Joss Whedon has been an integral part of the TV universe for about the last 8 years. Who? Shame on you. Joss Whedon is the writer creator of 1992’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer on the big screen. He later revamped (sorry couldnt resist) the concept and Sarah Michelle Gellar stepped up to play the part of Buffy and picks up as a TV serial right after the events of the film.

Its no secret that I am what has become known as a “Whedonite” but somehow after the very successful Buffy and the spin off Angel, I overlooked his Space Opera called Firefly. I do know a few people who were HUGE fans of the show and before I got a chance to follow their advice, the show was cancelled.

Fear not Firefly fans! It would appear that Mr. Whedon has chosen to return to his big screen efforts and its going to be Firefly. Many of the actor’s in Firefly have resurfaced in other Whedon shows after its short lived run, and if Joss gets his way, that will be the cast of the feature film.

Also, this will mark Whedon’s directoral debut. As well many are quick to point out that Buffy was a film converted to TV and now he pulls a reversal with the TV series going to film.

Hollywood Reporter has more on this story

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