Jim Carrey: The Six Million Dollar Man

Jim_Carrey_Globe.jpgNo, Jim Carrey is not lowering his price tag. It would appear that he is is taking on the role of Steve Austen, the Bionic man. Superhero Hype reports:

Dimension Films will adapt the 1970s TV series The Six Million Dollar Man for a feature comedy to star Jim Carrey and to be directed by Todd Phillips. Phillips will team with his (“Old School”) writing partner Scot Armstrong to script a vehicle for Carrey to play the bionic man.

I am not sure how I feel about this. Apparently they are making the movie into more of a comedy rather than the action adventure the origninal TV series was. Over the years Carrey’s over the top aminated humour has worn a little thin on me, and I have enjoyed him more in his more dramatic roles (Truman Show, Majestic)

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33 thoughts on “Jim Carrey: The Six Million Dollar Man

  1. I don’t think a comedic version of SMDM will work because this type of commedy is funny only if the viewers can relate to the jokes. Just about everyone under 30 (which is the target audience of most movies) never saw the bionic series, and thus won’t have a clue as to what the jokes are about. As for the older people who can relate to the jokes, this board showed most will be offended by it. The remaining who think this might be cool will realize they are old and have kids, and such movie is not worth getting a baby-sitter for.

    Recent success of superhero movies like Spiderman, X-Men, Batman, etc. shows a well written action adventure version would have a better chance of success. If Jim Carrey insist on doing a comedy version, he is better off calling it something else like “5-million dollar man” and save a lot of money on licensing and avoid insulting the die-hard SMDM fans. For example, Galaxy Quest did just that by making a comedic version of Star Trek without insulting most Star Trek fans.

    The 6-million dollar price tag which doesn’t buy as much as compared to the 1970s can be easily explained. One is 6-million can buy more technology today than the 1970s. The 19″ TV I watched SMDM on in the 70s was $600, 4x more than a comparable size TV today even without adjusting for inflation. Another way to explain this is to claim he was named after some 1960s fiction character, similar to how the first space shuttle was named Enterprise after the Star Trek space ship.

  2. My only question is whether Jim Carrey is using this as an opportunity to move into more serious acting. Considering Jim Carrey’s physical appearance and his acting feats such as the role he pulled off in the Truman Show, I think it could be a very good film if it isn’t written as a comedy, if Jim does serious acting instead of his inane and often abrasive slapstick, and if the movie has the proper atmosphere and it’s written as a quality film, exploiting the best that modern cinematic special effects have to offer.

    I haven’t seen a summary of the film yet. So it’s difficult to say what it’s going to be like. Jim has been looking for serious parts to expand his horizons, and I hope that this is it.

    It would be a shame to see the film ruined if they turn it into a comedy. If it is a good serious film it can easily surpass Verhoeven’s Robocop.

  3. i bet you people bitch about everything, don’t you. hey, i’ve got an idea – don’t go see the movie. problem solved.

    jim carrey IS funny.

    and could you imagine a six million dollar man these days? six million dollars doesn’t buy as much cool bionic stuff as it did back in ’75. he wouldn’t be anything all that exciting. in fact, as far as superheros go, he’d kind of suck. see, that’s where the humor comes in.

    if you want the remake to be faithful to the original show – save us all a bunch of grief and go buy the original show on dvd. then you can sit at home, happy in your own little world where nothing ever changes, watching the 6 million dollar man – hoping and praying that he, the bionic woman, bigfoot, greg brady, spiderman from the 70’s, bo and luke duke, optimus prime and g.i. joe will never ever change and that your stupid little opinion matters as much as mine….

  4. I believe that Jim’s capable of pulling it off. The guy’s more than just comedy. I can’t wait to see the bionic action figure with Mr Careys head on it………with the bionic eye that made things look further away…..for some strange reason??. When is the film due out?

