The First Matrix Revolution Reviews Are Looking Gooooooood!!


As side note before we get started, I’d like to say that I hate the individuals who get to see movies of this hype-level before me. No really, I mean real hate. Hate like a liver-and-onions hate.

The lucky pricks in question have posted Matrix Revolutions reviews here, on the site that knows everything, Aint It Cool News.

And before you start that “I didn’t like Reloaded” brain of yours, ALL of the Revolutions reviews are written by people who are like a lot of you out there, which is: Loved the first one, and didn’t like the second one. The movie apparently contains enough giddy fun to make the staunchiest Reloaded-hater restore faith in the trilogy again. Thank Goodness. But who am I kidding, you’re gonna end up seeing it anyway. Either way, you’ve got the link, go read up.

UPDATE – Folks, I shouldn’t have to say this, but if your comments contain minor or MASSIVE spoilers, Please INDICATE THAT YOU ARE DOING SO AT THE TOP OF YOUR COMMENT. Failure to do so will only get your post deleted and if continued, banned – because you’re essentially wasting people’s movie-going experience – which, in my opinion, is the worst thing on earth. – I should’ve posted this earlier as a lot of you have done it already, consider this announcment number 1

That said, ***DO NOT READ*** the first few pages of posts if you plan on watching the movie and haven’t yet.

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73 thoughts on “The First Matrix Revolution Reviews Are Looking Gooooooood!!

  1. I’ve laughed my ass off reading all this shit…

    You know what I see? Narrowmindedness amongst truebelievers amongst idiots who think they have an opinion.

    you idiots know who you are, the dorks who say’
    Matrix Revolutions sucks’ and ‘it sucks’ ‘no, you suck’ and the pathetic back and forth continues ad nauseum…

    A few ppl got it right when it was said that the movie was supposed to end as it should have.

    Big Deal, Trinity died, Neo dies, and Morpheus looks like a sobbing baby…

    perhaps if you looked past all that, then you would see the forest for the trees.

    The movie is open to interpretations, as the Wachowski Bros intended, they didn’t make a movie “too suck” just cuz you dorks wanted it to end with a big damn smiley face on the end of the movie, With Neo and Trinity getting married, with morpheus as best man, and the Oracle as priestess.

    How fucking lame would that be :P

    oh yeah, Smith would be in jail, chopping up stones, screaming “Curses foiled again” :P

    C’mon ppl the point behind these movies is that they are to be entertaining, and thought provoking, not just a buncha cliches tied together, otherwise no one would have bothered to see the movies in the first place.

    Ok, I’m done :P

    Eat me.

  2. I think that the movie was excellent, it was pure adreneline from beginning to the bitter end. well you know that the first matrix came out with nobody knowing what it was, well maybe they will make another one but name it something else and keep it in deep secret. They say that this was the last one but i know that it isn’t!!!

  3. I saw the 3rd Matrix today this movie had it’s good and bad scenes it is much better than the 2nd matrix because it has a better storyy line in short it is better than the second but not as good as the first.Sequels are never bettter than the first .I reccomend if you are a big Matrix fan if you like the 1st movie or not just go see it so you can say you’ve seen em all if your not then just wait till it comes out on dvd and watch it in a kmart or something maybe a good friend who doesnt know how to spend his money works. Any way see it or not it’s a ok movie and dont forget to go see Bambi reloaded.

  4. **SPOILER**

    You know I noticed also a lot of hinduism or eastern philosophy buried in this movie this time around (Karma) . The little girl also played a prominant role in this movie, does anyone have any idea what this one is all about or what she really represented.

  5. —spoiler—-
    Jai has it exactly correct.
    this movie was full of allagory dealling
    with the bible. The ending has you thinking.
    thats good we should all think about our end as well.

  6. Well let me say that I like the Matrix alot. This movie became the perfect set up for future movies and questions to be answered.

    Matrix reloaded felt rushed and focused too much on Zion. The special effects were incredible but the ending was crappy. There was a great scene with the French Guy.

    Revolutions was too predictable since it became a Jesus Christ story. Why must writers feel compelled to repeat this droned out play over and over. This plot line has been used extensively over the years, Gladiator, Braveheart. Neo should have been in control of the outcome in a better way and Zion should not have been the sole focus of this movie. This movie was called Matrix yet I felt it should have been called Zion.

    Too much focus on graphics animation and the story was left back in the fist movie. Sounds like somebody Hmmm
    George Lucas???

    Next time just make the movie about Monica Bellucci she is smoking hot………Nuff said

    It’s all about KILL BILL low cost special effects yet incredible plot… that’s all you need people….

