20. “The acting range is huge here. Both the Emperor and Anakin are played superbly by Ian McDiarmid and Hayden Christensen”

    that’s all i needed to hear.

    thank you, richard.

  21. “The acting range is huge here. Both the Emporer and Anakin are played superbly by Ian McDiarmid and Hayden Christensen”

    that’s all i needed to hear.

    thank you, richard.

  22. For the first time, I avoided reading the spoiler section. I know what I know, but I wanna pretend to forget. Both reviews, Richard and John, are really good. They are also very different. And they reaffirm this film is gonna be one of the best cinematic experiences of my life.

    Nuff said!

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