The Aviator Takes Top Award At Producers Guild

AviatorPoster.jpgIt’s starting to look more certain that The Aviator, the biopic on the life of Howard Hughes, is going to take home Best Picture at the Oscars this year (nominees get announced tomorrow morning) as it took home top honors from the Producers Guild. Add that one to the other awards it’s already claimed this season (including best picture at the Golden Globes) and I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t win. I still think it should be “Finding Neverland”… but it won’t be.

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One thought on “The Aviator Takes Top Award At Producers Guild

  1. We share the same sentiment John.

    When I saw Finding Neverland, I thought this was the best picture for 2004, and then of course I saw other films including The Aviator and Million Dollar Baby. Heck, I even want Depp to win Best Actor, and then of course it just cant happen again for him this year, not with DiCaprio giving what I think, IMHO a better performance.

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