  7. Matrix Revolution was a total failure. It not only cheapened the series, but made my purhcase of “Reloaded” irrelevant, since now only the first movie has any merit. Waste of time and a rip-off of the highest order.

  8. I like the damn movie – I feel you Jai – Just like all americans we want all the answere given to us along with the understanding. All of us who have brains know what to get from the movie. For those of you who don’t like using your brain i’ll tell you what you might have gotten from it. The right to choose. You all wanted to i guess gain some sort of special powers from part 3 like you thought you gained from part 1 but of corse the writer didnt feel like giving the whole secret that he has worked so hard in obtaining. If we are lucky maybe we will all gain the knowledge to fully understand the truth that is already inside of us.

  9. Two thumbs up for Kruger who said;
    ‘The ending has created many questions that are unanswered but I feel that this is actually pretty realistic. You know, in daily life, there are many intepretations we give to things.The ambiguity at the end of matrix revolution is what makes it beautiful. And you know, the emotions that are involved in the battle between good and evil, have been genuinely portrayed. And i think the movie, in its own unique and dramatic way, gives humanity hope’
    I agree with this and so should alot of people!

  10. The ending has created many questions that are unanswered but I feel that this is actually pretty realistic. You know, in daily life, there are many intepretations we give to things.The ambiguity at the end of matrix revolution is what makes it beautiful. And you know, the emotions that are involved in the battle between good and evil, have been genuinely portrayed. And i think the movie, in its own unique and dramatic way, gives humanity hope.


    This is what I got out of the movie…..
    WOW! I cannot believe what I am reading! It was totally based on the Bible! If you have ever attended a Sunday School lesson or read Scripture you would understand more here is my take:
    Morpheous was “John The Baptist” (from the Bible). Neo was displaying acts of Jesus Christ and agent Smith was all of our sins that’s why when he touched you, he consumed you. It has to do with choice. You can choose to let your sins (greed, jealously ill intent) consume you or you can choose otherwise-to walk the straight and narrow. trinity didn’t die. She went to heaven. She knew her time on earth was coming to an end, that’s why she saw the beautiful heavens and she commented accordingly. If you read your Bible, you will see that God wanted to destroy the world long ago because Man was allowing evil and bad ways to consume him so God wanted to make a clean fresh start…Jesus came to take all the evil upon himself and intercede between us and God. Neo didn’t die, he represents God’s Son (JEsus Christ) and he is at the right hand of the Father in heven. If you listen to the centinals when they form a face you will hear it say “it is done” which is a direct scripture from the Bible.

    *BELIEVE IN “THE ONE -Jesus Christ*****

    Be peaced………………

  12. i aint watched number 3 yet but as a big fan i will watch it asap but as far as i read from the reviews its crap but then again number 2 let me down. i will just watch number 3 for the sake of the ending , aleast number 1 is the best u cant have 3 gud films ow well,

  13. —-spoiler—-

    just dissappointing. I expected more.

    morpheus goes from badass (in the 1st two movies) to bumbling around the cockpit when niobe is driving. He bumbles this whole 3rd movie, running around with his jaw dropped open looking like an idiot.

    more complaints…. the script sucked, no character development.
    they promised to “answer all questions” but just leave you puzzled at the end.
    they also said that this would be the END but of course that’s bullshit! they leave it open so that everyone can come back to life and make more stupid fucking sequels so they can cash this cow in!
    the script sucked so bad that it makes the actors suck even more. when neo walks in and announces that he needs a ship reeves does it with absolutely NO emotion. one captain throws a fit and reeves still shows no emotion whatsoever. it’s really bad.
    the plot sucked. hell, i could forgive the 2nd movie. but this plot really sucked.

    some review said it was just a big video game and I kinda think thats pretty accurate.

    1st movie ruled. face it, how do you follow that up? I think we are being lied to when they say that this was written as a trilogy. I think The Matrix was a small budget film that was way more successful than they ever thought it would be. Then it was just a matter of writing two more sequels so they could cash in on it’s success.

    I actually really liked ‘Reloaded’. cuz I knew what to expect. I knew it was the middle movie in a “trilogy”. So i was ready for the dissappointing end. I bought the DVD and basically watch it from when they get the keymaker to when the trucks explode. that’s it. BUT, i don’t even know if I’ll buy the DVD for Revolutions. It was just extremely dissappointing.

