Jennifer Garner and Gollum — Together at last. No, for real.

That’s right kids. On screen. Together. It’s a match made in my butt, but there it is. Kinda.

13 going on 30 is in post-production through Sony pictures and will be released later in April this year. It stars Jennifer Garner who plays a 13 year old who wishes she was a grown-up and lo, it comes true.

“Hey, wait a sec, didn’t they make this movie with Tom Hanks?” — Well, yes, yes they did. But you see, Tom Hanks is a BOY.. Jennifer Garner is (quite a) Girl. Big difference. That changes everything. In a round-a-bout shady type way.

One thing I will give The Trailer, it does have its perky moments (tiddy-boom) – and they did a bang-up job casting the 13 year old version of Miss Garner.

Oh yes, and then there’s Gollum. No, seriously. Gollum is in it. But he is cleverly disguised as a human being who likes to call itself Andy Serkis. I believe his role is actually quite small in the film, but they did put him in the trailer. — Probably because they figured nerds such as myself will discuss this fact and give them more free advertising. …Yeah right, as if anyone would fall for tha…. oh…… wait second……

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