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Harry Potter will be 3D

Welcome to today’s edition of Hogwarts Digest. No not really, but we will be discussing news of events surrounding Harry Potter. I may be in the minority on this site but I thoroughly enjoy the adventured of the young fellow and today’s news of a 3rd dimension has me experiencing … [Read More]

WB Harry Potter Product Showcase

We had the opportunity this week to visit the Warner Brothers Product Showcase that featured heavily on the last chapter of Harry Potter. In part talking about the Bluray release of Deathly Hallows Part 1, as well as as the upcoming final installment. I had no idea what to expect … [Read More]

Harry Potter Pole Dancer

At first I thought this was going to be another one of those geeky fanboy/girl moments where someone does something in tribute to Harry Potter and as much as they think they are being all cool, but we just get to laugh at them (or at least feel better about … [Read More]

I am Harry Potter

Sometimes an actor gets SO involved in his role that he struggles to see where the character ends and the real person begins. This is not the case with Daniel Radcliffe. Even after a decade of playing the same character, he is able to complete separate Harry Potter from Dan … [Read More]