  14. ** Spoiler

    In response to F*** You All. We are the idiots who don’t understand. You say it explained it all? If you are referring to the lame explanation of the agent smith possession that says “The synapse are misfiring and cross firing” you are again duped. Synapse are the spaces between neurons, That is all. Blank Spaces they don’t fire anything. The reference to neural pathways would serve to convince only the clueless here is how they work chemical neurotransmitters, such as dopamine or serotonin are used to transmit messages across the synapses from one cell to the next. There is no place in this process for the interference by a program.

  15. I had high hopes for this movie. I saw the first one a couple of times and the second one three times. The story in the first one is what really got me hooked. Morpheus is trying to teach Neo that he can do anything he wants in the matrix. Neo never does anything me wants. The only guy who does that is Agent Smith. In the first movie Morpheus tells Neo that there was one in the beginning who could “redesign the matrix how he saw fit.” He was talking about Neo’s predicessor. He was talking about the one. The only person who does any redesigning is Agent Smith. He is always the one whooping Neo’s ass. Neo might as well be walking around with a ? on his head. He never knows what is going on. What a savior. In the first movie at the end Neo finally starts to figure it out and stands up after being killed and stops bullets and destroys the Agent Smith. That movie had a good ending. Neo was in control then. He was the man. Hooray hero! Revolutions should have been made totaly different. I was still pretty excited about the trilogy after seeing the 2nd movie. The last movie Neo never knows what is going on and when he gets beat up by Agent Smith he has to go and ask the oracle whats happening. Neo should have had more advanced powers than Agent Smith. He should have been the one who stuck his hand into Agent Smith, not the other way around. Tons of questions were unanswered. How did Agent Smith get into that guy in the real world who was in acoma with Neo? How did Neo stop the sentinals? If he could do all that, then why didn’t he save Trinity? Or destroy the Architect? They almost need to have a 4th one just to answer all the questions that were unanswered.

  16. I think the movie was overall good and that the speciall effects were more dramatic than the first. the movie looked good in a lot of ways. i think neo should have had more advanced abilities in fighting and should have been able to handle smith a little more easier, after all isn’t he the one? this movie definately left me with some unanswered questions. Did neo destroy the machines, and the creator. did they reach a treaty? who’s to say that the machines didn’t just go to take a break during the war and are going to come back? didn’t see the complete destruction of the machines, is the war really over? is neo dead? why didn’t he bring trinity back to life like before? what are the people of zion going to do now? after all they are still in the center of the earth with machines above and all around, just what are they celebrating about?

  17. spoilers
    man the movie sucked. i dont remember that last time i saw an ending that bad. And we trinity died or at least during that ten minutes it took her to die me and my friends were laughing are heads off. It ruined the matrix

  18. no offence but these people asking these questions are idiots. Didn’t you get it at all???? Watch it again and again until you understand it, seriously most of those questions will be answered. I watched the movie 4 times now and i properly understand, well most of it!!

  19. Reasons I hated the Matrix: Revolution
    1. The concept of the original Matrix was great. The separation between the Digital and “Real” world was a key piece of the equation. At the end of Reloaded that separation was beginning to crumble and NEO had power outside the Matrix. This violates the basic concept. In Revolution this violation continued and was take to the extreme. Agent Smith possesses a human outside the Matrix. Neo is super powerful, etc. This “Switch “ in the reality of the vision of the Matrix just came off as an insult to true fans.
    2. The acting left a lot to be desired. The characters were tired and it showed.
    3. The violations of basic physical science. A digital program infecting and controlling a biochemical medium (Agent smith and the human.) A Biochemical medium with a WIFI connection to a digital Medium. (Neo in the matrix without the connector.) While both of these ac be explained away by modifications in the connection mechanism used in the original attachment of the people to the matrix. This is falsehood. The people, when attached to the matrix didn’t even breathe. They were incased in a sort of liquid oxygen, the machines had no control over muscle function at all. Furthermore, when a human showed any signs of muscle movement he was dumped. Therefore, the machines desired no muscle control and would not have included interfaces into that part of the brain. They were mostly concerned with sensory perception.
    4. The Neo/Trinity love story, while useful in establishing an emotional connection with the audience, was overplayed. The death scene was drawn out to the point of boredom.
    5. The final confrontation between Neo and Agent smith was just to comic book for my tastes.
    6. In the end Neo sacrifices himself to give the computer an interface into agent smith. As if the control program would need an outside physical connection to a program that exists with it’s own logic circuits.

    All in all I give it two stars and that is only for special effects. The degradation of the original concept that was the basis for the entire world they created, makes this a must MISS.

