Mark Wahlberg courting for The Departed

MarkWahlberg.jpgSo far on the Infernal Affairs remake The Departed we’ve got Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon in the lead roles. Well the talk of late has been that Mark Wahlberg is in talks to be signed up. Empire bring us:

Walhberg will reportedly play a cop who is a key figure in DiCaprio’s life √¢‚Ǩ‚Äú which means he’s probably taking on the Anthony Wong role, as the only policeman who knows the undercover cop’s true identity, assuming that the plot doesn’t deviate hugely from the Hong Kong original.

John has voiced his concern about the remake in another post, and I totally agree. If you take all the Hollywood remakes and measure their success against the originals, I know exactly which way the weight would fall. Success and quality is against them historically, but we have a great Director and some excellent actors. However, Empire puts things so well:

The story will be relocated to Boston, and the Triads will be transformed into Irish gangsters. Which does present a few problems. First of all, the Buddhist concept of continuous hell, which underscored the original film, has no equivalent in Irish except possibly for “last orders”.

Very good point Empire. So we’re already struggling to stay with anything close to the original. However, that could be good, but are we now looking at an entirely different film pulling across little but the brief?

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3 thoughts on “Mark Wahlberg courting for The Departed

  1. wat? they r compressing trilogy into one? tat might be good, assume tat they got good plot. like start from the end of trilogy and bring out the story, seeing andy lau on his wheel chair first but not knowing whether tony is dead, giving a few hints here and there and slowly move to the story where it begins. but the touch of chinese sentimental hero will definitely be gone acting by hollywood hunk.

  2. Wahlberg probably may be playing the Leon Lai character (Yeung) from Infernal Affairs III, as that character was a crucial component of Tony Leung’s character in IA3. That is, if they’re also using storylines from the entire trilogy.

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