  5. Jim Carrey is a fine comedian actor. But when remake of movies are done, they need to be done with the flavor and intent of the original, i.e. the Adams Family. When “Batman” was made starring Michael Keaton, it could have been more successful with an unknown actor (just like Christopher Reeves as Superman). To use a popular actor in such films is suicide due to the public having a strong identity with that actor in other roles (Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible was a mistake also; did not even resemble the original series and could have been called anything else). Six Million Dollar Man could be well adapted as a serious action/spy movie with an unknown actor. I for one will not be seeing this version of the show.

  6. What the hell, Jim Carrey as steve austin.
    what an insult.Sounds like Kermit the frog as Marlon Brando
    I can just see the idiot, running in slow motion pulling his stupid faces.
    Hollywood blunder of the Century…

    SERIES OF THE 70s.


  8. WHAT THE HELL is Hollywood doing to this Fantastic Series. That Idiot Jim Carrey as Steve Austin ARE YOU FOR *!#@&! REAL.
    The Six Million Dollar Man could have been a blockbuster action/Thriller if done right.
    I have never in my life been more PISSED OFF AT HOLLYWOOD.

  9. Definitely opposed to a spoof-style remake!!

    Hulk got a slick update, so why not Steve Austin??
    Especially with today’s CGI modeling they could really do some cool stuff with his bionics and even expand it more.

    I too would be willing to protest via an email or letter.

  10. The original book Cyborg, and to the same extent the TV Six Million Dollar Man TV series does not lend itself to be a funny comedy. I can see Jim Carey lampooning the now dated special effects of the original series, or perhaps taking the story off on a tangent where he is a “wanna be” Steve Austin. Now that would be funny!

    But even better would be the original Cyborg redone with today’s great special effects, and the telling of a story of a man who lived on the edge, so full of life, and how a terrible accident cost him his legs, one arm, and one eye. The story could be updated where perhaps Austin is now a retired Space Shuttle pilot, and his accident could be involved with the recent pioneering efforts of civilian space exploration.

    Cyborg is about tragedy, about the loss of the will to live, the struggle to regain it, and the ultimate triumph of survival. Steve Austin did attempt suicide while he was hospitalized, and I just don’t see anything funny about that.

  11. It’s a shame that Hollywood feels it necessary to make the Six Million Dollar Man into a dorky Jim Carrey comedy. The Six Mill movie doesn’t have to be based on the TV show. The book Cyborg (the inspiration for the Six Mill show) was a great sci-fi book and similar to Michael Crichton’s novels, and it could be used as a basis for a really exciting sci-fi adventure movie. Would it have been wise for Hollywood to make a comedy out of Jurassic Park just because it can? Or how about a comedy version of The Andromeda Strain? Or The Terminal Man? Lots of laughs there.

    A friend got confused and told me Ben Browder was going to play Steve Austin in the Six Mill movie. Turns out Browder is playing Lee Majors in the behind-the-scenes Charlie’s Angels movie instead. But Ben Browder would have made a great Steve Austin! I would have paid to see that!

  12. Speaking of the X-Files Robert Patrick would have made one hell of a Steve Austin! If someone like James Cameron would have been asked to direct this film, fans of the show might actually have an action movie that would put James Bond to shame. By the way, the original series that was developed for television by Harve Bennett, from the novel Cyborg, was about a pretty horrific idea, a man who loses his legs, and right arm, and eye. I don’t think amputees are going to appreciate this film as being a comedy.

  13. I like jim carrey more for his drama. The question I would like to ask is why a remake? Can not anyone continue the story of bionics without steve or jamie? If I had the chance I have what I believe to be a good concept. 1:Do a movie serious with action and effects could not do on the show, also show how the osi has changed to an outfit not to be trusted-x-flies. 2 Then contiue with a new series and another bionic person more character driven and keep the first to the movies.
    If they are listing I would love to chat [email protected]

  14. The Six million dollar man was one of the best loved shows of its time and deserves better than Jim Carrey will bring to the table.He is definitely not funny anymore and I hope they fall flat on their faces as I’m sure they will do.The target audience will be close to their forties and not appreciate this farce of an idea. it potentially could have been great with todays CG technology.Even Jake 2.0 is a joke.