    Just My Opinion

  20. Anyways, back to The Matrix, Reloaded, and Revolutions, I think the last one is worth seeing. Just for kicks. You don’t see Star Wars 1 and 2 and not see 3 even if it is unspeakably bad. But you know, if Revolutions sucks, I can always convert to Hobbitism or Lord of the Rings Syndromeanism.

    Speaking of knowledge. Ever heard of a butt IQ? Well take Bill Clinton for instance. Look at his stupid butt! Hahahah stupid butt.

    By the transitive but property of equality you can infer from his stupid head… that he also has a stupid butt if not stupider.


  21. Speaking of movies. I spend more on popcorn than I do on a ticket. That can’t possibly be right. So if any of you movie place owner manager type people are reading this LOWER the ticket prices. I spend $40-$50 a month on movies! Ok ok I confess, I go every week, but thats not the point.

  22. I’ve always spelled it “kindergarden”, I guess I was wrong. All these years…

    Personally, I loved the first to Matrixeses or Matrixi. I’m going to see Matrix Revolution tonight, but based on the reviews on this site maybe I’d be better off sleeping. If I do end up going I’ll make sure to chuck some popcorn at neo. It makes me feel better.

  23. I haven’t seen the 3, but judgeing by your reveiws, i think the whole=Spoiler=neo trinity death thing is really gay.Who the heck wants to see the dodge-bullets-neo get his eyes burned out an d killed?I mean jesus, for reALLY…. trininity, that kinda sucked to.i expect the fight seens and graphics to be cool though….but who the heck wants to see PEACE, of allllllllll things betwween man and machice?i want to pound the bros. with a sausage, no, a maul.if there is a 4, it better be better than this sounded.i’ll see it , so i give it a 3.5 or 4 out of 5(bad rating do to crapy ending) Now what would be cool is a Zelda movie…but someone might screw that up…. later!!!!!!!

  24. Hi like most of the people on this site iam very disappointed in REV, i have been lucky enough to see all 3 of the movies at the cinema the 1st was amazing and the 2nd was brilliant for the CGI and SFX alone but the 3rd………my god what aload of wank. The dialogue and script were awful and as for the hype ‘it will answer your questions’ hahaha dont make me laugh……..i have 2 questions for the wanksky bros, where did the french twat….(god im so pissed off cant remember his name) go, and where did Neo end up? Hey one good thing bout the film though that dude who had his faced slashed up by the Sentinals????? ur gona need one hell of a band aid to fix that……hahahaha
    P.S Wanksky Bros wana make a Movie Trilogy go see George Lucas or Steven Speilberg because u lot aint got a clue!

  25. Hey guys. I haven’t seen matrix revolutions, but I have to say, I loved the matrix #1 and #2. I Kinda thought the first one was better than reloaded, but I liked both. I plan on seeing revolutions on Sat. So its all good. Peace you guys, try to be nice to each other and try not to put a bunch of just CRAP!

  26. What a waste of time! Don’t go see this movie. If you have to see it wait for the VHS release, because even the DVD rental price is more than its worth.

  27. I have mixed feelings about the Matrix Revolutions, In all fairness i saw the first movie on video, I had trouble understanding it but i was intrigued so for the next 5 nights i watched it six times total . and it became one of my favorite movies of all times. Im have seen reloaded 4 times and the more i watch the move the more i understand it. Come on people its alot to swallow. Many things moving so fast sometimes i want it to slow down. I dont want to be a spoiler but i do think i understand what the result of this movie is .. . i think neo didnot go to the machine city to destroy them but to make peace and stop the destruction. His woman met her death and im sure thats the only thing in the real world that he did love .so he had nothing to loose for himself . I think that the evil person in the movie was agent smith . the machines cast him out of some sort of there world so he decided to take over the matrix by multiplying himself with the people in the matrix which in turn would destroy the crops of humans the machines were being operated by . if there were no people to be freed then both zion and machine city would loose. so neo went to fight him freeing the people that agent smith had possesd. in the end i think neo in human form converted himself and became pure energy and when we die all that is left is our soul and energy so i feel like neo and trinity were togeather . Zion saved and peace to a war. everybody wins. ill let you know more when i seeit again.. ps… maybe the warsaski brothers are a coupleof kids that are spoiled rotten by hollywood .. but it impresses the heck of me that someone could actually think this stuff up … i know im not worthy

  28. – Would spoil if it wasn’t preceded by so many spoilers already :) –

    I was about to post, but I don’t think anyone will read my review after reading the first 10 posts which are anything but reviews… If you don’t have anything good or bad to say about something, shut the fuck up…

    Matrix Revolutions is an interesting conclusion to what could become through time an actual religion (like Star Wars or Star Trek); it has everything you need to know about life to actually use it as a reference, kind of like a bible, but modern. Anyone who like philosophy and who doesn’t hate sci-fi should love the 3 Matrix movies, but I guess there’s a country sharing a 4,000 miles border with mine that is inhabited by mindless products of reality-TV, no offense meant to people who should feel concerned, but some people just don’t have the slightest idea of what a movie reviews is…

    Anyways, I really enjoyed the movie, dialogues and action-scenes are more balanced than in the 2nd movie, so it doesn’t seem so long. And as people noticed but couldn’t say right, some parts of the story (especially the last 10 minutes) aren’t explained in words by anyone, so you either find hints in the movie, or be angry because you couldn’t understand why everyone dies (who said they did anyways??? as far as I know, Trinity died in the 2nd movie and was brought back to life, so it definatly still can happend to any character who died, but that isn’t likely, except for Neo, I don’t believe he’s dead).

    Oh, and Morpheus was important only in the original Matrix as his purpose was to find the chosen one and train him, which was done in the first movie, after that, he’s a ship captain and nothing else, just like Nyobe, with orders to follow and consequences to accept for their actions.

    And to reply to Trixxie’s review, I believe Sati was conceived by programs and would have had to be destroyed had she been leaving in a world where there was no utility for her existence, that’s why she’s getting a ride to the Matrix where she won’t have to fear being deleted, thus becoming the first exile… Listen to the Train Station scene, her father explains everything about her.

  29. i thing this movie was “ok”. I think this movie was ok, because of the wired ending. They diden’t sew if neo died or not at the end and the onether thing i dident like about this movie was their werent much fiting as the first and the second movie.

  30. Spoilers!!

    I personally loved to the movie. I think people are reading too much into not having a finality to the movie or the ending was bullshit. I will admit i was confused but not by Neo “dying”. (personally i think they left that like that because the STUDIOS may want to bring back a 4th, but i hope they dont because the integrity will seriously disappear.) However, The deal with Trinity, of course she had to die. She was meant to die. If you didn’t know that then i feel sorry for you but it was hinting at the fact she would give up her life for Neo. The whole thing with Neo being blinded, I thought it meant that he finally transcended into the “One”. And of course he was suppose to die. He was suppose to sacrifice himself in order for the others to live.

    Morpheus I felt he did all he could do for Neo. Its like the student surpassing the teacher. It’s now Neo’s job to be the One and save Zion. It was Morpheus’s meaning to go back and try to help the people of Zion.

    I don’t understand when people say the dialogue was weak. This is the third movie, why would there be alot of dialogue? This was meant to be all action.

    I loved the movie and im goona see it again on Tuesday so then i can actually pay attention to the dialogue that was in the movie. The only question i had was about the little girl Sati (sp). What did it mean that she was the exile?

    Oh and the trinity thing I cried when she died, it was very beautiful and moving. I loved the fact that she actually got to see the Real sun and beauty of the real world before she died.

    That was my two cents.

  31. SPOILER!

    What lazy writing… the trip to the forbidden city to see the Great and Powerful OZ…
    “WHAT DO YOU WANT?” – machines
    “World Peace” – Canoe Reeeves
    GAK! – me…

    the whole Christian he is our saviour thing was a big disappointment, too… when you can’t explain something, just make them the saviour… it’ll be okay…

    so is everybody waiting with $$$ in-hand for Matrix 4 – The Resurrection???

    I want my 2.5 hours back

  32. —Spoiler—

    I hate to say this, but I left the theatre bewildered… Up until the final 10 minutes, I was loving the movie. Then, it went to complete crap. I mean, I would have been happier with the ending if the machines faked leaving, then came back down while everyone’s celebrating and wipes them out. I would have laughed and left happy. But the whole thing ended right where it started!!!!!!! Nothing was accomplished except people died, that’s it. At least we won’t have to hear Keanu saying he knows Kung Fu or bullshitting with the architect anymore, but still… give it some closure and not build up to such an anticlimatic ending! Poor form guys, give me the red pill so I can forget this crap ever happened!