  15. “Jim Carey is a big goof ball, one dimensional actor anyway”

    Whoa whoa whoa… Goof ball, yes… one dimensional actor – no.
    Remember The Truman Show? Well only reason he didn’t win best actor for that (or even get a nomination) was because the Academy was snubbing him over a previous year when he talked out of his rear.

  16. I reall can’t understand why Hollywood has to change everything just to make a buck. I really liked the show when I was a kid. They should either “play it straight” or leave it alone!

    Plus, Jim Carey is a big goof ball, one dimensional actor anyway. I think Lee Majors should just beat the crap out of him and be done with it.

  17. The dictionary defines moaning as a low, sustained, mournful cry, usually indicative of sorrow or pain. This thought does not cause me pain. I simply predict that the movie will not be worthwhile if they decide to rape the concept for some cheap laffs.

    The modern day version of the Six Million Dollar Man is currently showing on TV. Its called Jake 2.0. The idea is the same, by some accident a man is injured/crippled/whatever and “we now have the technology to rebuild him” sort of thing. I thought I would mention it, because Lee Majors (the original bionic man) is guest starring this week.

  18. Oh sorry, I wasn’t moaning.. Rodney, we’re you moaning? I didn’t think you were moaning either. Who was moaning? what’d I miss? I coulda swore my friend Rodney and I were discussing the avenues of a comedy or action as a vehicle for the 6-million dollar man movie.

    — If you want moaning, ask about my student loan.

  19. What’s the point of moaning there is nothing that can stop it now, so just try to enjoy it as it is if you are really that big of a fan to the six million dollar man series!!

  20. but keep this in mind.. there’s no way anyone with enough years to remember could watch, say, an episode of Buck Rogers or Automan seriously. Sure, for the time, fine, but now – cheeseball as all hades.

    – Granted – you could spice and modernize it up and keep it the same “genre” – but then you’d have everyone old enough saying “What the hell did you do the original story???” and everyone young enough wouldn’t really care enough to see it anyway – “Whoop, they’re re-mounting an old-person show again.” — I think a comedy isn’t too much of a bad idea – especially since the only reason I’d WATCH a 6-million dollar man episode today would be for fun, silly and nostalgic reasons.

  21. But that is just it. Six Million Dollar Man was NEVER a comedy. Its an action show. It needs to stay an action movie. Dragnet was a serious detective show. They made a version in 1987 that sucked.

    If they seriously think that a six million dollar man movie will be ok if they make it a comedy they will be in for a big suprise. This movie needs a real action star with a real action movie. Jim Carey can only do this if its a comedy and therefore it will be a failure.

    Bruce Almighty was funny to see a comical side of a guy suddenly given too much power. Six Million Dollar Carey will just be the same movie but with bionics instead of omnipotence.

  22. What kind of CRAP is this? Sound like another inspector
    gadge part 3.
    Why can’t they play it straight? Seems to me they can make
    this an action, adventure with state-of-art special
    effects. i.e. show the bionic limbs without the artifical

    A warning to the folks who are about to dump a great
    of money, you lampoon this & it will fail!

  23. Ive always found jim carrey movies to be totally hillarious.I can almost imagine him making faces as he does the clasic run with nuh nuh nuh noise in the background .Its goin to be great ,and if you dont think so you have humor problems and should seek help immediately.jim rocks

  24. Let me say that I was highly disappointed to hear the news. I can’t understand why this movie would have to be a comedy since the original series was an action-adventure.

  25. Except that Jim Carrey wasn’t in “the Animal” and this isnt about making a guy with animal parts.

    Otherwise I totally see how you figure this is going to be just like a sequel to a totally unrelated movie with no connection at all.

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