  33. SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER Spoiler spoiler . . . .

    Revolutions was very very very disappointing. Not sure I have much new to add to the other blogs here, but let me say my peace, please! First Matrix is a classic. Reloaded was weak, and left a lot of questions. Revolutions answered no questions and added more. WHAT. THE. HELL. ???? Is Neo dead? Is he in a coma? Does he wish he was in a coma? What are the machines going to do with him as they cart him off? What the hell happened? And how did he stop the machines in this & the previous movie by raising his hand to them? Is he in another matrix? If not, how could he do this? Where does this supernatural power come from? What the hell??? Unexplained. All the stuff the Architect talked about in Reloaded is left hanging here. All his statements about this being one of several incarnations of the matrix, etc. Unexplained. Finally, and most importantly, what kind of ending is this??? Are we expected to believe the machines will just leave all the humans in peace now? Even so, how can the humans allow this? If I remember correctly from the original, the machines needed humans for — power. As kinds of batteries. Will the humans outside the matrix continue to allow the machines to use human beings as batteries? How could they? Wasn’t that the whole point of this war, that is, to put a stop to this? Hunh?? WHAT THE HELL???!!!??? I think the brothers should have gone back and looked at the first movie before writing and making the second two. Thanks. I feel much better now. All I have left to do now is wait for the jury to come back. See all you guys in Cabo.

  34. —SPOILERS—

    OKAY I hated the movie. Loathed it. Makes me wanna peel my skin off with a rusty razorblade. The reason being that I don’t get it…. Did Neo die? Did he surrender himself to the machines ?? I mean what’s the deal with that?? And what’s with all the “leave-it-open-to-more-sequels” crap with the new orcale lady saying “i suppose we’ll see him again..” and the the architect asking “How long do you think this peace will last..” Haven’t they got enough out of this cash cow? I was completely convinced that Neo was going to represent a new evolution in humanity capalbe of defeating the machines and proving that life will find a way in the end… That’d have been cool. That would have been worth my 8$.


    8$ away from perfection.

  35. —- SPOLIERS!! —-
    Revolutions sucked!!! It was soo manic depressent! (Ex. The end where everyones looking at the sunrise), The ending was rushed, and when people go to a movie theatre they want to see a hero not some lame guy that wasnt even there for the huge 30 minute muti- billon doller scence that was soo long and pointless I wanted to puke. I hated this movie and so did everyone else in the theatre. And when Trinity died i was crying- from laughter. And Neo losing is eyes was lame and unessacary.

    Say what you want about me but the movie was dissapointing enough to make me cry. Reloaded was the best though~!

  36. Wow what a movie, it blew me away. If you really want to have a good time at the cinema you must go and see this movie as it is a whole lot of fun! Go see it….

  37. I thought that this movie was excellent, in action and its special effects. Maybe the matrix is better but then you can’t really say that because it was really made as one long movie! So stop saying that the matrix was better becasue the whole movie is the matrix if you get what i mean?

  38. I too was disappointed with both Reloaded and Revolutions. However, in the greater scheme of incorporating “Animatrix” the four films make more sense AND fit together completely. Animatix explains the history of the human/machines conflict. It identifies the suddenly important 16 year old boy and explains his role in the future movies. Animatrix even hints at what will happen to Neo and Trinity as the ambasadors that were sent by the machines to the UN.

    The Matrix was the best of the three and it still stands heads and shoulders above its sequels. I agree that Morpheus lost his fire in this movie. He often appears as though he is looking for a couch and a bag of chips to help him crash.

  39. Jessica & matrixcritic03,

    Your posts were deleted because they contained spoilers with no warning. I made warning of this in the article and gave another a few comments ago.

    You’re welcome to re-post, just put a warning next time if you plan on blurbing out what the movie contains. As I’ve already mentioned, I had to work yesterday and thanks to this forum, Revolutions is now ruined for me. I’m just one guy – more than 3000 people hit this site yesterday – you could be ruining it for a lot more.

  40. —Caution, some spoiler—

    It it truly a shame that because of expectations, people (myself included) can come out of a perfectly enjoyable movie disappointed.
    I felt the action in this one was much better, and finally Trinity and Neo have some dialog between each other that actually has emotion.
    The CGI was far better, as opposed to the “Final Fanasty” look of some sceens in Reloaded.
    That being said, I was disappointed. In part because I felt this movie left so many questions unanswered, but mostly because of how “hokey” this one got.
    The real appeal of the first one (and to a lesser extent the second) for me was the plausability of the story line. Medical science has placed implants on the optic nerves of people who were born blind and they have been able to see, they have placed implants inside peoples inner ear and made it possable for people without ear drums to hear. For those people, they see and hear what ever a computer tells them to see and hear. That made the original Matrix believable. This whole “Star Wars” style holding out your hand to destroy machines things…that really hurt the story for me.
    Anyway, there’s my 2 cents.

    I still enjoyed the film, but as with so much in life, I went looking for answers, and came up short.

  41. Sounds like Matrix just re-created the Highlander for a new generation. The original Highlander movie was perfect and needed no more added. They should have left it alone. 3 boxoffice failures later and people are starting to clue in that Highlander didnt need more. The only stupid thing with Matrix is that they made more money than anyone could imagine to put out these films. I will also point out that there is a minority who liked the Highlander sequels as well.

    On a side note, as another of this site’s moderators, please refrain from your flaming and cussing about a film. If you didn’t like it, just say so without the poor language and do not ruin the movie for those who choose to find out on their own.

    You guys are worse than the jerk who told me the boat sinks in Titanic.

  42. I thought the film was good & had some great effects!!! I was a little
    disappointed in the end.

    They have left it open from more films to be made which is very bad!!(police academy)

    Like the film said everything must come to an end!


    LOOK PEOPLE, – I wrote this in the article already —

    If you have a spoiler, MARK IT. We’re not asking much.
    At themovieblog,
    You don’t need to “register”,
    you don’t need to even tell us your name.
    You’re free to post as much as you like.


    Consider this “announcement number 2”. We begin deleting after this. I’m being very forgiving here since the lot of you have RUINED the movie for me as I had to work today. (and don’t give me “it’s not worth it anyway”) – even if it is crap, I prefer my crap unexpected.

    Please. Knock it off.

  44. –SPOILER–

    i cant belive sum ppl! matrix revolutions IS CLASS!
    it had to end the way it did…as it said EVERYTHING THAT HAS A BEGINNING HAS AN END! i was expecting a big “HOLLYWOOD” type ending aswell but the ending justified the matrix. And how many films end with world peace?!!

    I say shut up critics

    Has the matrix really ended this time?????????????

  45. –SPOILER–

    killnerdkiller way up top, why don’t you learn how to spell. “kindergarden” its kindergarten you fool and the movie did suck. It was the worst thing since blue balls, you can’t bring trinity back to life and kill her off 24 hours later. That was real cheap writing i’m sorry but the movie sucked.

  46. N.B. When I mentioned the idea was 2000 years old, I was not refering to christianity. Many philosopher who preceed christianity (Plato among others) conceived of the possability that our world in a dreamers dream.
    Weather this movie has religious meaning to anyone or not, the world I believe in must have a logical flow. Atheist agree, and no god would be so sloppy as the leave loose ends. How pragmatist is that!!!

  47. This movie was THE absolute biggest piece of shit of all time. I feel betrayed, raped, and angry that revolutions was so bad. don’t do see it, it will destroy the beautiful conception of the first matrix.

  48. The Matrix: revolutions dissapointed me on such a profound level that I have trouble restraining my rage. The FX and directing was sufficient but the plot took a giant nose dive off a cliff. The writter had a fantastic idea (althought 2000 years old)in the first one and everything fell into place and made logical sense.
    At the end of the of the second movie, some question still needed revolations. For example, how can Neo Interact with the sentinals if disconnected from them. I accepted these shortcommings because I beleived that the third movie would explain these. I was quite thurally dissapointed to find out,(or better put, not find out) that these drawbacks are not rectofied. Indeed, more are presented.

    I could go on, but you cannot be told how crappy this movie is, you hafto see it for yourself.

  49. –SPOILER–

    At the end of Matrix Reload, I came up with the assumption that Neo had to be in a Matrix within a Matrix. I’m glad that in Matrix Revolution, this was not the case. It’s a good movie. I guess I like Part II the best out of the trilogy. Part I and Part III were very straight forward. I didn√¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢t really like how Part III compares Neo as the messiah. Part II keeps you thinking about possibility. The Matrix is supposed to be a world with endless possibility. No border. Free your mind of rules.

  50. –SPOILER–

    Matrix Rev, was a steaming pile of Horseshit. It was clearly designed to get our money, all the talent in that movie…It could have been a contender….I think the Wachowski brothers are sitting back laughing at how ignorant people are…
    I understand the concept but cannot fathom the necessity for it. I was really looking forward to seeing Nona Gay jack into the Matrix and kick some ass, and Niobe too!!!! Morpheus was a pussy in this one so weak and passive…c’mon afterall he trained “The One” how about a little Machismo???? Nope!!!! I am going to stick to the classics it just goes to show that we need to get back to a simpler time when movies were movies and not mental masturbation. I feel like I was raped by this film….. and now I feel as dirty as the Zionites chose to look. AS for the christian value…nope again all they did in Zion was screw!!!!

    steaming pile of horseshit….

  51. in revolution, the end of smith and neo fighting scene is like a dragonball anime dup fighting scene, i enjoy the zion battle, i think it is the best part of the movie, i expect some explaination and surprises at the end of the movie, but neither

  52. Just saw the Matrix Revolution and I must say that the symmetry of the 3 was beautiful. The movie had to end the way that it did, it was the perfect ying yang. All of those naysayers that said the movie sucked just didn’t understand the end. If you saw the first movie then you would have to agree that the third had to end the way it did. One of the best movie trilogies of all time.

  53. –SPOILER–

    alright everyone first of all, MATRIX REVOLUTIONS bites. I am appalled at how neo and trinity dies in the end, and i think morpheus was smoking some pot before each scene was made. Fighting was ok but the whole end thing is a piece of shit. basically the whole point of “THE ONE” was to destroy the machines and humans reign again. Now that neo is dead whats gonna stop the damn machines from attacking zion? yes zion is in peace at teh end but i mean comon, they are like a sitting duck. Machines could have attacked anytime since neo was out the way. Oh and another thing wachowski bros are so fucking gay i wish they lived close because i would have kicked their asses with this piece of shit conclusion to teh matrix. They make 2 kick ass movies with Matrix and Matrix: Reloaded then they blow it all to hell with this poor excuse for an action movie. Oh and another thing, the reviews were so bad the stores probably wont sell them. and all of you that like it, you all can go to hell you stupid ass pricks, you couldnt tell the difference between a piece of shit and a movie. so all of you can kiss my ass.

  54. I just randomly came across this site to see some reviews of the movie before I inevitably shell out $20 to see it with my friends while piss drunk (thereby necessitating a second visit and another $20… damn popcorn). I just wanted to point out some things.

    The first Matrix was excellent. Up there with Terminator 2 in terms of action, state of the art special effects, and coherant story.

    The second Matrix sucked. It was simply speech, fight, speech, fight, speech, fight. I felt like I was in class. Morpheus’s speech was also lame. I felt the one in Independance Day was better. What ever happened to rescuing people in the Matrix? Screw them, it’s time to fight and bring up lame Gnostic philosophy?

    Saying that someone is an idiot without pointing out the flaws in their reasonings is like calling someone a “fag” at recess in grade school. (note: I am gay, and do find offense in passive aggressive gay bashing) NerdKiller may be wrong, but calling him an idiot doesn’t make you right.

    Finally, I do hate stereotypical nerds. My roommate is one. He’s forced me to See Matrix Reloaded 3-4 times since he bought the DVD and keeps insisting that it’s one of the greatest movies of all time. It only gets worse every time I see it, though I do like the effects and fight scenes (though pointless). And, help me, if he dresses up as Neo again when we see the second movie I’m gonna stuff him into my bucket of popcorn.

    Now that I’ve stated my opinion, feel free to bash on my sexual-identity and obvious ignorance of what the Matrix is “really about.”

  55. I haven’t seen this movie yet sadly. But i have seen many reviews, some that are so bad that they have to be wrong. But i love the matrix trilogy and reloaded was decent, it made around √Ǭ£700 million world wide and it was rated R. So it was no dissapointment! I just can’t wait to see this movie!!!

  56. I just saw the movie and i was pleasently surprised how good it was. I was reading
    some critics and i don’t think they know what they are talking about. I loved the matrix and i thought that Reloaded was an excellent sequel but this one was better then reloaded but had an emotional ending which proved that the Matrix is still the best movies of today!

  57. Yo nerdkiller……ya right u r!!!! Don’t get pissed with others just cause u’r too dumb and stupid to understand good movies….it’s a shock that u even knew how to use the net and post reviews ….go back to kindergarden asshole….

  58. First of all, the movie sits between #1 and #2 in quality; #3 IS good and it IS chock full of obvious christian philosophy (gripe about that all you want, no one gives a crap about your stupid antireligious opinion) The animation is freakin beautiful and makes it almost worth the ticket price. Oh, and I went in the morning and saved myself hours of lines, the potential of people giving it away and the extra obligatory $4 you spend to line the pockets of the MPAA fatcats… so in closing; Matrix Revolution was good and nerdkiller is a zit-covered 14 year old boy who masturbates to UFO footage in his parents basement while cramming KY up his ass.

  59. just came out of the theatre, the movie was shit,
    i hate nerds, especially nerds that love lord of the rings who dress up as agent smiths.
    by the way, in the movie, no one lives.

    did i mention i hate nerds??!!


  60. While the following is not quite “Matrix” relevant, its film spoiler relevant…anyway has a link to some new footage from The Return of the King relating to the
    Siege of Gondor and the making of the battle. Its pretty cool so check it out eh.

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